Democrat Cities are the Third World Sh*tholes of America

Democrats want to destroy America from within.

Posted on July 7, 2020 by dustyk103

“Reforming the police” or defunding the police is not a conversation we need to have with Democrats. It’s just another distraction from the real problem – Democrats. Their “peaceful protesters” burning stores, destroying monuments, murdering innocent people, and screaming for anarchy unless they have power, is not an American uprising against oppression but a communist insurgency against liberty.

All of their “reforms” have either already been implemented or would make policing up Democrat criminals even harder. Their calls for defunding police is absolute, insane stupidity to empower Democrat criminals and communist fascists. Republicans offering them an inch will only result in them taking a mile. This is not about corrupt or racist cops. It’s an insurrection against America. Their intention is to tear down this great nation and remake her in their image. This is war for the soul of America with Democrats on the Dark Side endorsing communist fascism as law.

So, tell Democrats to shove it along with every policy of theirs. Like their high taxes, their only purpose is to crush citizens under the boots of their socialist thugs. They turn their victims into dupes by convincing them that it’s Republicans to blame for their plight.

Russia has infiltrated America, all right. They are the Democrats who are screaming their lies that Republicans are the commie fascists. All one has to do is look at their insurrectionists in Seattle to see the truth in their signs. Pathological liars are only successful in duping the ignorant. Liberals are the lemmings following their lying leaders off the cliff.

Democrats have been growing in power within the USA like a cancer. Their only purpose is to suffocate righteousness out of the nation. They are doing so through deception that liberal lemmings are incapable of seeing through. These leftwing communists and fascists want to destroy the great Christian nation that crushed them in the 20th century. They have become the foundation of the Democrat Party that was crushed by Republicans in the 19th century over slavery. Both have been wanting revenge.

Now, in the 21st century, in the face of Donald Trump’s making America great again, sweeping aside their false gods by reinforcing Americanism, they are in a panic that has forced them to openly declare their intention to destroy this nation with a lawless cultural revolution of Marxism. The lawless Democrats have been inflicting their hateful anarchists and agitators on the nation at the expense of the citizens. This is no different than when Democrats are in power giving American taxpayer dollars to countries that export terrorists.

“It’s a riddle wrapped in a mystery inside an enigma.”

This is how Churchill, one of the great leaders that leftists want to erase from history, described Russia. Actually, it’s not that hard to understand leftism. It’s just hard to get past their myriad layers of deceptions to see the truth of their hateful ideological mindset. It’s more like this:

“Leftists tell lies by denying the truth while smearing the righteous by claiming to be right to deceive the ignorant.” – Dustin Koellhoffer

Leftist Democrats and their liberal lemmings are doing nothing but living a pack of lies. Call BS on them damning us for criticizing their lies as racism. There is no debate that can be made against the left’s heinous bigotry, denial, and irrational immorality. Nothing they propose, such as defunding police, should be given any consideration. It’s utterly stupid! Their proposals are the pinnacle of nonsensical idiocy.

What they propose is criminal and traitorous and they should be treated as criminals. Every last Democrat that agrees with the left should be declared domestic enemies and stripped of citizenship. This is their declaration of war – as if their assassinations of cops and mountains of hateful propaganda wasn’t enough. Only the most galactic fools give them any credence. They are America’s scum devoted to Satanism claiming to be the truth while trying to destroy Christianity.

As predicted, Democrats are blaming Trump for the economic slump while simultaneously declaring the nation should remain shut down. The Russian bounty story is just Russian Collusion v5.0. Democrats are spewing sh*t from their mouths to distract fools from their crushing the economy via virus terrorism and unleashing criminals on the people. This is how leftists twist the facts to formulate false assumptions by which to condemn righteous people. Biden vows to follow the Obama model of raising taxes as a solution. Only severely stupid people would believe that’s what is best in light of the past twelve years.

Coronavirus is another. This isn’t the crisis it was made out to be. Their models were false. The high death rates are all in Democrat states where they put infected people into nursing homes and denied people access to antibiotics and oxychloroquine that are the most effective treatment claiming they kill people.

More cases are being discovered because the test finds all coronavirus infections of which there are seven types of these flu viruses. On hearing these truths, leftists will instruct their liberal lemmings that anyone who speaks it, like the truth about climate change, is a “Coronavirus Denier.”

