Joseph Stalin was a Child-Rapist

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The unscrupulous jewish mobsters always bring child-rapists and sex-assailants to power. Their operatives, plants, agents, and assets are specifically selected for being immoral, bloodthirsty, and obviously psychopathic, and for having a dodgy, blackmail-prone past. It’s true of Pedo-Putin, it’s true of Joe “the Touchy One” Biden, it’s true of Zogald Trump (just what happened to Marisela ‘Maria’ Pino, huh?), and it’s true of Joseph Stalin. As the Kremlin’s Duginist astroturf campaign heats up among the heavily-compromised Alt-Right, as crypto-Zionist pedophiles and subversive ‘National-Bolsheviks’ join forces to psyop the entire internet to suit their criminal agenda — we know, for instance, that both types of shills are ultimately connected to Russian-Israeli mobster and FSB/Mossad asset Semion Mogilevich, and to the Solntsevskaya Bratva empire — it’s time to pay attention to the grim reality of the historical situation.

So, NAZBOLs and Putin-shills, you take pride in the gruesome conduct of the original Bolsheviks? Okay then; let’s examine some of that conduct!

Scrutinizing Stalin: Accounts and Commentary

The lengthy source-review below inspects the harrowing details of Joseph Stalin’s sexual criminality against young girls; its comprehensiveness is intended to provide a full, well-sourced picture of just what it was that transpired prior to, and in the early days of, the rise of Bolshevism in Russia, as regards the Joseph Stalin’s own personal pedophilia. For each bit of historical information, commentary anchoring it in our modern predicament is provided, so that the reader can grasp the relevance of the material to our own times. Specifically, these many accounts of Stalin’s child-raping habits serve to showcase and buttress the wickedness of the person who shaped and molded the USSR in his own image. There is no USSR without Stalin, and once you grok the true extent of the monstrosity of that wicked person, the magic spell that NAZBOLs attempt to cast on you to make you believe that “Stalin was BASED” will be lifted and neutralized forever. It will be unequivocally proved, again and again, that Joseph Stalin’s political legacy is tainted to the core with its protagonist’s vileness. Let the journey begin.

Here’s an in-depth historical account of Stalin’s child-rape:

No sooner had Stalin and Sverdlov settled with the Taraseevs than the Georgian must have noticed the youngest girl among the Pereprygin orphans. There were five brothers and two sisters, Natalia and Lidia. We know no details of how this developed. But some time in early 1914 Stalin, now thirty – four, embarked on an affair with Lidia, aged thirteen.

We catch a glimpse of Stalin and Lidia together staggering from drinking – bout to drinking – bout because we have her memoirs of their boozy carousals: “In his spare time, Stalin liked to go to evening dances—he could be very jolly too. He loved to sing and dance. He especially liked the song ‘I’m guarding the gold, the gold . . . I’m burying the gold, burying the gold, Guess where, pure damsel with your golden hair’. . . He often joined birthday dinners.” The memoirs of Stalin’s thirteen – year – old mistress were recorded twenty years later at the height of his dictatorship while she remained a Siberian housewife. The official who recorded her reminiscences would not have dared record the seduction, but the memoirs are still tactless. “He often liked to drop in on some people,” says Lidia, meaning herself. “And he also drank.” Was this how he seduced her—or she him? Girls in places like Kureika matured early—and Lidia does not sound like a shrinking violet.

Sverdlov may have disapproved of Stalin’s seduction of the thirteen – year – old, the latest in a line of adolescent girls romanced by the thirty – something Georgian. And Stalin may well have thrown him out in order to enjoy more privacy with his little mistress. But this was far from the end of the scandal.

So, just to be clear: The historical account is only getting started, and already we learn that Joseph Stalin was a serial seducer i.e. rapist of adolescent girls. In this case, we see that he deliberately chose (to rape) the youngest girl he could lay his hand on, only aged 13, when he was aged 35. The pedo-apologist author here is trying his best to whitewash the whole affair, twisting himself into knots in an attempt to prove that the rape was “consensual.” No atrocity could ever be dark enough as to be indefensible when doing pro-Soviet apologetics, evidently. Such are the standards of modern ‘objective’ historians, who are almost invariably commie sympathizers. Apparently, a 13-year-old girl is a “mistress,” rather than a rape-victim. That’s the inhuman terminology that ZOG wants us to embrace.

It continues:

The two Bolsheviks, now ignoring each other, were carefully watched by their own Gendarme inspectors, Laletin and Popov, whose sole job was to ensure that they did not escape. In cases of such close proximity, the policemen either became the companions, if not personal servants, of the exiles—or their mortal foes. The red – bearded, red – tempered Ivan Laletin soon became Stalin’s enemy.

Once Stalin was going out hunting with his rifle when he was challenged by the Gendarme. He was allowed to handle hunting – rifles with permission, but he refused to surrender his gun to the policeman. In the ensuing fracas, “Gendarme Laletin swooped on Josef Vissarionovich and tried to disarm him.” A fight started. The Gendarme “drew his saber and managed to cut Stalin on the hand.” Stalin reported Laletin to Captain Kibirov.

““He often liked to drop in on some people,” says Lidia, meaning herself. “And he also drank.””

By early summer, no matter how furtive the creeping around the eight huts, almost everyone must have known about Stalin’s little mistress. The saber-rattling Gendarme surely saw his chance to nail the insolent Georgian. “One day,” recalls Fyodor Taraseev, the only villager who dared record the story, “Stalin was staying at home, working, and not leaving the house. The Gendarme found this suspicious and decided to check up on him. Without knocking on the door, he burst into the room.”

Taraseev prudently claims that Stalin was just “working,” yet the inspector found this oddly “suspicious.” And Stalin was furious at being interrupted. The memoirs unanimously emphasize his calmness during searches: so was there something unusual about this one? After all, the policeman deliberately surprised him “without knocking.” It sounds very much as if the policeman caught Stalin and Lidia in flagrante delicto.

You’d expect the policeman to do his darn job and arrest the rapist right then and there, right?

But no, that’s not how the scenario played out.

Stalin attacked him. The policeman again drew his saber. In the ensuing fight, Stalin was wounded in the neck by the saber, which so inflamed his anger that “he kicked out the rogue!”

“We witnessed this scene,” says Taraseev. “The Gendarme was running away towards the Yenisei river, cravenly waving his saber in front of him while Comrade Stalin was pursuing him in a state of high excitement and fury, with his fists clenched.”

If it was a secret, it was out. Even though local lore discouraged affairs with exiles, the local girls were bound to be attracted to these worldly, educated revolutionaries in their midst. This statutory rape was not rape by force but an old – fashioned seduction because, according to the later investigation by KGB Chairman Ivan Serov, “J. V. Stalin started living together with her.” Presumably she was sharing his room, which is how the policeman had caught them together. In his report to Nikita Khrushchev and the Politburo in 1956, which remained secret until the twenty – first century, General Serov implied that the living together was almost as shocking as the seduction.

