Nefarious Signs Covid-19 Being Used To Initiate The Overthrow Of Nations With Americans & The World Victims Of The Luciferians Most Sinister ‘Social Engineering’ Experiments

April 25, 2020
Nefarious Signs Covid-19 Being Used To Initiate The Overthrow Of Nations With Americans & The World Victims Of The Luciferians Most Sinister ‘Social Engineering’ Experiments
By R.X. Kendrick for All News Pipeline II
People need encouragement. People need hope.

When my son James lost hope and committed suicide his brother called and asked, “Did you hear what happened?” I said yes I’d heard. He said, “Did you hear what he did?” I said yes. Then he said, “Did you hear where he did it?” I said yes I heard.

His next words came in a rush of urgency, “He did that to send a message to your father!” And I said yes, I knew that too.

Sometimes the truth isn’t easy to know. Like when you know your father and brother-in-law are guilty in the wrongful death of your precious 30-year old son. And nothing you do about it can bring your son back to you. Sometimes the truth is hard to feel in your heart and know in your soul.

 As we manage our way through today’s surreal worldwide shutdown over a virus threat nobody understands, but everybody lives in panic and fear over. It feels like we’re stuck in a bad C-Rated end-of-the-world scare-flick movie. But at least we found what is so infectious. Fear! Have no faith fear is here! Good Lord people get a grip.

Things could be a whole lot worse. Trust me. I know what I’m talking about.

Losing my son by wrongful death was hard. No two ways about it. I was walking out the door to go pick him up when I got the call. But some weeks later I had an encounter that put my suffering in its place. It happened one night when I went to “Ye Kendall Inn” in Boerne, Texas and ended up talking to this beautiful young woman. She was gentle and pretty, but she was also disturbed I could see. But we were meant to meet that night.

After small talk I ordered another after-5:00 drink. We hadn’t visited that long when she asked if anyone in my family ever committed suicide? I said yes my son James.

Close your heart and ears so this doesn’t rock your boat. But she needed somebody to listen to her that night. To let her talk and process and tell her story of when her brother took a pistol, put it under his chin, aiming to shoot the top of his head off, and pulled the trigger. And she was there! My GOD !!

She heard the shot and ran to his room to find blood everywhere and pieces of his face all over the walls. He had shot his jaw, tongue, teeth and nose off his face. But he was alive!

She tried to save him somehow and told me the terrible traumatizing story. I listened to the whole thing so she could get it off her heart. Then she got to the point that was troubling her. How she felt guilty now because he lived. She felt she might have done the wrong thing now, though she couldn’t help but try to save him at the time.

She paused with tears in her eyes and I stepped over to her, “Baby, you didn’t do a thing wrong…” I said putting my arms around her. We held each other and cried in each other’s arms. Two strangers meeting by chance on a lonely dark night. Sharing kindness and friendship and encouraging each other.

It’s not an easy ride every day as we have been reminded lately. Lifting each other up is the best we can do as we forge onward past present-day dangers and dramas. Times like these bring things out in people. They may not comprehend the illogic behind it all, but some will lift others up however many feet apart that is. Social distancing of exactly how many feet again? Does anybody know the right answer to that question? The real answer?

I’ve seen so many different versions of this mad math I stopped trying to run the numbers. It’s lunacy on high heels! Idiocy rhymes with lunacy. What a crock of nonsense. The distances keep changing too! From what I’ve read and seen in person I know there is ZERO uniformity to any of the things that are being required now.

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ZERO as in NO uniformity at all.

One place requires one protocol for entering. Another does it different. For every made-up phony rule there is no consistency at all. ZERO. It is 100% “random scammed-em” BS across the land. Excuse my Spanglish. Forgive my angst. But I know this was a preplanned intentional mass casualty event committed by specific sources and people. How do I know?

Someone kept predicting it over and over again. Then announced it again just days before it all broke loose. High Priest NWO Prophet-Puppet Bill Gates couldn’t help but let us all know he had complete and total foreknowledge of what was coming! Even warning everybody to prepare for the coming pandemic like it was WAR! And the pandemic arrives on time days later just like he said?

