America’s 21st Century Civil War – Democrat Insanity and Red China’s Revenge

Posted on March 16, 2020 by dustyk103

This is what a nation in panic looks like as the lemmings flock to clean out the stores of toilet paper and businesses completely shut down over three thousand infected and fifty people dead by a common flu virus. 

This is what socialist chaos looks like when you can’t find common products at the stores.  This has never happened when other flu viruses like Bird Flu and Swine Flu infected the country.  Why not?  Covid-19 is just another strain of a particular family of viruses like SARS. 

It doesn’t mean it mutated into something super deadly, but thanks to Democrats it can create a pack of mindless zombies.  How?  Because this time lying Democrats and their leftwing media fakers are deliberately inciting a panic.

This is how Democrats believe they can win the next election by smearing Trump as incompetent and painting themselves as saviors.  President Trump has announced a bailout of the travel industry that is being destroyed by this quarantine.  This is neither a stimulus nor a bailout but a rescue.   The only reason this exists is because of the panic Democrats generated over a flu virus as if it were the plague.

This is not the same as Obama giving his Wall Street cronies trillions of deficit taxpayer dollars to keep them afloat as he crushed business with his taxes after nuking the economy through mortgage banks.  The Fed that raised interest rates to slow the Trump economy is going to lower them to save it. 

Democrats are howling at Trump because they are not profiting from holding an axe over these business’s necks. Their propaganda ministry created this crisis so that they could tell their liberal dupes that socialism will save them, and they would give them money to stay home.

Democrats are now waging biological war on America.  They are gleeful as the Stock Market plunges.  Bill Maher happily said a recession would be great if it could rid them of Trump.  Democrat millionaires don’t care if the masses suffer so long as they can be the ruling elites.  When Trump correctly identifies the virus as originating in China, they call him racist and say the virus should be called the “Trump virus.”

This flu virus has gone viral shutting down American travel, sports, closing schools, churches, businesses, and any congregation.  States are declaring a state of emergency while Democrats are doing their best to inflame panic. They are using this to shut down the primary process to get their establishment candidate settled and promote mail-in ballots so their operatives can vote in place of people who don’t cast ballots.

In their two-faced rage they demand that Trump leave the borders open to import more disease so they can blame him for allowing disease to spread, but when he closes the border, they call him a “xenophobe.”  The Democrats and Chicoms join in blaming Trump and may well have done this deliberately in retaliation for Trump forcing China to yield on trade. 

Red China and Democrats are working together to smear Trump out of both sides of their mouths in desperate hopes of replacing him with a communist friendly Democrat.

Biden is prepared to be a figurehead president for his lying leftist party and elevate his VP, perhaps Michelle Obama, to the presidency for three terms.  How about twelve more years of Obamaism?  How insane would that be?

  In 2009, Obama did nothing about the Swine Flu that infected sixty million, hospitalized three hundred thousand, and killed eighteen thousand.  Do you remember the country becoming paralyzed as their messiah unleashed death on them?

How closely are Democrats working with their comrades in China?  The Chicoms are now saying the Coronavirus was planted by Trump via the U.S. army.  Red China is producing almost all of America’s anti-biotics. 

How easily could they make a true pandemic in America and aid Democrats in blaming Trump?  America needs to move critical manufacture back home.  We should not be getting medicines or steel for our buildings and war machines from our potential enemies.

Inciting fear and ginning up hate.  That’s how Democrats control liberals.  Global pandemics, climate change, and zombie apocalypses that will lead to Armageddon. Russian collusion, racism, Nazi fascism, xenophobia, greed, and sexual molestation that victimizes the poor. 

These are the dog whistle catch phrases by which Democrats prey on the fears and generate hate in their oblivious base of ignorant, close-minded, easily manipulated herd of naïve liberal lemmings.

Ignorance and gullibility are the heart and soul of liberalism.  Mindlessly following lying leftists is how liberals are led into witch hunts.  They don’t require proof and will often reject proof if it disrupts the lies in which they have become emotionally invested. 

Their #MeToo movement, meant to convict Trump as a serial molester, instead exonerated him and sent two of their heroes, Jeffrey Epstein and Harvey Weinstein, to prison.  What do leftists do?  They run cover for Epstein’s butt buddy, Bill Clinton, and tell their lemmings that it was Trump who ran with Epstein, and without examining a single fact, without learning any truth, they believe it.  This is how witch hunts work.