The plot thickens as now the 35-year-old Joseph Stalin is tolerated to move in with the 13-year-old Lidia Pereprygia, and the fact that police had direct knowledge that Stalin committed rape prompted no serious attempt at arresting the rapist. Incompetence, malice, or a combination thereof; it really doesn’t matter – the NAZBOL shills will surely find myriads of excuses as to why all of that is totally and perfectly justified. After all, Stalin was such a “badass,” right? So his criminal conduct will definitely be excused. The NAZBOLs feel no discomfort whatsoever supporting the vilest people who ever walked the Earth. Coincidentally, the ranks of the Kremlin-shills are brimming with molesters and abusers of various kinds, a true hodgepodge of criminal perversion, so should anyone be surprised? Probably not.

Next we learn:

Stalin moved into the Pereprygin izba. There were two rooms and a shed for cattle in winter. The seven siblings were crammed into one fuggy, cow – dungy room; Stalin rented the filthy second chamber that could only be reached through the cowshed and family room. It contained just a “table covered in newspapers, wooden trestle bed, and tangle of fishing and hunting nets, tackle and hooks, all made by Stalin himself.” Everything was covered in soot from the black tin chimney in the middle of the room.

The glass in the windows was broken, so Stalin sealed the cracks with old newspapers or boarded them up. The only light in this Arctic twilight, where night often lasted throughout the day, was a lamp, but he often lacked kerosene. The lavatory was an outhouse. The Pereprygins were dirt poor, “one day eating shchi [cabbage broth], the next day the holy spirit [nothing], but they owned one cow.”

At night, Lidia would creep into his room, recounts Stalin’s first biographer, Essad Bey, who must have talked to fellow exiles. Certainly she was not shy about recalling what underwear he favored—“He wore white underwear and a sailor – striped vest,” she confided to her interviewer in 1952 when Stalin was almost worshiped as a demi – god.

As such, one can only imagine what the true, uncensored account of Joseph Stalin’s depravity must have been.

But we will probably never know, because the jews have been systematically eliminating the incriminating evidence proving just how outrageous their demi-god’s behavior has truly been. They don’t want the goyim to loudly and determinedly protest against the jewish plot to resurrect Bolshevism all over the Western world, a plot financially and psycho-politically backed by the illegitimate regime of Pedo-Putin. However, I’d advise the Kremlin trolls to not count on collective public amnesia; the truth is out there, and it will not remain hidden for long.

The brothers were not happy about the seduction. There are hints of their disapproval: Stalin got his food and bread from his old landlady, not from the Pereprygins, though Lidia claimed that “this was because the girls were too young to cook.” Yet as orphans the girls had cooked for their brothers from an early age. More likely, Soso and his moll were banned from family meals.

The affair might have remained tolerable, but there was worse to come: Lidia fell pregnant with Stalin’s child. The Pereprygin brothers were angry, even though the exact law of consent was hardly enforced in distant communities in the Arctic Circle, where girls married and had children in their early teens. According to General Serov, Gendarme Laletin, despite having fled from the irate Stalin, threatened “to instigate criminal proceedings for living together with an underage girl. J. V. Stalin promised the Gendarme to marry Pereprygina when she came of age.” So, once again, Stalin became engaged—and the family, whether gratefully or begrudgingly, accepted the relationship. In return, Stalin “shared his fish with them” as one of the family. Indeed he treated Lidia almost as his young wife. When his friend the elderly Elizaveta Taraseeva visited, Stalin commanded: “Lidia, Lidia, babushka’s come to tea! Feed her well.”

The policeman’s interference was the final straw. Stalin complained to Captain Kibirov, who favoured his fellow Caucasian. Stalin had a village of witnesses to the hapless Gendarme drawing his sword on an exile and the ignominious chase along the riverbank. Yet it took considerable chutzpah for Stalin to complain about the policeman when he had impregnated an underaged girl. As so often with Stalin’s self – righteous indignation, it worked.

“Considerable chutzpah” indeed, but that’s precisely what the jews expect and admire in the pawns which they always bring to power over White countries and territories. The jews understand perfectly well the depravity of those whom they promoted to positions of power and authority; they wholeheartedly approve of that depravity; and it’s this depravity that is expected and required of anyone who wishes to advance in the judeo-dominated world. It should then come as no surprise whatsoever that the elite is fully engrossed in pedophile and pedo-blackmail schemes; that’s the savage and ruthless world created by our jewish overlords.

Thank you so very much, jews!

That summer of 1914, around June, Kibirov agreed to replace Laletin, telling his deputy, “All right, let’s send Merzliakov to Kureika. Since Djugashvili is so keen to replace his inspector, let’s get him out of harm’s way.” In a reversal of roles, Gendarme Laletin was afraid of his prisoner—and with good reason. His replacement, Mikhail Merzliakov, now arrived. Stalin immediately assumed the role of quasi – aristocratic master, while the Gendarme became a cross between valet, batman and bodyguard for the rest of his sentence.

Stalin kept studying the nationalities issue, and English and German. “Dear friend,” a rather more cheerful Stalin wrote to Zinoviev on 20 May, “my warmest greetings to you . . . I’m waiting for the books . . . I also ask you to send me some English journals (an old or new issue doesn’t matter—it’s for reading since there’s nothing in English here and I’m afraid I’m losing all my acquired English skills without any practice . . .”

Soso’s engagement to Lidia, indeed the relationship itself, was a transitory amusement to be abandoned by the wayside of his revolutionary mission. The pregnancy was presumably an irritant. Yet the locals claim that Lidia was in love with Stalin. It was not her last pregnancy by him.

Today, Putin’s paid trolls, who are often enough members of a very specific ethno-religious group, would be vehemently arguing that Lidia Pereprygia was a “thot” who clearly deserved to be serially raped by a brutal man who was 22 years her senior, because of whatever demented reasons they would come up with. Poor Siberian girl. And there is an issue that’s left unaddressed here — for obvious reasons — and that is the profoundly jewish “social climate” in which these events transpired. Though branded an “antisemite” by some, Joseph Stalin was totally surrounded by jews the whole time, and there are grounds to suspect that he had jewish ancestry himself. His conduct is certainly typical of the tribe. That’s actually an interesting point, in that people who are suspected of belonging to a judaic bloodline can be rather accurately evaluated in this regard when their sexual proclivities are examined.

As expected:

In late summer, Sverdlov left Kureika and moved to Selivanikha, while Suren Spandarian, Stalin’s best friend, arrived in nearby Monastyrskoe.

In late August 1914, Stalin took the boat downriver for a reunion with Spandarian—just as the Archduke Franz Ferdinand, heir to the Habsburg throne, was assassinated in Sarajevo, a shot that sent Russia and the Great Powers lurching into the Great War. “The bourgeois vampires of the belligerent countries plunged the world into a bloody shambles,” wrote Stalin. “Wholesale slaughter, ruin, starvation and . . . savagery—so that a handful of crowned and uncrowned robbers may pillage foreign lands and rake in untold millions.”