I think this is what happened. An overconfident arrogant rich billionaire with unlimited hubris showed his cards too early. Unintentionally. Why? He got carried away with his power and wealth and did something stupid. Come on.

You can’t announce what’s coming then deny you knew in advance. Even real prophets don’t do that.

Bill Gates has some kind of involvement in this mass casualty event in my humble opinion. Based on what he said and did, not my keen detective senses. Who else stood to gain more than Big Pharma selling a scared public mandatory vaccines? There are many. It takes a lot of compromised people or enemies of the state and we-the-people to do anything like this.

Whether Bill Gates wants to admit it or not. How can he deny it?

He said it all right before it happened and seized the stage to immediately demand things like he was our King right afterwards. Talk about an overreaching proud wanton “faux public health official” seeking illicit gain at everyone else’s expense! And at high cost to everyone else, to make billions of dollars for his interests. Like vaccine companies and virus patent owners.

Another clue this was a staged and planned event is the custom terminology always pitched for programming the victim to speak and use to describe what’s happening. A wise prophet once said, “Do not call conspiracy what they call conspiracy.” Obviously warning people to not use the terms and phrases the perpetrators have in their plans for you to speak.

Social engineering is real people. The basics of how it works are based on aerodynamic principals. They throw tests at the targeted population or populations to see how people handle the force. Just like an aircraft has load limits and stress limits, so do you and your neighbors, friends and families. Push the load limits too far and the aircraft will crash. Push the stress limits too far and the wings will break off in flight.

That is how the elite ultra-rich Luciferians work their social engineering strategies against innocent people. Always perfecting exactly what you can tolerate – to know exactly what the people can take without their wings falling off or crashing from the overload. They like to do this in threes-or more because they’ve known for a longtime people can only handle a certain amount of load and stress at one time. So, along with the ploy pandemic they add long preplanned food shortages to put the populace on thinner ice.

They always add in other stress and load factors like random rules and demands with absolutely ZERO uniformity. How they are ordered by the authorities is totally random. With ZERO uniformity in monitoring and enforcement. None of it makes sense. In one place you can hold hands. Another place you can only wave at your friend across the street. Somewhere else it’s six feet. Go around the corner a governor says it’s now 16-feet. Good grief.

You must wear a mask in your car in one city or face a fine or fine and imprisonment. Down the road no-mask in the car but total lockdown. Give me a flipping break! Are you kidding? Where is the manual for all these made-up rules and demands? It’s social engineering steamrolling our lives!

But doing things in threes or more like this destabilizes the people by increasing the load and stress factors on the world’s populations. A new crisis strikes everybody all at once. A worldwide tragedy on a grand scale involving the entire earth. Ready or not better be ready.

We are given 1) a new problem, 2) with a new cover-story to believe in, and 3) the TRUE backstory to uncover, and 4) the REALITY this electromagnetic EM weapon system is being 5) deployed on earth 6) as-it-is in the heavens. How convoluted is that?

Coronavirus. Covid-19. Pandemic. Custom terms to repeat until they become implanted in our subconscious minds. So everybody calls it the same thing. Get everyone to believe that’s what it is. A calculated intentional narrative-framing to help the public cooperate with the social engineering goals so things go like the perpetrators want them to more easily.

Hello people. Guess what this is all about? The surveillance, management and controlled depopulation of targeted peoples by means of EM, electromagnetic frequencies, in the guise of faux plague and pandemic ploys that aren’t nearly as deadly or effective at killing. The plague and virus threats may sound scary. But the EM radiation is more deadly. The language we should be talking is…

EM Frequencies. EM Fields. EM Radiation. Microwave Radiation.

This is the real danger-terminology everyone should be using. In our ever-expanding, ever-increasing electrified world. Our bodies can’t survive just any load or stress from the invasive electrified grids we live in. There are limits to the loads and stresses we can handle. We will break mentally or physically or both if things are pushed too far.

All of the telecom #G’s are harmful to people, plants and animals. But EM 5G is a different kind of death ray.

The catch words the social engineers want you to use are: Coronavirus. Covid19. Pandemic. The terminology the social engineers don’t want you to know is all about what they’re doing while you’re distracted talking about a virus. Like: EM Frequencies. EM Fields. EM Radiation.