The difference between a liberal and a conservative is that liberals will believe the lies while conservatives will dig for the truth. 

America has not seen a paralyzing economic crash like this from any viral outbreak.  Far more deadly viruses than Covid-19 have not done one tenth the damage this has.  What’s different?  Democrat’s propaganda.  When Swine Flu was killing thousands of people, Democrats and their media were sending the message that Obama had it under control.  Now their message is that Trump is a bungling fool with no care or control that will cause millions to die.  Why?

It’s an election year and Democrats have nothing to offer against President Trump making America great again except to slander him by destroying what he has accomplished.  Just like 2008, Democrats are willing to nuke the economy and destroy people’s lives to dupe them into giving the left power over them. 

Leftists say calling this the “Wuhan Virus, the region of China from which this originated, is “racist.”  They want to call it the “Trump Virus” as if Donald Trump created it.  Did anyone call H1N1 the “Obama Virus?”

This is how deeply infected libtards are by leftism.  They don’t recognize how two-faced their leftist leadership is when they condemn Trump for closing the border to protect Americans from importing this disease, calling it “xenophobic,” while they demand the border be open and then condemn Trump for not doing enough to protect the people.  

How many diseases have Democrats brought into the USA by importing their illegal aliens who didn’t get medical checks and then were seeded into the general population?  That is how tuberculosis once again became a disease in the USA.

Biden’s “presidential address” of this “crisis” was laid bare the moment he said that science must be used to combat this virus rather than politics.  As if the Trump administration doesn’t use science and as if Democrats don’t politicize every crisis to their benefit and are using this to create a panic, crash the market, and blame Trump. 

Everything he proposed was nothing more than propositions to give Democrats and their greedy liberal thieves taxpayer money to line their pockets.  It was a wish list of pipe dreams that couldn’t be brought to pass except in their wacky fantasy movies about how they cure the plague. 

God help us if Democrats regain power, and God help Biden if he has to go up against Bernie in a debate without a teleprompter.  Democrat’s best move is to make him the invisible candidate they can whitewash the way they did Hillary and Obama.

Democrat Thuggery

Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY) shouting on the steps of the Supreme Court:

“I want to tell you, Gorsuch. I want to tell you, Kavanaugh. You have released the whirlwind and you will pay the price. You won’t know what hit you if you go forward with these awful decisions.”

President Donald Trump said at a Republican Townhall:

“If a Republican did what Schumer did, they’d be in jail right now.”

So why the frack isn’t Schumer in jail right now?  Washington lawyers say that Schumer’s speech is protected free speech.  How is that?  People can make empty, vague threats to each other, but how can a top government leader do so with impunity?  Is this like the impunity they give themselves to slander Republicans without fear of lawsuits? 

What could Schumer do to these justices?  He is a member of a co-equal branch of government.  They are elected for life.  He has NO power over them!  He can do NOTHING to them, except to incite violence against them and their families.  This makes his threat, not empty words, but a terrorist threat.

Why is it that Democrats commit crimes and don’t go to prison while there are a dozen Republicans who have been sent to prison over false accusations from a bogus investigation?  Hillary Clinton walks free after destroying subpoenaed evidence, while Gen. Flynn is destroyed over false accusations of lying to the FBI about a Democrat investigation of bogus Russian collusion. 

A dozen Republicans have been convicted or forced to plead guilty to the Democrat’s governmental persecution machine that is nothing more than a witch-hunter cabal.  They slander and smear every Trump supporting Republican as fascist Nazis that they believe they have a right to destroy.

But what have Trump and his supporters done other than make corrections for the damage Obama-Biden Democrats did for eight years?  Obama deliberately depleted the U.S. military by expending ammunition stores while not replacing them, and reduced America by shutting down U.S. energy.  He created insurgent groups like Antifa and BLM that are undermining society and installed deep state operatives in intelligence and the judiciary who are sabotaging the nation. 

Yet it is President Trump and Republicans who are slandered as racist, sexist, Nazi forces of destruction by the left-wing propaganda media ministry.