“[I]t took considerable chutzpah for Stalin to complain about the policeman when he had impregnated an underaged girl.” Pictured: Lidia Pereprygia as an adult woman, date unknown.

As the lights went out all over Europe, Stalin found himself irrelevant, forgotten, frustrated and engaged against his will to a pregnant adolescent peasant – girl, at the center of nothing—except an Arctic sex scandal. Nineteen – fourteen was not his finest hour. As the Great Powers fought, the snows obscured the sun and the news from the outside world. Stalin disappeared into the Siberian winter.

So, this despicable monster shows up in the Siberian hamlet of Kureika, rapes a 13-year-old girl, probably a whole host of girls of similar ages, promises to marry his primary victim Lidia Pereprygia to appease the anger of her family – and then disappears into the civil war, just like that. And we are told by the modern-day shills of the ZOG (from its Russian edition) that Joseph Stalin and the Bolsheviks were so cool and awesome. Because what can be cooler and more awesome than child-rape, right Richard Spencer? Surely this is the zenith and epitome of “coolness,” we are guaranteed by the jewish propagandists who brainwash us day-in and day-out. Damn, one truly is sickened to the stomach just having to deal with this material, but it’s crucial in order to understand what we’re dealing with nowadays.


For decades there were rumors of Stalin’s rape or seduction of a girl in Turukhansk and his fathering a child. This first appeared in Essad Bey’s biography of 1931. Svetlana Alliluyeva says her aunts told her Stalin had a son in exile. The stories were repeated in biographies and sensational newspaper articles but seemed outlandish, presumably just anti – Stalin myths. But it is confirmed by the KGB in General Serov’s 18 July 1956 memorandum to First Secretary Khrushchev and the Politburo. Serov, a brutal Stalinist secret policeman, had the sense to separate himself from Beria and attach himself to Khrushchev. After Stalin’s death, he assisted Khrushchev in the arrest and execution of Beria, becoming the first Chairman of the KGB, the new version of the secret police. His memo was read in secrecy at a Politburo meeting and signed by all Stalin’s old henchmen before being consigned to the top secret “Special File.”

Fourteen was technically the age of consent in the Russian and European regions of the Tsarist Empire, but this was Siberia. Besides, there was no precise legal concept of statutory rape in Tsarist law: for the police, it was as much a crime “against female honor” as a violation of her father’s chattels. The seducer’s agreement to marry and then the exchange of marriage vows were seen as rectifying an untoward situation.

Presumably, this inhuman state-of-affairs is what the Alt-Right, which has been absolutely corrupted by Zionists, Duginists, and everything around and in between, is planning for America and Europe. They probably intend to reinstate the KGB while at it; oh oops, TPTB have already done that in recent months, with full support from Mike “Enoch” Peinovich and from other assets. (TRS is absolutely complicit — indeed, is actively involved — in the campaign to turn the American Right-Wing into pawns of Chabad) Here we also see mention of Lavrentiy Beria; we’ll examine his own house of rape-horrors later on.

This being a serious exploration of Joseph Stalin’s sexual criminality, plenty of other sources shall be reviewed in an attempt to create a full and comprehensive picture of what was going on. Here‘s a brief personality-outline given by the same writer for Stalin, whom he appears to like and with whom he obviously sympathizes:

Much of Stalin’s image in Western eyes has been shaped by Trotsky’s rather caricaturized portrayal of him as a vicious, grey mediocrity. Sebag Montefiore, who closely examines Stalin’s childhood, youth and rise in the party under the mentorship of Lenin, provides incontrovertible evidence that Stalin was certainly no mediocrity. Sparing us social science psychobabble and “rotten social background” theories, Sebag Montefiore demonstrates that Stalin, a psychopath and megalomaniac, was both a serious intellectual and a killer. In fact, he claims that Stalin was always “exceptional.”

As the author takes us through Stalin’s childhood and youthful relations, and his political maneouvers among the Bolsheviks as they prepare over many years and then do take power, we see a seducer, a bank robber, a merciless criminal, a first-rate poet and a brilliant political operator. In the several poems Sebag Montefiore uses at the beginning of each part of the book, Stalin, nicknamed “Soso,” shows not only impressive literary talent but also gives hints of the megalomania that would characterize his rule.

Well then – genius psychopath it is. The relevant question for us today is: Why would anyone who isn’t himself a total sicko want to identify with such a disgusting, repulsive personality? And the answer to that question, alas, is that currently we are dealing with a well-organized astroturf campaign funded by spook-money that is designed to legitimize the unspeakable horrors of the Soviet Union, and as part of that astroturf campaign, we see shills coming out of the woodwork to tell us that Joseph Stalin was a remarkably inspiring person whose ways everyone should strive to emulate. No, shills – a rapist is not a role-model.

Here we have more details regarding the vicious, predatory, cruel, and heartless nature of Joseph when dealing with women and girls:

But all the time he knew his teenage fiancee was a transitory amusement to be abandoned by the wayside of his revolutionary mission. The pregnancy was presumably an irritant, although locals recall Lidia was in love with Stalin.

Somewhere around December 1914, Lidia gave birth to a baby who died soon afterwards: Stalin made no comment but was definitely in Kureika at the time. He survived the winter of 1915/16 there, too, living in a sooty, fuggy room in the Pereprygin house, and continuing the relationship.

“But all the time he knew his teenage fiancee was a transitory amusement to be abandoned by the wayside of his revolutionary mission. The pregnancy was presumably an irritant.” Stalin with Lenin.

In 1916, the Georgian lodger impregnated Lidia for the second time, and then typically made himself scarce. He escaped for the whole summer of 1916: where had he gone?

Most likely, his disappearance was connected with the pregnancy: locals claim he was devising a way to avoid marrying his pregnant mistress. During my research, I discovered Stalin already had form as a prolific lover and that he had often promised marriage, only to renege at the last minute.

Typically conniving conduct by a lecherous beast, raping girls one after the other, promising promises with exactly zero intention of ever fulfilling them, and always escaping and disappearing at the last moment. Yet, the NAZBOLs tell us to venerate, even worship, this filthy criminal. We constantly hear them praising this POS for his “greatness,” ignoring the fact that both politically and personally he was the lowest of the low, truly a monster’s monster with hardly, if any, redeeming values. There’s something weird about the fact that we currently need to expose the true face of Joseph Stalin, but what choice is there? Since this criminal is a central symbol of the NAZBOLs, we need to show just what crimes he has committed.


Even in these years of penniless obscurity, he was never without at least one girlfriend – and often more.

Indeed in exile, he became astonishingly promiscuous: in Vologda, in an earlier exile, he had met a saucy runaway schoolgirl of 16 named Polia who was living with a revolutionary comrade. Stalin and she began an affair: watching secret police codenamed her Glamourpuss.

