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Posted on May 11, 2021 by State of the Nation


A highly stealthy asymmetric war has been raging across America over decades and yet very few folks are aware of it.

Every time a false flag mass shooting takes place in any of the 50 states, it must be assumed to be a classic Gladio black operation designed as part of an elaborate, long-term psyop aimed at the American people.  This type of asymmetric war is rarely recognized for what it really is because of how meticulously orchestrated the operations are from start to finish.

The explicit goal of the New World Order globalist cabal, of course, is to strip Americans of their right to possess firearms.  The Democrat Party, Deep State and the entire U.S. Intelligence Community are colluding with each other to fabricate a false justification to completely and expeditiously cancel the 2nd Amendment.

In point of fact, this is one of the primary reasons why POTUS imposter Joe Biden was criminally installed in the White House by America’s foreign enemies—to take away our guns.


A close examination of all the mass shootings that have taken place this year clearly shows a distribution of mass casualty events across most of the 50 states which indicates that the OPERATION GLADIO C decision-makers are going for maximum coverage of the country.

Now, what’s especially suspicious about the extraordinary number of mass shootings is how evenly distributed they are across the entire country (see map below). It’s as though these CIA-coordinated, FBI-covered up, DoJ-squashed massacres have each been sited in cities and communities to exert maximum impact on the local audience. In this way, the true globalist perpetrators at the top of these criminal conspiracies are ginning up the necessary groundswell of popular demand to forever abolish the Second Amendment.
(Source: The GREAT GUN GRAB of 2021 Begins!)

In this way, the true gun control perpetrators are determined to have maximum emotional impact on the American people so that draconian legislation can be more easily and quickly passed at both the state and federal levels.

List of Mass Shootings in the United States in 2021

Undoubtedly, the number of dramatic mass shootings has significantly increased since the unlawful inauguration of election thief Joe Biden (click on the preceding link).  What follows below are just a few news reports that reflect the fast-growing and unprecedented number of mass casualty events (MCE) via the use of firearms.

The primary purpose of OPERATION GLADIO C (OGC), going forward, is to sufficiently “shock and awe” the U.S citizenry so that the treasonous Democrats can manufacture consent to effectively gut the Second Amendment.  Only in this manner will their countless communist revolutionaries not face an armed and ammoed up Patriot Movement.

Indianapolis FedEx Mass Shooting

Notice the types of locations that have seen the greatest number of false flag mass shootings since 2021 began as well as over the decades.

The joke used to be: “He went postal” because of how many post offices have gotten shot up since the beginning of this never-ending psyop to terrorize the American people into willingly giving up their guns.

Now we see that, yesterday, a FedEx facility was the site of a particularly severe mass casualty incident—IMPD: 9 people dead, multiple victims shot at Indianapolis FedEx facility; shooter dead.

The key element of each of these MCE sites is they are totally controlled by the OGC perps.  In this fashion, the owner/operator of the enterprise, local law enforcement and the US intel community can immediately lock down the crime scene and control the flow of all information to the public.  Of course, the CIA’s Mockingbird Media is always singing the exact same song of falsehoods that’s carefully scripted before these ‘mass murders’ even occur.

What very few folks realize is that the great majority of these false flag mass shootings are now staged much like a Hollywood crime show.  While each of them is different, they all have crisis actors present at the scene ready to falsely verify events that probably did NOT even happen.

Everything Wrong With FAKE Ashli Babbit Shooting —
An Obviously Rehearsed Hollywood Stunt (Video)

That’s not to say that MK-Ultra mind-controlled patsies are not used to pull the trigger (of a real gun) for special effects.  But what follows then is often a lot of choreographed drama that is as fake as the volume of fake news published by the ever-prevaricating mainstream media.

At the end of the day, virtually all of these OGC black ops are hybrid productions that contain some reality and some hoax, which are blended together to produce the most emotional trauma and long lasting psychological imprint.  Likewise, the subsequent  psyops and cover-ups are designed to distract the populace as much as possible, as well as to confuse everyone investigating these fastidiously engineered tragic events.

KEY POINT: “FALSE FLAGS” are LEGAL PROPAGANDA Produced by the Department of Defense


The United States of America has only just begun to see a reign of terror via mass shootings and mass bombings.  That’s because the only way the globalist-controlled Democrats will push the button on the hot phase of their long-planned communist revolution is to first neutralize every armed American.

OPERATION COVID-19 is another important piece of this scheme to permanently collapse the American Republic.  The traitors behind the CORONAhoax will not be happy until every US citizen is vaccinated with one of the COVID-19 injections.  They know that, once that happens, the American people will be so easily defeated that the rapidly evolving North American Union will be a done deal.

With American sovereignty dissolved and territorial integrity undermined via open borders, this once great Republic will soon be but a thing of the past.  Unless we stop them—NOW!

Action Plan

Resist, RESIST and RESIST with civil disobedience at every opportunity.  Stampeding the American people into a NWO pen of docile compliance will not be so easy for the cabal.  Too many armed patriots are onto their genocidal game.  Hence, the day will soon come when they will all be hunted down and hung live on the Internet for their crimes against humanity.  In the meantime, light that torch, pick up your pitchfork and grab plenty of rope.

State of the Nation
May 11, 2021