President Trump said, “If a Republican had done this, he would be in jail.”  So why isn’t Schumer in jail?  Why was Hillary allowed to destroy subpoenaed evidence without being charged? 

Why is Schiff walking the streets after conducting an attempted coup of the president?  Why are Obama and his minions running free after creating Antifa and BLM to attack citizens and kill police?

Trump was elected because he had a plan and he will be re-elected because he instituted a very successful plan for which Obama wants credit.  Biden has no plans except ginning up Trump hate.  Liberal simpletons are easily led about by a bumper sticker slogan, simple platitudes, and empty rhetoric. 

The people who lack a moral compass are easily misled simply by slandering righteous people the left targets as actually being the criminals, the racists, and the haters that leftists are.

Democrat Terrorists Justify Their Crimes

Democrat Senate Minority Schumer threatened the lives of two Supreme Court justices.  He has previously said that his deep state operatives in the intelligence agency would sabotage Trump if he tried to root out their corruption.  Schumer says he didn’t mean what Republicans say he meant.  This simply means that he meant what he said and doesn’t want his prey to recognize his true nature as a gangster leader.

The phrase, “You will reap the whirlwind,” are words of war promising destruction of those deemed enemies.  He will not apologize or retract what he said.  He will only blame Republicans saying they are misinterpreting his words, and say that they deserved it! 

This is how leftists justify their crimes against the righteous by blaming those who are good for the evils that leftists do.  They smear and slander and curse those who are good and true just as they did to Jesus.

Democrats try to claim that Trump has done the same or worse than Schumer, but nothing Trump has ever said in his criticisms of justices rises to the level of Schumer’s threats.  Democrats are doxing the families of Justices Gorsuch and Kavanaugh hoping that some of their crazies will carry out their threats without direct instructions leaving them to deny their evil. 

Their denial of this, blaming Republicans as overstating the truth, is how leftists gaslight their oblivious liberal lemmings that follow them.  It is the primary modus operandi by which all leftists operate, blame their own failings on others and take credit for the success of others.  Blame their victims for “forcing them” to take actions against them.

They call it self-defense when they commit murder, and call those who use self-defense to protect themselves against their attempted murder murderers.  In their opinion it is police and American soldiers who “live by the gun” rather than criminals and terrorists. 

Leftwing extremist radicals have attacked Republican congressmen in murder attempts.  Hundreds of police have been murdered by BLM assassins.  Thousands of Republican supporters have been assaulted and many killed, some in mass shootings, by Democrat’s Antifa and other fanatics.  America is living a lie in not recognizing that the people are engaged in a civil war.

Last time there was an obvious border between Democrats and Republicans with few of the opposition within their own territory.  Today the only distinctive separation is between cities where crime and corruption are rampant and suburbs where those who love America, God, and Christ abide.  Ignorant liberals can’t recognize this because they don’t even know which side is which. 

They don’t know which is the ideological party of slavers that wanted America to be a kingdom with themselves as elite rulers over the masses, and which fought to set the people free.  They don’t know which has been their oppressors and which have fought for their rights, which fights for the elite rich and which for the people, or even realize which is duping them today.

They can be told a lie that an innocent is evil, and they will believe it without any proof, nor will they question and investigate any facts.  That’s how the left controls their oblivious, simple-minded, immoral base of fanatics, radicals, extremists, and uneducated fools. 

This is how they create fear and hate in the hearts of their liberal dupes.  It’s how leftist witch-hunts were conducted throughout history.  Their constant refrain that the “far-right” is just as evil flies in the face of truth, morality, and reality.  This is the basis of the claim of their most deluded that Jesus is evil and Satan is good.

Democrats love a good crisis

Democrats are creating disasters in people’s minds.  Like nuclear war, global warming, and viral epidemics, Democrats generate fear in the minds of gullible liberals.  The Coronavirus should be called the Corona Flu as it is no more dangerous than the Influenza virus that has infected millions and killed tens of thousands. 

Corona in America has infected less than two thousand so far and killed a handful and they are treating it like the Bubonic Plague.  Reality doesn’t stop leftist haters like Schumer trying to gin up irrational fears to which liberals are prone saying, “This president seems to be focused more on the Stock Market than on the pandemic.”