Polia was one of the few people who understood how strange Stalin was and could tease him about it: she always called him Oddball Osip – Osip being a diminutive of Josef.

When they parted, he sent her a postcard of a couple passionately embracing and wrote: “I owe you a kiss for your kiss passed onto me. Let me kiss you now! I’m not simply sending you a kiss but am kissssssssing you passionately (it’s not worth kissing any other way!) –Josef.”

There was not much else to do in exile except drink, feud and fornicate, but Stalin had perfected all three pursuits.

Drink, feud, fornicate, and rape.

Truly the exemplary role-model for everyone on Earth, ain’t that right, NAZBOLs?

He became engaged to at least three women, all of whom he abandoned. This shameless, caddish rogue seduced several landladies and usually their maids too, as well as a series of noblewomen and liberated revolutionary girls. When he parted from one mistress, he managed to move in with another the next day, suggesting he was carrying on with several simultaneously.

His henchman Molotov recalled that, despite his pockmarks and freckles: “Women must have been enamored by him because he was successful with them. He had honey-colored eyes. They were beautiful.” Indeed, he later stole one of Molotov’s girlfriends.

Notice a pattern? The reporters simply can’t help themselves; they must come up with reasons why Joseph Stalin was such a great individual, so all the rapes which he has committed must have been perfectly ‘justified.’ In this the jewstream media and the Alt-Right are in perfect agreement and harmony, because the same powers ultimately run both. And so, another young victim is claimed by the sexually voracious mass-murderer. Is there an end in sight? Indeed, there isn’t – Joseph Stalin’s predatory nature knew no bounds. But that won’t stop people like Eric Striker and other NAZBOLs from praising him, right? Right.

An additional source provides some context for the Siberian affair:

In February 1913, Stalin was arrested while back in St. Petersburg. He was sentenced to four years exile in Turukhansk, a remote part of Siberia from which escape was particularly difficult. In August, he arrived in the village of Monastyrskoe, although after four weeks was relocated to the hamlet of Kostino. In March 1914, concerned over a potential escape attempt, the authorities then moved Stalin to the hamlet of Kureika on the edge of the Arctic Circle. In the hamlet, Stalin had an affair with Lidia Pereprygia, who was thirteen at the time and thus a year under the legal age of consent in Tsarist Russia. Circa December 1914, Pereprygia gave birth to Stalin’s child, although the infant soon died. She gave birth to another of his children, Alexander, circa April 1917. In Kureika, Stalin lived closely with the indigenous Tunguses and Ostyak, and spent much of his time fishing.

Well, of course the infant child died very soon – girls aged 14 are not supposed to give birth! Once again the writer, whoever he or she is, attempts to beautify the severe ugliness of the rape by referring to it as merely an “affair”; but the facts spring to eye instantly as the sordid details come out: The dead infant child, the broken promises, the long succession of girls left violated and abandoned. That is the true, revolting face of Joseph Stalin, and nothing (not even Kremlin-orchestrated shill eruptions) can dilute its clear, historically-attested impression. Stalin will never be legitimate.

Here we find:

Several historians, including Alexander Solzhenitsyn, had mentioned a son, Alexander, being born to Stalin and his teenage common law wife, Lidia Pereprygia, in 1917 during his exile in northern Siberia.

We will come back to that son named Alexander later in out examination of the whole thing. It ain’t a pretty story, needless to say.

But first, let’s add more information to the background story:

In Kureika, only the reindeer, snowfoxes and Tungus indigenous tribesmen could really function in deep midwinter. Everyone wore reindeer fur.

The hamlet contained 67 villagers – 38 men and 29 women – all packed into just eight ramshackle izbas or wooden peasant shacks. Among them were seven orphans from the same family – the Pereprygins – of whom the youngest was 13-year-old Lidia. She immediately noticed Stalin, not just because of his good looks but also because he was hopelessly underdressed with only a light coat. Before long, he was sporting the full local outfit – from boots to hat – of reindeer fur, all of it provided by Lidia Pereprygina.

“In the hamlet, Stalin had an affair with [raped] Lidia Pereprygia, who was thirteen at the time and thus a year under the legal age of consent in Tsarist Russia.” Stalin with Lenin, once more.

Stalin in those days was slim, attractive, charming, an accomplished poet and educated in the priesthood, but also a pitiless Marxist terrorist and brutal gangster boss – a Red Godfather who had funded Lenin’s Bolsheviks with a series of audaciously bloody acts of bank robbery, piracy and racketeering.

Lidia was a schoolgirl orphan living on the remote frontier where girls matured early. Some time in the early summer of 1914, the 35-year-old Stalin embarked on an affair with Lidia.

Are these people serious? Calling it an “affair” when a 35-year-old psychopathic mass-murderer rapes a 13-year-old girl who is, as they themselves document, “a schoolgirl orphan”? It appears that pedo-apologists have taken over the entire press. Gee, perhaps that development has something to so with a certain group of “ancient friends” who have systematically sneaked and nepotized themselves into all positions of power and authority in every single media outlet? Food for thought.

Here’s how Russians report on that:

He wrote: mother of one more unadmitted child of Stalin is 13-year-old Lidiya Pereprygina, with whom 34-year-old  Stalin lived in Kureyka where he was exiled in 1914… This relationship would be endured patiently, but Lidya became pregnant and her brothers started to be furious with him. Local gendarmes blustered to open a criminal case, and only Stalin’s promise to marry Lidya when she will be adult, averted the scandal…

So, essentially, the very same lenient attitude in this reporting as characterizes the reports from the judeo-controlled Western media; which is altogether unsurprising, since Russia is as tightly gripped by the Semitic plague as the Western World, if not more-so. These are the facts. Once the Alt-Right is fully delivered into the blood-stained hands of the Neo-Soviet Zionists (if it hasn’t been already), blatant pedo-promotion will be so ubiquitous as to be the defining characteristic of the Alt-Right.

Here we discover the following:

Serov reported back to Khrushchev that, amazingly, the entire story of Stalin’s affair with a 13-year-old was true. Khrushchev showed it to the Politburo (including Stalin’s long-serving henchman Molotov), who all signed it and then filed it in the deepest recesses of the archives where it has remained until now.

One has to wonder what other dark and terrifying secrets lurk in the hidden history of the Soviet Union; presumably, what we know and what we’ve been made aware of is merely the very tip of the bloody iceberg. Ultimately, it’s the rather familiar story of mass-murderers covering up the grotesque crimes of other mass-murderers. And now, however, we also need to contend with an influx of Putin-shills who seek to paint a rosy picture of the Soviet Union, and who see in it great inspiration for the future. Not this time, shills; not here.

Let’s see what other reports we’ve got here. Here’s one:

In his mid-thirties Stalin lived in forced exile in a tiny village called Kureika in Siberia. While there he started shagging the underage daughter of the family he was living with, Lidia Pereprygia, who he got pregnant. She was 13 when he started with her. He promised to marry her to avoid prosecution, although he reneged on this.