We are told a virus escaped from a Chinese lab. An action story to imagine it could really happen complete with leaping-lizard strains of “novel” coronavirus “getting loose” unintentionally! Becoming a worldwide pandemic from Wuhan, China. That spread across the entire globe in a matter of weeks.

The entire world economy gets shut down in a flash. Like never before in history. A virus did all of this. Unprecedented. Be fearful. In truth, a worldwide crime against humanity has been committed and we are all under stage-1 control and enforcement measures.

They have everybody repeating the same key slogans, terms and phrases the perpetrators want us to speak and believe. Everyone models the right behaviors to get all on board to go along like compliant sheep led to the slaughter. Coronavirus, Lockdown, COVID-19, Face Mask, Pandemic, Quarantine, Selfquarantine, Curfew, Shelter In-place, Food Shortage, Food Lines and so on. Over and over again until you just want to puke in your mask, tear it off and say Foff I’m done with the isolation compliance BS.

The virus is a ploy. Nothing more. A distraction factor. A confusion factor. Nothing more. The virus is the smokescreen.

“Coronavirus, COVID-19, Pandemic.” 
“Coronavirus, COVID-19, Panic.”

Keep repeating the catchword ploy terms over and over. Write them in an email. Say them out loud.

“Coronavirus, COVID-19, Pandemic.” “Coronavirus, COVID-19, Panic.” STOP IT ALREADY!

The virus is the smokescreen of this Scamdemic. Believe me no virus will ever spy on you or track you in real time. No virus will ever cook you in an invisible microwave oven environment. No virus will see through walls and know where you are and what you’re doing like phased array 5G can do all of those things. Which poses a greater threat to you, your health, well-being and life?

A temporary virus? Or the new ever-increasing array of electronic surveillance in radioactive frequencies to track and/or control every move you make.

What’s really going on has nothing to do with needing a vaccine. Has nothing to do with needing to quarantine. No social distancing will help. Wearing a mask won’t do any good. None of the authoritarian measures or demands like “lockdowns” have any effect at all.

Because these new worldwide protocols are intended not only to control you. But more importantly… To get you to enforce the economy-crashing life-crushing rules on yourself.

 “Coronavirus, COVID-19, Pandemic.” 
“Coronavirus, COVID-19, Panic.” 

The reality behind this intentional attack on humanity is that we are applying an old technology of EM frequencies, EM fields and EM radiation in a NEW way worldwide. This newly applied electrification/electrocution of our bodies is unprecedented in the history of our species.


Before 2018 no rollout of 5G had been attempted and mankind did not live in the aerial bath of invisible death rays 5G emits. Presently we are coming out of 2019, the year telecom powers engaged in the strangest “rollout” of advancing technology ever. The media described it as a “race.” One telecom force called it a “Sprint” to the finish line in an ad campaign. On your marks, get set… RACE IS ON!

Nothing before 2018 existed on earth like this. Nowhere on earth ever before. It did not exist among the peoples of the world anywhere in the world.

During 2019 the earth was changed forever in an initial phase deployment of the new weapon system. A profound NEW WORLD REALITY is here today! January 29, 2019:

“SpaceX has now launched 242-Starlink broadband satellites, though not every satellite will be part of the constellation when it starts service, a milestone anticipated later this year in Canada and the United States. SpaceX specified that many of the newest Starlink satellites will have four phasedarray antennas.”

Sprint, AT&T, Verizon, Deutsche Telekom, China Mobile and the rest deployed thousands of ground-based antennas in key cities across the globe as fast as they could in one year. 2019. Elon Musk ran his race above the ground-based track on earth, rushing to place thousands of satellites with his EM antennas in space!

There were 2-primary initiations for the 2- EM-technology deployments. The 1) ground-based EM grids all coming on-line in late December 2019. And the 2) space-based EM grids beginning to come on-line in early 2020. Telecom giants promised amazing improvements during the installation and deployment of this weapon system in the 2019 rollout phase. But when it came time to turn the 5G grids on… their story changed.

Nope, sorry. There would be no improvement beyond 4G phone and internet. It would take a while for 5G to really work as promised, they said. Then they turned on the switch in Wuhan and the Chinese population was exposed to the EM radiation poisoning of the most extensively activated 5G network grid on earth. Causing symptoms identical to a virus without being contagious or infectious.