THERE IS NO PANDEMIC!  A FEW THOUSAND PEOPLE DO NOT CONSTITUTE A PANDEMIC!  Even if this virus becomes as widespread as the flu and kills as many people, it doesn’t elevate it to the level of what Democrats are trying to make it.  The Swine Flu killed 17,000 people. 

Influenza kills tens of thousands each year.  Do you recall a panic like this that sent the Stock Market crashing and shutting down travel and sports?  There are people who think they can’t see the next Tom Hanks movie because they might catch it from him.

This is all just proof that Democrats are waging war on Americans.  They dream of assassinating President Trump, they have attempted to murder Republican congressmen, they have assassinated police, and they have killed, assaulted, and destroyed the property of thousands of Republican voters for wearing MAGA caps or attending rallies just because their lemmings were told that they represent the KKK. 

They are only successful because 90% of liberals are ignorant of who created the Klan.  Just as Islamists are waging war against the West and their victims are not recognizing that reality, Democrats are waging war on the republic.  The right is reeling under their attacks because they neither recognize the tactics that are being used nor the depths to which depraved, radical leftists resort.

This is the kind of war that the corrupt wage on the righteous that destroys empires from within.  They need to be arrested, charged, and imprisoned for their crimes.  What are they going to do, call us fascists?  Criminals always call police Nazi fascists because they believe they are righteously committing crimes.  

They already falsely accuse us of fascism and their liberal lemmings stupidly believe whatever they are told.  This would be proof?  Are you worried about criminals calling you names?  Is it better for them to run free and amok?

Democrats have been acting against America and freedom for decades with their importation of illegals, drugs, and human trafficking.  President Trump revealed in his Townhall on FOX News what some of us have known all along – that Obama deliberately and purposely severely depleted the U.S. military by expending their weapons on empty targets, buying up bullets, and shutting down ammunition manufacture. 

His intention was perfectly clear – to make the USA a weak nation incapable of standing against the insurgencies, invasions, and attacks by the leftist ideologues of socialism and Islam.

American Darkness

They’re Covering the Coronavirus Like a Hurricane

Democrat’s Modus Operandi:

  1. Incite greed and envy – rich people are stealing from the poor to have more than they need. Poor people could be rich if the rich wouldn’t hoard the wealth.  Tax cuts only help the rich.
  2. Instill fear – Climate change, Coronavirus, global pandemic, Russian collusion, nuclear war, and economic crashes.
  3. Falsely Blame Republicans – Racism, sexism, bigotry, xenophobia.
  4. Demonize Republican of choice – Racist Nazi xenophobic bigots.
  5. Raise themselves as enlightened saviors – People only prosper under Democrat’s rule when history proves the opposite.

By peddling their lies by hatemongering and fearmongering, Democrats incite their oblivious base of liberal lemmings to hate whom they are told to hate, fear what they are told to fear, and abase themselves to be slaves to Democrats. 

Liberals live up to their Democrat mascot as jack asses who only see what they are directed to between their blinders.  Republicans are like elephants that never forget what happened before. 

The difference between a liberal and a conservative is that liberals are ignorant and oblivious believing whatever they are told without question believing in lies, immorality, and selfishly expect prosperity to be handed to them, while conservatives are educated and make it their personal responsibility to know and understand what is morally right, take care of themselves and others in need, and work for a better future.

Democrats are openly hoping and praying and advocating for terrible things to happen to America, for the people to suffer, so that they can benefit.  This is just more proof that what is bad for the country is good for Democrats.  They say Trump is crude and a bully.  

Here’s Joe Biden denying he said what he said about seizing guns from citizens to threaten a voter to take him outside and beat him:

Biden unloads on voter

Biden may think it makes him look like a tough guy when he says he would beat up Trump in the school yard because he’s a bully, but it only proves that Biden is the bully who wouldn’t allow a sensible, good-hearted person to have their say. 

This is just more proof that liberals use violence to impose their beliefs on others.  When they can’t just openly punch you in the face, they create laws by which to silence the majority with threats of prison and punitive punishments.

Leftist haters want to shut down the primaries and declare Biden the victor with less than half of votes being cast and Bernie almost neck and neck with him, but they already know the fix is in. 

Those same people want Trump’s rallies shutdown so that he cannot lead the people rising against them.  They say he does it only for his own ego because that’s the reason they do it.  Leftists don’t understand leadership.