He lived like a feudal knight among the Pereprygia family and took what he fancied whenever he liked. He acted as if he had rights without obligations. He had contempt for all human conduct but his own. (Robert Service, Stalin, 2004, p. 107).

He took advantage of his status in the impoverished area to bed a lot of other women too, including a 16-year-old runaway, generally acting like a cad towards them.

Lidia gave birth to a child in Dec 1914, who died in infancy. But she then gave birth to another Stalin child, Alexander, in April 1917, who lived. Hardly anything has ever been written about this forgotten Stalin son — even Robert Service’s biography doesn’t mention him. These sexual escapades in general have rarely seen the light of day in print. Rumors about all this had been around since the 1920s, and came out again after his death, but for years many assumed these stories were the work of Western or White Russian propagandists. But they were true, as even Khrushchev knew, because he ordered an investigation into them after Stalin’s death.

This report is at least more balanced; while not explicitly calling out Joseph Stalin for being the child-rapist that he was, it at least doesn’t paint his sick behavior as anything that should inspire honor or veneration; the objective reality of the matter is that all of these accounts offer us a glimpse into the pitch-black soul of the Soviet Grand-Terrorist. Here it should be noted that it’s vital to be comprehensive in our examination of the child-rapist’s sick sexual conduct, so that there won’t be any mistake as to what it was like.

A brief summary has been presented here:

In 1956 the Politburo launched an investigation into Stalin’s years before he came to political prominence and General Ivan Serov, head of the KGB, was put in charge of this investigation.

His report was handed to the Politburo, signed by them and consigned to the Kremlin vaults marked ‘top secret’. It only came to light in 2007.

It states quite clearly that:

1)     Stalin fathered a child while in forced exile in Kureika, Siberia.

2)     He had got pregnant a thirteen years old girl called Lidia Pereprygin in this remote village that was home to just 67 people when Stalin was there during his exile.

3)     If their relationship started in 1914 as the records indicate, then Stalin would have been 35 and Lidia 13.

4)     The statutory age of consent in Russia then was 14.

5)     According to Serov’s report, Stalin moved in with Lidia in the Pereprygin family’s household – a two-room shack.

6)     The police were thinking of prosecuting Stalin for getting an under age girl pregnant. It seems Stalin only escaped this by promising to marry Lidia once she came of age.

7)     Around December 1914, Lidia gave birth to a boy but the baby died shortly after birth.

8)     In 1916, Lidia became pregnant for a second time.

9)     Serov believed that Stalin became engaged to at least 3 women while in exile. All three engagements were broken.

Chronology of child-rape. Sad but accurate.

A conclusion to this part goes as follows:

The other, the son of Lidia Pereprygia, Alexander, was raised as the son of a peasant fisherman and the Soviet. Authorities made him swear never to reveal that Stalin was his biological father.

Sebag Montefiore, a biographer of Stalin, concluded the information reveals that Stalin was a sexual predator who used his power to indulge himself in obsessive depravity.

Correct conclusion. Stalin fundamentally lacked any sense of morality, and that reflected in everything he’s ever done in his entire life, be it the violent crimes of his youth, the serial rape and abuse of young girls, or the anti-civilizational, indeed, anti-White mass-murder with which he established the Judeo-Bolshevik nightmare regime. People praising Stalin, such as the various Duginists who are now infesting every corner of the internet, should have their heads checked – and in all likelihood should register as sex offenders.

Let’s read on some other abuses that Joseph Stalin inflicted on young women and girls. There’s this:

In 1904, the Alliluyev family met Stalin for the first time. He later saved Nadezhda from drowning in the Caspian Sea. In the following years, the future leader of Soviet Russia grew quite close to the family. In fact, there were rumors of an affair between Stalin and Nadezhda’s mother. During his four-year exile to Siberia, Stalin regularly sent letters to the Alliluyevs, lamenting his circumstances.

Catch that? While raping and abusing scores of girls all over his temporary dwelling place, the monster had the audacity — the chutzpah — to write such ‘affectionate’ letters to a family in which he sought and succeeded in preying on both mother and daughter! What an incorrigible child-raping sleazebag. One can’t help but be disgusted to one’s very core – unless one is a creepy NAZBOL shill paid and instructed by an International Zionist Criminal Cabal, that is. Which, unfortunately, there are all too many on the Alt-Right, like worms consuming a rotting cadaver.

Another report:

In the early eighteen-nineties, when Svetlana’s German grandmother, Olga, was a teenager, she climbed out of a window in her home in Georgia to elope. Olga’s daughter, Nadya Alliluyeva, when she was sixteen, ran off with Joseph Stalin, a thirty-eight-year-old seminarian, poet, and family friend who had become a revolutionary leader.

Joseph Stalin simply couldn’t stick to women his own age; he was absolutely obsessed with minors. This has been his modus operandi since forever; instead of getting normally married to a woman his own age, he has been preying nonstop on young teenagers, and as we’ve seen, committing child-rape; one has to wonder if the discredited and inauthentic NAZBOL shills who won’t leave us alone are aware of the fact that Joseph Stalin’s sexual crimes are a mirror image of Jeffrey Epstein’s? Presumably some of them know that, but since their sole objective in flooding the internet is to promote the agenda of their Kremlin handlers, they won’t ever mention any inconvenient facts about the matter. (Slowly but surely, however, they will all be unmasked)

We also encounter the following report:

She was 16, he was 39.

That’s not so unusual, but the 39-year-old in this case was the a rough-hewn Georgian from Tiflis named Iosif Vissanonovich Dzhugashvili, back from four years exile in Siberia just in time for the Revolution – though on the great dangerous day itself, November 7, 1917 (old calendar), he was, they say, nowhere to be found.

Be that as it may, during the next three and a half decades this gentleman, Joseph Stalin, who in 1919, having lost an earlier wife to typhus, became the husband of 16-year-old Nadezhda Alliluyeva, would directly or indirectly be responsible for the deaths of tens of millions of human beings.

Was one of those millions she herself, that onetime child bride? And had he raped her, during a train ride, at night, before he married her? And was he in fact not only her husband but, a la John Huston in Roman Polanski’s “Chinatown,” her father?

“He became engaged to at least three women, all of whom he abandoned.” Pictured: The Bolshevik leadership, including Stalin, Lenin, and Trotsky.

“The devil himself knows whose daughter you are, maybe mine,” he had bellowed at her when the fury was upon him. At that, Stalin might not improbably have been one of the many revolutionaries whom Nadezhda’s mother, strong-willed, free-thinking Olga Federenko, took to bed now and again. We know that Olga thought her daughter too young and Stalin too old for them to marry.

Natasha Alliluyeva probably didn’t say anything. Her prettiness, according to photographs, was of the somewhat bovine sort, and on top of that, all during her 14 years with Stalin – i.e., the 14 remaining years of her life — she’d been “forcing herself to be dull.” So we are told. She’d also had 10 abortions (plus two children, Vasili and Svetlana).