Enter the ploy virus to make everybody think underlying EM radiation effects on the targeted populations were virus symptoms, not radiation poisoning. Wah-la! People start dying right and left, here and there around the world wherever 5G grids were turned on.

The CDC and WHO were caught delivering odd messages about calling anything that had any symptoms like the ploy-virus “coronavirus.” Hospitals were told to count any deaths from any symptoms of coronavirus as really being Covid-19 deaths. Doctors were offered more money from hospitals if they would follow unusual forced protocols, giving the best payouts to doctors who got their patients on a ventilator. Which are known to increase the odds of death of those fighting the real virus.

What kind of “kill” event is this exactly? Bill Gates announced it all in advance many times, seeming to have perfect foreknowledge of when it would happen. People were told it was a pandemic, not an EM attack. Dr. Fauci warned years previous that Donald Trump would have a surprise pandemic coming during his administration. How did he know? Ask Bill Gates, I guess. There was foreknowledge of the event by more than just Bill Gates and Dr. Fauci.

Orchestrating such a SCAMDEMIC involves lots of people. The precise details of how things like this are pulled off against the people of earth, God only knows. But men have a knack for discovering and employing new improved ways of killing each other.

The New York Times:

“In October, Mr. Musk announced that he was using Twitter via a Starlink internet connection… requesting permission from the Federal Communications Commission to operate as many as 30,000 satellites on top of the 12,000 already approved.” 

“Should SpaceX succeed in sending this many satellites to low-Earth orbit, its constellation would contain more than eight times as many satellites as the total number currently in orbit.”

What does this have to do with a toilet paper shortage? Well, it could make 90% of the people crap their pants if they realized how dangerous this could get. Except that 90% of the people are never going to get past the first thing they were told to call it: Coronavirus, Covid-19, Pandemic!

Turn off the EM grids and everyone gets well. Let the rather mild virus play out its course without any EM frequency waves making matters worse and it’s not that big of a deal.

“We know the mortality of this virus is between two and four percent of those who are infected,” argues Dr. Leonid Eidelman, former head of the Israel Medical Association and immediate past president of the World Medical Association.

“Between 250,000 to 600,000 people die from regular flu every year globally. The Coronavirus mortality rate will be much lower.”

Guess what else could dramatically increase the death toll?


A study reports:

“Among 13,033,274 vaccinated people, 15,455 deaths occurred between 0 and 60-days following vaccination. The mortality rate within 60-days of a vaccination visit was 442.5 deaths per 100,000 person-years. Rates were highest in the group aged 85+ years and increased from the 0-1-day to the 0-60-day interval following vaccination.” 

That’s a lot of people dying from just the vaccine! Good grief. These predictable deaths are pre-known by vaccine makers. But they’ve arranged to secure legal immunity from prosecution in the event their vaccine kills you or paralyzes you or blinds you or whatever happens to you. There is no recourse of any kind. You cannot sue them. They know how many people they are going to kill when their vaccine is sold, given for free or forced on any population. That sounds more like murder to me.

That’s almost 1.5-million deaths from the vaccine alone, if the vaccine was mandatory and 330-million Americans had to take it. The kill ratio would be almost a million and a half Americans! Not really sounding like the best idea, is it? You know with new technology improving things at ever faster exponential rates. Why can’t we come up with something newer and better without a kill ratio to murder people by the supposed protective cure?

Does anyone else think it might be time to come up with a new alternative to vaccines that’s not so deadly by itself?

Kill Ratio: The total number of people who will die from taking the vaccine.

Vaccines are dangerous. Vaccines kill. Vaccines are prehistoric. There are new technologies that don’t have kill ratios like vaccines. These forced vaccine people are murderers. It is time to take ACTION AGAINST THESE PEOPLE.

Donald Trump needs to order the interrogation of all leading conspirator suspects with foreknowledge of this so-called outbreak. Like Bill Gates and Dr. Fauci. Go after the key suspects with Telecom and Big Pharma and Big Tech. Investigate their communications with each other. Search where they don’t want anybody looking for clues to uncover the underlying connections they share. To learn just how they conspired behind the scenes together to do this to the rest of the world.