Democrat voters are the ones who rejected minorities and women in favor of rich old white men.  AOC is out saying voter suppression was used to screw Bernie.  This proves the lie of their false premise that it is Republicans who are racist, misogynist, and cheat on voting. 

Democrats have no respect for women or minorities.  They just use the dull-witted among them.  The division between Bernie’s communist supporters and Biden’s corrupt gangster supporters may divide them against each other, but their hate for Trump, Republicans, and righteousness will unite them.

Who built that?

The great economy is Obama’s until Democrats crash it.  Trump has elevated America in major ways far beyond Obama’s “new normal” of decline:

  • Employment and jobs at all-time highs
  • GDP growing robustly
  • Construction increase
  • Manufacturing increase
  • Coal production
  • Oil production
  • Farming production

Democrats credit Obama with the economy four years after his presidency ended saying he set it up for Trump through stimulus.  How long does it take for presidential and congressional policies to make a difference in the economy?  Six months or five years?  Where did the stimulus go? 

The Obama regime produced no budget for six years.  Sanders says Obama deserves credit for today’s economy.  He says Obama had to deal with the Great Recession caused by the “thievery” of Wall Street. 

That “stimulus” money that supposedly “saved jobs” all went to government unions that was simply money laundering to donate to the Democrat Party, and to Democrat’s cronies on Wall Street.  Why did Obama give almost a trillion dollars a year to Wall Street?  Why didn’t the economy boom after five years of Obama?

Democrats offer nothing appealing to the intelligent American.  Bernie appeals to young people offering them school and healthcare for free.  What is free?  He’s just another communist liar peddling rainbows and fairy tales concealing the cesspool of slavery that is socialism. 

Biden uses gangsterism in his position to benefit his friends and family.  As senator, Biden got his sons on executive boards of large corporations in his state of Delaware.  As VP, he got his son on a board in Ukraine.

How is this different from Trump working with his children?  Trump’s children don’t profit from their positions that they work for free.  The Trump family are already billionaires.  Liberal claims that lobbyists are buying empty rooms in his hotels is just more tripe with no proofs. 

Hunter Biden making millions in the employ of Ukraine in a position in which he has nothing to offer is proof of Biden’s corruption.  He keeps saying his son did nothing wrong.  No, it is he as vice president who was engaging in taking bribes and extorting a foreign government.  But liberal’s vision is as twisted as their thinking.

Liberals are the weak-minded who are preyed upon by the leftist wolves.  Democrats gin up fears through scare tactics and stir up greed and envy against rich people telling them they are stealing their prosperity. 

Leftists smear the righteous as being heartless and callous when they stand against liberals smuggling criminals into the country under the guise of refugees and cheer for killing babies in the womb.  Liberals are the dupes of the left that is the heart of corruption.

In combatting this corruption, Republicans have been playing checkers against the Democrats playing chess.  But Trump has been playing 4D chess against both.  He is always five moves ahead of Democrats. 

When the virus began, he shutdown travel from China and the Democrats called the move xenophobic.  Now as the market tanks over the panic Democrats have created, he counters with tax breaks and they call him a corporate shill. 

Their stupidity and callous disregard for American lives and economic well-being is obvious to anyone with the intelligence to recognize what is happening.  Democrat Patriot is an oxymoron, but Democrat Parasite is a reality.

The Great Black Lie is that the Democrat Party and their leftwing media all speak Trump/Republican slander 24/7/365.  Democrat’s arrogant ignorance, stupidity, and lies prey on the fear, greed, and envy of liberals to gin up hate. 

Whatever leftists say about the righteous can be seen to apply to themselves.  They project their emotional dysfunction on the mentally mature.  Their psychoanalysis of the right is as backwards as their belief that leftism is right. 

Idiot liberal psychologists, as much an oxymoron as Democrat patriot, say that Trump needs rallies to appease his ego.  ROTFLMAO!  Obama needed that.

Donald Trump is a leader, not a narcissist pretender, who holds these rallies, not for himself, but for the people.  He uses them like he uses Twitter to speak directly to the people without having leftwing haters reinterpret his words and meanings for them. 

