Democrats Declare Hillary and Obama Guilty of Treason Should Face Death

In one voice, Democrats openly declared in their own two-faced manner that Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama are guilty of treason against the American people and that they should face the death penalty.  Of course, they didn’t say this of their messiah and his crone.  They declared this of President Trump when he answered George Stephanopoulos’ question of would he accept information on a political opponent from a foreign government?

Of course, he would!  Why shouldn’t he?  It’s information.  Not something that would harm the nation.  According to Democrats, to do so is treason that would undermine America’s democracy.  So, if that would be true of Trump if he did it, isn’t it true of Hillary and Obama who did do it?  By their own measure, Democrats have condemned Hillary and Obama to death for treason.  President Trump must take action against them and their operatives for their betrayals of this nation.

Hannity lays out the case for convicting Hillary and Obama of treason in accordance with Democrat’s interpretation of foreign collusion

Isn’t it interesting that every crime that Democrats accuse Republicans of committing is a crime of which they themselves are already guilty?  From racism to the border crisis to colluded with foreign enemies, every Democrat is guilty of the treason of which they falsely accuse Republicans.  Democrats are failures except in their deceiving and undermining American freedom.  From homelessness to failing economically, every Democrat city and state is a case study of the failure of democratic socialism.

California has become their inglorious example of how Democrat policies destroy prosperity.  This begs the question, what kind of dumbasses would vote for Democrats in America when all they have ever produced throughout history is poverty and misery?  The party of leftism, of slavery and lies, is now more openly the epitome of corruption, perversion, depravity, and deception than ever.  So how do polls ever say that people want more of them?  Because they are more lies designed to shape public opinion rather than reflect it.  This is the sickness of liberal minds.

Democrats declare that Trump saying he would accept information from foreign agents is an “invitation,” yet they hold Hillary and Obama innocent for paying foreign agents to create misinformation that they used for criminal purposes in their FISA spying warrants. 

They try to condemn Kellyanne Conway’s free speech as a violation of the Hatch Act claiming she is campaigning for Trump when answering media questions.  Meanwhile, they send John Kerry to enemy countries like Iran to negotiate with them, undermine the President of the United States to wait until he is gone before they act against us in violation of the Logan Act.  

Saying that Democrats are two-faced is an understatement when it comes to describing the deceptions and condemnations committed by leftists.  Americans need to wake up to the facts to stop supporting Democrats betraying America.

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