Americans Must Demand Justice In Obamagate

May 27, 2020, 4:19 am by Cliff Kincaid

By: Cliff Kincaid

As we remember those who served our country, fighting for the great American experiment in self-government and individual liberty, the fate of America’s constitutional republic hangs in the balance. This is not because of the threat posed by China but because of a seeming inability by our criminal justice system to hold lawbreakers and traitors accountable.

“I have a chance to break the Deep State” said President Trump in his interview with Sharyl Attkisson on Sunday. Yet, his Attorney General Bill Barr says he doesn’t see grounds for prosecuting Obama and/or his Vice President Joe Biden for a criminal conspiracy to destroy the Trump presidency.

Attkisson, who was essentially forced out of CBS News for being too tough on the Obama administration, filed suit over illegal government surveillance of her activities. She had dared to report on Operation Fast and Furious, in which the Obama administration shipped guns to Mexico which were later used to kill U.S. border agent Brian Terry.

Attkisson was willing to confront the Deep State before the same forces tried to take down Trump. “You happen to be a victim of the Deep State,” Trump told her during the interview.

By contrast, Kimberley Strassel of the Wall Street Journal wrote a May 18, 2017, column about the appointment of Russia-gate prosecutor Robert S. Mueller, saying the former FBI director was “as skilled and upright as they come” and insisted that “A Robert Mueller word-association game would go something like this: integrity, honor, respect, order, discipline, honesty, fairness.” She added that “…nobody doubts Mr. Mueller will lead as professional an investigation as he is capable of conducting.”

I doubted it. I wrote extensively about the fact that Mueller’s FBI bungled the post-9/11 anthrax case and fingered several innocent people. He was sued by an agency whistleblower. He followed up by ordering FBI training materials to ignore the role of the Islamist ideology that inspired the enemy.

Now, Strassel, a member of the Wall Street Journal’s editorial board, is defending Barr, saying in a column, “Biden Will Answer for FBI Abuse,” that it is sufficient to hold Biden, the 2020 Democratic presidential candidate, accountable at the ballot box.

The Strassel column is just another indication that, unless ordinary citizens rise up and demand justice, Obama and Biden will not be held accountable for Obamagate. Trying to explain Barr’s decision not to prosecute Obama/Biden, Strassel says that “While their actions may not rise to a ‘crime,’ both men [Biden and Obama] may be guilty of an outrageous abuse of power. Such abuses require political accountability, through elections.” But Obama is not running for anything. He may be pulling the strings behind the Biden for president campaign, but he is not technically on the ballot.

This kind of “abuse of power” involves the attempted destruction of an elected government. In a previous column, “Republicans Don’t Dare Call It Treason,” I quoted various honest liberals and progressives as saying that Obamagate is a scandal that rises to the level of criminal conspiracy and even treason. Somehow, establishment conservative journalists like Strassel can’t see it that way.

The Wall Street Journal is willing to let Biden escape justice because he is being propped up for a presidential run and his puppet masters operate behind-the-scenes.

Her concluding paragraph is another excuse for doing nothing except wait for the elections. She says, “Americans can’t expect or want the Justice Department to settle political disputes through drummed-up criminal investigations. The country has a tried and true way of settling those fights: a vote.”

It is not a “drummed-up criminal investigation” when the evidence shows that the Obama-Biden administration used American intelligence and law enforcement agencies to sabotage the incoming Trump Administration and destroy the career and life of Trump National Security Adviser Michael T. Flynn.

We have waited for over three years for the pieces of this puzzle to fall into place. Now that the evidence is emerging, Strassel wants America to wait for elections that the progressives intend to steal through mail-in ballots.

When Strassel and other conservatives like Andrew C. McCarthy praised Mueller, the left-wing forces in this country knew they had a green light to wreck Trump’s presidency with almost two years of legal harassment that failed to turn up any evidence of so-called Russian collusion.

Strassel changed her mind about Mueller over the course of his investigation, but I don’t remember a simple “I’m sorry” coming from her lips, in the form of a column or during her appearances on the Wall Street Journal show on Fox News.

In addition to initially failing to tell the truth about Mueller, and now failing to hold Attorney General Barr accountable for letting Obama/Biden off the hook, Strassel failed to appreciate the nature of the forces trying to take down Trump.

For example, in her column praising Mueller, she said, “In tapping Mr. Mueller as special counsel to look into Russia’s interference in the 2016 election, Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein has certainly doused the political flames. Democrats were forced to tone down their chant for instant impeachment.”

In fact, it just whetted the appetite of Trump’s enemies to accelerate their campaign to destroy his presidency.

Nevertheless, she developed a reputation as a sophisticated critic of the political left. Her 2019 book, Resistance (At All Costs): How Trump Haters Are Breaking America, was described as an examination of how the left “has become dangerously reckless in its obstruction of President Trump.”

For his part, looking for friends anywhere he can find them, President Trump has tweeted about Strassel or retweeted her commentaries about Russia-gate. On April 18, 2019, he tweeted: “Kimberley Strassel should get the Pulitzer. She is a treasure (and I don’t know her) who correctly called the Russia Hoax right from the start!”

Not really, Mr. President. She was wrong from the start about Mueller. She paved the way for Mueller’s legal malpractice.

Attkisson is the one who deserves the Pulitzer.

Now we learn that Mueller’s former prosecutor Andrew Weissmann will headline a virtual fundraiser for the Biden campaign. Strassel wrote about him in her book on the Trump Haters, noting that he had attended Hillary Clinton’s election night party in 2016.

But Strassel thinks the American criminal justice system ought to leave Barack Hussein Obama and Joe Biden alone.