Ten abortions! Probably more, in fact; these are just the ones which were documented. Notice also the crude suggestion made by the mass-murderer regarding his possibly incestuous relationship with child-bride Nadezhda Alliluyeva; in the aberrant, perverse minds of mortally-dreadful psychopaths like Stalin, that’s surely a great source of humor and amusement, rather than sheer horror. That is the ‘legendary’ role-model that (e.g.) Retard Spookster err Richard Spencer expects us to look with awe upon. No wonder, though, given Spencer’s advocacy of child porn distribution; that seems to be an essential component in this new ZOG agenda that is being foisted on us by Russia-funded lunatics.

Another Russian source has it:

In 1919 Stalin married for the second time. His new wife, Nadezhda Allilueva, was the daughter of one of Stalin’s colleagues and was 22 years his junior when he met her. This fact, however, did not prevent him from marrying the girl a year later.

Of course. Indeed, as we’ve previously seen, the actual details of Stalin’s sexual predation here were all the more vile. He had no inhibitions and no qualms whenever an opportunity to prey on a young girl presented itself; this has been a recurrent, immutable pattern throughout his life, and only his death finally put an end to his uncivilized (anti-civilized) sexual criminality against minors. Once again, it must be noted here how little exposure this unflattering — to use an extreme understatement — side of the mass-murderer has received in the public consciousness. People just aren’t aware of the fact that Stalin was a wild predator; this is being kept out of the collective mind by commie sympathizers who are funded by the Kremlin and by the CCP; and the bots of ZOG, of course, won’t ever dare mention any of that, because that would directly run contra to their plan to legitimize the USSR and legalize child-rape. We’re being kept in the dark about crucial aspects of the personality of a notorious symbol of Bolshevism. It’s almost like there’s a deliberate policy of silencing this information!

And another victim:

After Kato’s death, revolutionary Stalin was exiled to Siberia five times, and at least twice had affairs with women from whom he rented lodgings. One of them was called Maria Kuzakova. In 1911, the young widow with children let Stalin into her house as a tenant, they began a relationship and she became pregnant. But in 1912, Stalin’s exile ended and he departed to continue his revolutionary activities far from Siberia. He did not stay to see the birth of his son, Kostya.

Absolutely no fatherly instincts in this despicable psychopath. Countless women and children have been gravely harmed by the actions of this disinhibited criminal, who, so it appears, impulsively preyed on every single female in his vicinity, with special focus on the young ones. In light of these facts, it becomes truly obvious why the jews picked him to be the official leader of the Terror Empire: If there’s one thing jews simply can’t get enough of, it’s installing rulers with a penchant for child-rape and without a shred of inner morality, i.e., rulers crafted in their own image. We see it all over the place, constantly, everywhere, and at all times.

Okay. Now here‘s the account of one of Stalin’s grandchildren — Yury Davydov, the son of Alexander Davydov, the son of Joseph Stalin and Lidia Pereprygia — who had to use DNA testing to confirm the identity if his grandfather:

There have been rumors for years but now science has provided the proof with a 99.98% certainty. ‘All I wanted is to protect the good name of my grandmother and parents,’ he said, after the positive DNA result.

“Lidia gave birth to a child in Dec 1914, who died in infancy. But she then gave birth to another Stalin child, Alexander, in April 1917, who lived.”

Members of his family had been accused of being ‘imposers’ for years, he said. ‘I have been long prepared for this analysis and am pleased that (Stalin’s) official family finally decided to take this step forward.’

Pedophile Stalin had been fathering children from his teenage rape-victims all over the place, through many long years; and of course, he couldn’t care less about the fate and welfare of those children, as — being a psychopath — he completely lacked any kind of parental instincts to take care of his progeny. That is the “hero” worshiped by Duginist shills, championed on the Alt-Right by e.g. Grindr Greg and his clique: a heartless abuser, merciless in both his private comportment and political activism. This must always be borne in mind: The blood-and-gore terror empire of the Soviet Union was established by jews, psychopaths, pedophiles – and jewish psychopathic pedophiles, and Joseph Stalin fits right in with that unsavory milieu, serving as an avatar of the jewish rape of the White soul. It’s no wonder that the jews and their Christcuck lackeys work tirelessly to break all families apart and shatter the inner robustness of all societies, as that’s precisely the kind of world that these inhuman entities feel most comfortable in; these are the conditions most expedient for jewish parasitism.


Yury said: “In the early 1970s, when I was about 20, my mother and father invited me to a room for a ‘serious conversation’.

“They closed the door and told me everything.

“But, of course, they immediately asked not to blab about this, to keep everything in confidence.”

Right; like all crimes committed by members of the child-rape judeo-cabal of psychopaths and pedophiles, this too was supposed to be silenced, buried, and extinguished from memory and history forever. No doubt these details put a dent in the reputation of all those involved in the Soviet Union death-machine project; and undoubtedly the Duginist shills must feel unpleasant in light of these revelations. Which is precisely why this grim reality must be exposed for all to see. And if that triggers the Alt-Retards, all the better!

Wrapping up our inquiry into Stalin’s pedophilia, we are left with the following statement:

While his henchman Lavrentiy Beria’s proclivities for young women, who either satisfied his needs or ended up in prison, are well-known, the level of sexual promiscuity that Montefiore reports will be new to most readers.

It is with that note in mind that we shall examine the horrors committed by the Georgian jew, one of the most wicked and despicable individuals that humanity has ever witnessed throughout its entire history, Lavrentiy Pavlovich Beria. As usual, the shills will obviously manage to come up with silly-clever excuses as to why Beria was a gud boy who dindu nuffin, but such excuses must be dismissed out of hand when seen in light of the overwhelming evidence that Beria was evil incarnate. The jew Beria was a distilled nightmare for everyone throughout the Soviet Union, and there’s little doubt that when he was physically removed, lots of people sighed with great relief. As in Stalin’s case, it’s hardly imaginable that the Soviet Union would have become what it became were it not for this mass-murderer serially-raping monster.

“Lavrentiy Beria’s proclivities for young women, who either satisfied his needs or ended up in prison, are well-known.” Beria, with Stalin in the background.

Bonus Section: Lavrentiy Beria – The Worst Rapist of All

Lavrentiy Beria is the one who pioneered, industrialized, and revolutionized the Gulag System; he was perceived by many to be the likely successor of Stalin after the latter’s departure from the scene; the bulk of those who perished during the Stalin era, were cold-bloodedly murdered by the inhuman system that Beria scrupulously set out and organized on a mass scale; by all accounts, Lavrentiy Beria was one of the most vicious Bolsheviks, if not, indeed, the most vicious of them all. Knowing this, it should come as no surprise that Beria’s sexual proclivities were some of the worst, most deranged and psychopathic that humanity has ever encountered. The modern-day apologists of the Soviet Union will have a hard time explaining away the sheer cruelty of Beria’s sexual atrocities, and would be better off not a saying a word about the matter. As racially-conscious Whites, however, we cannot allow such crucial information to slip into the memory-hole; it’s crucial to document just what the jews have been doing when allowed total free rein, so that we may remain eternally vigilant and on-guard against the jewish pedo-pestilence.