Democrats believe they have forced his hand generating this panic with their smears, but he has easily turned the tables on them.  The proof of this is in Friday night’s announcement by Democrat Speaker Pelosi that she yielded to his demands that Democrats not profit from the panic.

She says that Republicans reached an agreement to work with Democrats.  It is to laugh.  This was Pelosi bowing to Trump’s august leadership in handling the crisis that Democrat’s fomented. 

He forced them to agree to his terms rather than paying off Democrats to stop their destructive behavior or suffer the full weight of blame in the public’s eyes.  This last effort by her to save face is laughable in that Schumer was so sick to his stomach he couldn’t face the cameras.

No presidents in history have had to contend with so vicious an insurgent group besides Washington and Lincoln who had to fight open wars.  This effort by Democrats to rebel against righteous constitutional leadership of a great man is going to explode in their faces once more. 

The Stock Market will bounce back with great vigor as Friday demonstrated in the largest gain in history to recover from these largest losses over this faux crisis.  America needs to win this civil war with Democrats who would remake America into their socialist sh*thole.  As I have emphasized many times, this will only come about if President Trump brings Democrat coup criminals to justice and expels their voter fraud from elections.

In closing, it should be shouted from the rooftops that this is the United States of America and our medicine is second to none!  Democrats declaring that socialist medicine is superior should live in Cuba or Venezuela and see how well they can live there. 

Their lies are as stupid as they are obvious to anyone with eyes to see and ears to hear.  We have handled many influenza outbreaks before without going into a raging panic and destroying our own economy out of fear.  Democrats are never mentally equipped to solve a crisis.  They are only mentally equipped to take advantage of one. 

And if a natural disaster doesn’t take place, they will create one like they are with this.  The worst viral outbreak in America has been people believing that Democrats have solutions to their problems and can save them from themselves.  Nothing in life is free.  No one will pay for socialism if nobody works.

“How in the world do you go from doing nothing when 60 million are infected, 300,000 hospitalized, and 18,000 people dead [in 2009] and the president [Obama] gets praised for fast action and decisive action, and [now] we’ve got 40 people dead and the president’s [Trump’s] being held up as an absolute buffoon and we’ve gotta shut down the country for this?” – Rush Limbaugh

You’re not alone if you think this is all crazy – Rush Limbaugh’s assessment

[ADDENDUM: The Market crashed almost 3000 points this Monday following their record rally on Friday.  Fortunately, Donald Trump is not rattled or has an agenda like Democrats did in 1930 when they skyrocketed taxes to turn a Market crash into the Great Depression.  So long as it is left alone, the Market will adjust to this panic situation and eventually make a massive recovery.  The lowering of the federal rate and influx of emergency funds will help relieve the situation.  

President Trump just has to be cautious that Democrats do not abuse the situation to steal that money for themselves and their cronies as is their typical M.O.  This viral scare is going to cause as much economic damage as if it was an actual plague.  America’s enemies have got to be laughing their asses off.

Democrats are so two-faced that, a few months from now as the election nears, they will declare this emergency funding being used to combat their Coronavirus freak out is proof of Trump’s wasteful spending. 

They already say he wastes money worse than Obama did because he has been increasing the National Debt.  But those of us in the know understand he’s had to do so to rebuild the military that Obama depleted. 

We knew when we elected him that it would be costly to recover from the destruction Obama did to our nation’s infrastructure and security by giving away American taxpayer funds to his Islamist and socialist friends. 

To truly make matters worse, AOC and her squad of America haters are advocating for all criminals to be freed from prison and all detainees to be released from the border as if they are all threatened by this virus.  More like the invaders would bring more of it with them to the delight of these turds.

This has been the price we’ve had to pay for liberal’s lack of wit.  Their greed and stupidity are on exhibit in stores emptied of food and sundries in the American culture of great abundance.  It is the cycle of society that our parents living in hardship sacrificed for our freedom by defeating the Nazis and communists, and our children, living in luxury, will squalor that freedom with depraved leftist liberalism. 

All liberal ideas of what is right is what is wrong.  Like their saying that “no parent should have to bury their child” is born of their ignorance.  Before 20th century advances in medicine, 7 out of 10 children didn’t live to adulthood.  Perhaps when they get to live under the yoke of socialism, they believe will be benevolent they won’t have to live that as they kill babies in the womb instead.]

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