Claiming they want to tear down statues to Confederates is not an effort to eliminate America’s slave past. This is Democrats trying to conceal their historical origins. Saying they want to tear down slave owners is BS when they tear down America’s Founders: Washington, Madison, and Jefferson.

The truth is clearly revealed when they tear down Lincoln and Roosevelt that they want to not only destroy America’s past mistakes, but her founding and her righteous leaders as well.

Democrats have duped this nation for a century. Now they feel empowered being desperate to stop Trump from revitalizing the America that they are openly declaring they want to destroy with their fascism.

They believe they can conceal this truth by blowing smoke in the faces of fools saying they are fighting fascism. Only the galactically stupid fall for this. Liberals are the people who are too stupid to debate and too stupid to be allowed to vote to choose lawmakers to make laws because their ideas of just laws are those that oppress the righteous.

Leftist Cultural Revolution

Socialists always use the same tactics in their cultural revolutions. Eliminate teachers, rewrite their history, and dupe fools into following them like lemmings. Democrats lie about who they are and what they represent. Only ignorant fools believe in them.

RINOs are the worst deceivers because they say they are for righteousness, but then work with the wicked. Saying they will work with Democrats is like Christians saying they can work with Satan to make life better.

America is experiencing the results of decades of Democrat’s “criminal reform” and giving communists a voice in our schools and forums. Communists and criminals have allied to destroy law and order, destroy America, and remake this nation as a Democratic Nazi Communist dictatorship.

The ideologies America crushed in the 20th century have allied with the ideology of Democrats that we crushed in the 19th century to overthrow America from within in the 21st century.

Weakening police protection is part of their efforts to make America lawless and chaotic, blame Republicans, and coerce dupes into voting them into power. What Democrats call “excessive force” is not. Police have been hobbled when dealing with violent criminals. They know who and where the gangs and drug dealers are but are not allowed to pursue them.

They don’t need to be trained more. They’ve already been trained not to use excessive force. That’s why they have tasers instead of clubs. And that’s why perps have become more dangerous. This is reminiscent of Obama’s Rules of Engagement for our troops. He deemed it better that they die rather than shoot back at terrorists taking refuge in a crowd to shoot at them. This doesn’t consider that the crowd is deliberately aiding them.

America has improved decade by decade, not thanks to Democrats but in spite of them. Communists and fascists have sought to subvert us. Democrats have always been part of their ideology of leftism along with atheists and Islamists. Totalitarianism is leftist rule over the masses, and they use their mob to terrorize the righteous.

That’s why all of these seek to destroy Christianity. Their attacks on Jews is also an attack on Christians. For those who forget, Jesus is a Jew. They smear the righteous by using false premises by which to falsely accuse the righteous. It was their mob that called for freeing a terrorist criminal from prison rather than Jesus.

Do unto liberals as they do unto to you

Let’s ask liberals the kind of questions of Joe Biden and Democrat politicians that their media propagandists ask President Trump:

  • “Why are you stupidly supporting hateful people?”
  • “Having molested women yourself, why don’t you call for protecting Epstein’s madame from Hillary?”
  • “Since you lauded segregationists and KKK wizards like Byrd in the past, why don’t you support punishing criminals for their crimes?”

What would they have their police replacements do? Would they have social workers give traffic tickets? That will last until they pull over a criminal and he shoots them in the face.

Democrat’s solutions are never to solve problems but to make matters worse so they can campaign against Republicans by blaming them and claiming they could fix things. If it weren’t for all the stupid lemmings that believe them, this would be hysterical.

Democrats are damning all TV shows that glorify police – even cartoons. The lie they have been perpetrating through entertainment is that police catch 100% of murderers. This is the Democrat lie meant to mollify the people. The truth is that 50% of the time they don’t ever find out who committed a murder. Of the other 50% they don’t have the evidence to overcome the court requirements to go to trial more than half the time.

50% of those trials don’t get a conviction. And those who are convicted get light sentence. That means that only 1 in 10 murderers receives justice. This isn’t justice. Democrats fight against every righteous law that Republicans put forth such as penalties for drunk driving. They do this by convincing corrupt idiots that it could be them on trial one day for the doing the same thing.

Idiot Democrats say we must understand why people become criminals. They think it’s because “they is oh-pressed.” The true reason is because it is easier to take from someone who works for a living rather than work for a living themselves. They have been taught to believe it is righteous revenge for having their prosperity taken from them. But they are not being set against those who have subjugated them under the socialist boot.