Let’s dig into Beria’s sexual madness. First,

Building workers digging a ditch in the center of the city on Friday unearthed a common grave near the mansion once occupied by Stalin’s secret police chief, Lavrentiy Beria, writes Helen Womack. The mansion on Moscow’s Kachalova Street is a pleasant pastel building housing the Tunisian Embassy. But Russians cannot pass it without shuddering, for it is believed that Beria lured young women there, had sex with them, then had them murdered in the basement.

The workers had been digging for several hours when they came upon a pile of human bones, including two children’s skulls covered with lime or chlorine. At first they thought they had stumbled on an old cemetery. But their leader, Vyacheslav Terekhov, said: ‘This grave is only 45 to 50 years old. The bones were heaped in a disorderly fashion and covered with some strange substance. The skulls had white teeth in good condition. There were no traces of clothes, shoes, jewelry or pieces of coffins. The corpses had been buried naked.’

Perhaps that’s what the Judeo-Stormer and Kike “Enoch” Peinovich’s crew intend when they seek to legitimize “rape-gangs”: abducting random women and girls off the street, raping them, slaughtering them, and burying them naked underground. Certainly, that’s what one of the Soviet Union’s chief-architects has been doing, so why shouldn’t those disruption-shills who take inspiration from the Bolshevik regime follow in his footsteps? Have you ever read or heard the usual suspects denouncing these sexual brutalities inflicted by the highest-ranking members of the Communist regime? Nope, of course you haven’t; it’s because they tacitly, if not explicitly, approve of them.

Here’s more from one of Beria’s rape-victims who managed to survive:

Ms Alexeva is lucky to have survived, for most of Beria’s victims never came out alive from his mansion on Moscow’s Kachalova Street, which now houses the Tunisian embassy.

As head of Soviet security, Beria was responsible for deporting the people of the Baltic states to Siberia. He not only used to interrogate suspects in this house but also, it is believed, to lure young women in, then rape and murder them. Recently workmen digging up the street outside found several skeletons covered in lime, almost certainly the remains of some of Beria’s ‘guests’.

Bolshevism equals the institutionalization of the rape and murder of White girls – fact.

Take heed of that when dealing with anyone who identifies as a Bolshevik in any capacity.

Ms Alexeva, who sits in her carpet-strewn apartment wearing a scarlet silk dressing-gown and dark glasses, coquettishly pretending that she does not want to be photographed, was a singer in the choir of the NKVD (later called the KGB) when she caught Beria’s eye at a concert in the late 1940s. When the secret police chief sent aides to make inquiries about her, it came to the attention of a colleague of her husband, who warned the couple. So, one day when a black limousine pulled up beside her and the driver said, ‘A certain person likes you,’ she had the presence of mind not to get in but to say that she was waiting for her husband, army Colonel Ivan Rebrov. The driver excused himself and the car glided off. ‘God saved me that time,’ she says.

Soon afterwards, Rebrov was arrested. Ms Alexeva is still not sure whether Beria deliberately removed this obstacle to the satisfaction of his lust or whether her husband just disappeared, like millions of other people rounded up in night raids and shot or sent to slower deaths in labor camps. Ms Alexeva fled to Kaliningrad, on the Baltic coast, where she felt Beria could not reach her.

“[M]ost of Beria’s victims never came out alive from his mansion.”

After a year she thought it would be safe to return. Back in Moscow she rejoined the choir and fell in love with a naval officer, who was to become her next husband. But Beria had not forgotten her. He sent bodyguards to bring her to him – and this time she could not refuse.

More of the ‘tremendous pleasures’ awaiting us if the NAZBOLs get their way and install a Communist regime to rule over us. When shills, agents, and assets such as Matthew “The Chaimbach” Heimbach tell us that they are going to bring literal Judeo-Communism to America, note that this right here is exactly what they have in mind: A regime of endless rape and murder of random people, who disappear in the middle of the night so that the commie leadership can sexually torture whoever its perverse members wish to sexually torture. That’s what Bolshevism always brings about, so when Eric Striker and Matthew Heimbach passionately and unreservedly advocate it, note that their design is to shoot you dead, then to rape your wife and daughter, and then to shoot your wife and daughter dead as well. The NAZBOLs want you and your family tortured and dead.

Read and shudder:

In the room where he raped countless young women, the huge bed has been changed for a smaller one but the other furniture remains. Down in the sprawling cellars, the bones of his victims are still hidden behind false walls or cemented into the masonry. The latest grisly find – a large thigh bone and some smaller leg bones – was only two years ago when a kitchen was re-tiled.

It was 50 years ago today that Lavrentiy Beria, Stalin’s depraved and blood-thirsty executioner, was shot in secret by a firing squad. Anton Antonov-Ovseyenko, a historian, who spent 13 years in the camps and later wrote a book about Beria, said: “The gulags existed before Beria, but he was the one who built them on a mass scale. He industrialized the gulag system. Human life had no value for him.”

He was also deeply depraved and a notorious sexual predator. At night he would cruise the streets of Moscow seeking out teenage girls. When he saw one who took his fancy he would have his guards deliver her to his house. Mr Antonov-Ovseyenko said: “Sometimes he would have his henchmen bring five, six or seven girls to him. He would make them strip, except for their shoes, and then force them into a circle on their hands and knees with their heads together. He would walk around in his dressing gown inspecting them. Then he would pull one out by her leg and haul her off to rape her. He called it the flower game.”

In the basement, Anil, an Indian who has worked at the embassy for 17 years, showed a plastic bag of human bones he had found in the cellars.

All of this — and so, so much more — will be the “new normal” if ever the wretched, subversive ‘National-Bolsheviks’ on Putin’s payroll achieve their political goal of ushering in an official Judeo-Communist regime.

Another source has it:

Yet Beria’s wickedness extended beyond his tendencies towards torture and mass murder. According to many accounts, he was also a bona fide sex criminal with a penchant for cruising the streets of Moscow in his car and literally picking out pretty women to rape. According to research by historian and Stalin biographer Simon Sebag-Montefiore, Beria told one victim, “Scream or not, it doesn’t matter. You are in my power now. So think about that and behave accordingly.”

Well, there you go; here’s your rape-gang in action. Since Anglin, Auernheimer, Peinovich, and the rest of the Alt-Right are so highly in favor of rape-legalization, they should be made aware of what it looks like in practice. This – this is what it looks like in practice.


According to official testimony, in Soviet archives, of Colonel Rafael Semyonovich Sarkisov and Colonel Sardion Nikolaevich Nadaraia – two of Beria’s bodyguards – on warm nights during the war Beria was often driven around Moscow in his limousine. He would point out young women to be taken to his mansion, where wine and a feast awaited them. After dining, Beria would take the women into his soundproofed office and rape them. Beria’s bodyguards reported that their duties included handing each victim a flower bouquet as she left the house. Accepting it implied that the sex had been consensual; refusal would mean arrest. Sarkisov reported that after one woman rejected Beria’s advances and ran out of his office, Sarkisov mistakenly handed her the flowers anyway. That enraged Beria to declare, “Now it’s not a bouquet, it’s a wreath! May it rot on your grave!” The NKVD arrested the woman the next day.

Presumably, that makes Lavrentiy Beria “BASED and REDPILLED,” according to Alt-Retard definitions. Since they defend any and all jewish perverts and rapists, they must surely defend Beria, too. And indeed, you see no denunciation of this conduct from the usual suspects, thus confirming their unanimous tacit approval thereof; that’s what happens when you let an ostensible “counter-culture” be usurped by jews. Ditch the Alt-Right. Join the Alt-Reich. The White race cannot be saved by those who support jewish pedophilia and all manner of perversity and abuse. It cannot be saved by jew-handled scam-artist Christcucks such as Andrew Sperglin. It cannot be saved by those traitorous shills who denounce and repudiate Adolf Hitler and National Socialism while slavishly worshiping some ancient and likely-fictitious jewish rabbis. It cannot be saved by all of those Paid-by-Putin trolltards who incessantly attempt to discredit the genuine opposition with their false opposition “Rape is Good, Bolshevism is Cool” propaganda. You either stand with Hitler and the Reich, or you stand with the jewish worldviews of Christcuckery and Bolshevism. There’s no other option.

The documentation of Beria’s nightmarish deeds goes on:

Beria’s job may have been homicide, but his hobby was rape. For years historians were unsure how seriously to credit the claims of Beria’s political enemies that he had seduced or forced himself on dozens of women, but the opening of his interrogation archives settled the matter. As Simon Sebag Montefiore writes in his book Stalin: Court of the Red Tsar, Beria indulged in “a Draculean sex life that combined love, rape, and perversity in almost equal measure. . . . It is often impossible to differentiate between women he seduced who went to him to plead for loved ones—and those women he simply kidnapped and raped.” The limits of Beria’s depravity are still unknown: in 2003, 50 years after his death, the Tunisian Embassy in Moscow, which occupies Beria’s former home, reported that construction work on the cellar had unearthed human bones.

More “BASED and REDPILLED” (i.e. utterly sickening) behavior from that leading Bolshevik.

Summing it all up in the context of WW2:

As so often in war, it was to be defenseless women, girls and even elderly ladies who were to pay in pain and outrage for the crimes of their male compatriots. Many had abortions or were treated for the syphilis they caught. And as for the so-called Russenbabies  –  the children born out of rape  –  many were abandoned.

In his fine new book, World War Two: Behind Closed Doors, the historian Laurence Rees points out that although rape was officially a crime in the Red Army, in fact, Stalin explicitly condoned it as a method of rewarding the soldiers and terrorising German civilians. Stalin said people should ‘understand it if a soldier who has crossed thousands of kilometres through blood and fire and death has fun with a woman or takes some trifle’. On another occasion, when told that Red Army soldiers sexually maltreated German refugees, he said: ‘We lecture our soldiers too much; let them have their initiative.’

While Stalin condoned rape as an instrument of state military policy, his police chief Lavrentiy Beria was a serial rapist. An American diplomat, Beria’s bodyguard and the Russian actress Tatiana Okunevskaya all bore witness of his methods of grabbing women off the street and shoving them into his limousine and then his bed. ‘You are a long way from anywhere, so whether you scream or not does not matter,’ Beria would tell the women when he got them back to his dacha. ‘You are in my power now. So think about that and behave accordingly.’

“Down in the sprawling cellars, the bones of his victims are still hidden behind false walls or cemented into the masonry.”

More than 100 school-aged girls and young women were drugged and raped by the man who ran the NKVD, the feared forerunner to the KGB. ‘All of which means, of course, that if reports of Red Army soldiers raping women in eastern Europe were sent to the NKVD in Moscow, they finally reached the desk of a rapist himself,’ says Rees.

The rape of Berlin’s female population  –  anyone between the ages of 13 and 70 was in danger  –  was cruelly vicious.

“More than 100 school-aged girls and young women were drugged and raped” sounds totally fantastic in the ears of the fanatical misogynists — many of whom are open homosexuals, with the rest likewise being quite far indeed from paragons of sexual health — who have taken over the Internet Right-Wing. These foreign assets know full-well that Hitler would’ve had them cured (permanently) of their perversions by some means or other, which is why they’ve been increasingly disassociating from him and from all the purity — mental and biological alike — represented by and found in National Socialism, preferring instead to embrace the diseased jewish worldviews of MGTOW, Christcuckery, and Bolshevism.

By the way: The Communist Party of Great Britain — not yesterday’s, but today’s — has the following “immediate demand” on its platform:

Abolish age-of-consent laws. We recognize the right of individuals to enter into the sexual relations they choose, provided this does not conflict with the rights of others.

Check it out and see for yourself; that’s literally what they ‘immediately demand.’ When you side with Communists, you side with pedophiles. It’s as simple as that. They aren’t shy whatsoever about their depraved, deranged intentions, as everyone can see. These perverts are after your family, aided and abetted by the spineless Christcuck culture that glorifies jewish domination of society. Therefore, whenever you encounter a NAZBOL, ask them of their views about abolition of age-of-consent laws as advocated by modern British Communists; you’ll then see a whole lot of nervous water-muddying about it, but ultimately they’ll be incapable of transgressing against the official Party Line, i.e., they will end up overtly supporting that position, straightforwardly. Stalin’s and Beria’s hideous legacy lives on, it appears.


What is there to say, really? These accounts speak for themselves with greater forcefulness than any summary could ever convey. As a final note, however, let it be herein stated: Hitler did nothing wrong. Just look what Judeo-Bolshevism was doing, and what it was planning to do had it not been curbed by the Reich. Instead of listening to the lying tongues of fake epidemiologists who blabber absentmindedly about the hoax coronavirus, the world should have listened from the very beginning to the one and only authentic epidemiologist — Adolf Hitler — who warned us about would happen when the judeovirus and its commie lapdog superspreaders take power everywhere. Since the world completely ignored the warnings of the Fuhrer, we’re now in urgent need of a judectomy (removal of the jew) surgery, and time is rapidly running out. But one thing is glaringly clear: A judectomy cannot be performed as long as the hospital is run by servile people who adhere to sundry and assorted jewish ideologies. As long as we are under the influence and control of the likes of Trump, Biden, Putin, Stalin, and Beria, we cannot cure ourselves of the real virus that has been torturing our civilization for millennia.