They are being duped into adopting the ideology of thieves by their leftist leaders who twist their minds and hearts with hate. Like honor among thieves, Democrats think they should not be held responsible for committing crimes against others. They even want to make assaulting a police officer a misdemeanor instead of a felony.

Democrat’s Antifa, anti-free America, their Nazi thugs purporting to be fighting the fascism of Republicans, must be declared America’s domestic terrorist group. Democrats are America’s largest hate group and their reign of terror must be ended by countering their force with the use of greater force just as was done in the first Civil War.

There is no reason to debate them on the basis of their lies. There is only the right and responsibility to beat them down for their 21st century rebellion as they were in the 19th century.

Marx’s Cultural Revolution is identical to Muhammad’s Jihad. Both destroy the cultural history of their victims and impose their ideology by force. Both demand worship of the ruling class, which is no different than any imperial ideology throughout history.

Their only difference is that one has a god and the other says there is no God making both anti-God. Donald Trump truly is a war-time President. He is fighting Democrat subversives rebelling against the righteousness of America in what has become our Second Civil War.

Democrats say they worship a cross as a right. Their cross is the Skull and Crossbones of piracy. They are the thieves, the takers, while Republicans that worship the True Cross of the Christ are the builders and makers. You cannot be a Christian when you are for those who steal and kill babies.

Will Americans overcome the Democrat’s massive voter fraud that is coming this November? Those who live in Democrat controlled cities that are suffering under their rule have no one to blame but themselves for being dupes.

Democrats are already planning on proving that “Russia cheated” better than they did by deleting Republican votes at the next election. Pray President Trump succeeds before Democrat’s voter fraud machine steals liberty, not just from those stupid enough to vote for them, but from all.

This is not an election for the lesser of two evils as oblivious centrists think. Those who pay attention know that this is a fight for America’s soul between those who love this nation and those that would twist her to reflect their black hearts.

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[Author’s Note: The Boy Scouts of America are a perfect example of how leftist liberal Democrat policies corrupt good Christian organizations to destroy them. Decades ago, Democrats forced the Scouts, by their laws, to allow homosexual pedophiles to be scout masters.

Now their attorneys are cashing in on this by prosecuting the corps for all the boys who were sexually molested by them. This is the very epitome of how the socialist corruption of the left works against the righteous to destroy what America has made that is good.

This is what they did to the Christian Church in the Middle Ages to create the Inquisition. It’s what they did in ancient times to empower the Pharisees against the Messiah.  It’s what communist and fascist socialists did in the 20th century. It’s what they do in America today. They have a thousand different attacks in progress against Christianity from abortion to taxes in their efforts to rip Christ away from the people.

This is what American “Progressivism” is all about. This is how American politics works; Republicans unite people in love for God. Democrats divide people in contempt for God. Republicans promote love of this great country through patriotism and consideration for others. Democrats promote hate for this country through envy and greed.

The police reform we need is reinstate severe force to allow them to come down on these socialists like a thunder bolt. Police should be re-armed with clubs to crack skulls of rioters who attack them. Any of them that throw bombs or use any deadly weapon of any sort from guns to rocks should be shot on the spot by snipers. Ringleaders should be rounded up and sent to black sites.

Idiot followers should be prosecuted and imprisoned. Democrats say they have a right to their “peaceful” protests. The radical left likes to call themselves oppressed political prisoners, but all they are is a pack of lying asshole thieves. Don’t blindly accept their reasons and excuses. Tell all these leftist Democrats to shove their hateful ideology up their collective lying asses!]

Black lives won’t matter until they matter to black people

Democrat’s Continuing War on America, Christianity, and Liberty

Biden’s op-ed was obviously written by some liberal leftist with half a brain as Joe’s brain is not functioning and he was an idiot to begin with. Nothing that is said can be proven true but can be proven false. All of my articles contain the information proving that everything Democrats say is false. Everything they say is an absolute lie whose only intention is to libel Trump with leftist smears.

The NYT labelled his Independence Day speeches “dark and divisive.” It is Democrats who have been dividing America with their hate, greed, and envy. Believing in Democrats is for America haters and their dupes. Democrats do not fight for justice. They fight to conceal their true nature and unmake America so they can recreate it in their image as a socialist dictatorship like China and Russia with themselves as the ruling elites.

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