And of course, have any and all public EM 5G use criminalized and disallowed by international law worldwide.

Disable Elon Musk’s 5G-satellites in space. Don’t let him or anyone else activate any EM 5G satellites. Have all world militaries disable and destroy all groundbased EM 5G towers and stations.

This is not just a Coronavirus Covid-19 Panic-Pandemic. We are about to enter a new time on earth everybody! Mankind is about to set up a system that has the power, capacity and full capability of irradiating humanity into oblivion.

Add 40,000 space-based EM 5G satellites! How are we going to escape the phased array surveillance death rays? How will we escape the microwave radiation invisible particle waves coming down upon us?

Man’s age-old problem remains the same today. We are too smart for our own britches. This is the stupidest thing ever and it’s about to be too late to stop it. Before the 2019 5G worldwide rollout no 5G electromagnetic waves existed among us to any serious degree. There were no ground- or space-based deployments of this weapon system before now. Nobody was being exposed to the 5G dangers anywhere on any major scale at all. The world has changed overnight brothers and sisters, friends and strangers.

Consider this sobering SaveEarth.World report:

An International appeal to stop 5G on earth and in space was launched in September 2018 – as of 15 November 2019 over 179,000 scientists, doctors, environment and health organizations and individuals from 206 nations and territories had signed the appeal.

To the United Nations, World Health Organization, European Union, Council of Europe and governments of all nations 

“We the undersigned scientists, doctors, environmental organizations and citizens urgently call for a halt to the deployment of the 5G (fifth generation) wireless network, including 5G from space satellites. 5G will massively increase exposure to radio frequency (RF) radiation on top of the 2G, 3G and 4G networks for telecommunications already in place.” 
“RF radiation has been proven harmful for humans and the environment. The deployment of 5G constitutes an experiment on humanity and the environment that is defined as a crime under international law.” 

As to the critical importance of protecting our environment and ourselves from the madness of our own stupidity. We might want to remember…

“The ionosphere – a natural source of high voltage always charged to an average of 300,000 volts – controls the global electrical circuit (constant for three billion years) that connects and vitalizes every living thing, whether bird, animal, tree or human. All life depends on this electromagnetic ‘EM’ circuit for survival, yet in one fell swoop, 5G satellites have the potential to alter it beyond our ability to adapt.” 

If the Luciferian elite billionaires and their intelligence, military, science, education and political cohorts manage to fill the earth’s skies with 5G satellites. What if they don’t really know what they’re doing like they think they do?

What if their use of EM 5G from satellites in orbit around the earth somehow violates the ionosphere and they accidentally pop it like a balloon? POP! Heaven help us… Imagine what massive concussion might be created if we violated our atmosphere and actually burst the ionospheric realm above us? Holy reverence for greater sanity! What would happen? I think there would be a huge “suction” felt all around the world from the ground up. With a huge pulse force downward from the skies at the same time. Like nothing anybody has ever experienced in the history of time.

I don’t think we should be playing with the ionosphere like it’s a balloon. Especially since a prophet already predicted what this might look and feel like: “The sky receded like a scroll being rolled up, and every mountain and island was moved from its place.” 

That’s the kind of concussion I’m thinking. So powerful it displaces everything on earth from the mountains to islands to land and seas if we damage the ionosphere and permanently alter it. How many ways can we already destroy ourselves with conventional weapons? Are we really letting these maniacs deploy 40,000-plus 5G satellites in space to see what happens if they get it wrong? And we aren’t the only nation working to do this either.

Another prophet described what sounds like similar circumstances to discovering you’re being cooked by radiation from above and can’t turn it off:

“Then everyone – the kings of the earth, the rulers, the generals, the wealthy, the powerful, and every slave and free person – all hid themselves in the caves and among the rocks of the mountains.”

Hold it right there! M-a-y-b-e we better cancel all EM 5G deployments! And live happily ever-after on saved planet earth instead! Maybe we better hurry up and decide the right way to go with this before we push things too far and the sky starts rolling up as the ground shakes under our feet.

Who are the primary suspects in this mass casualty multiple crimes event? Who stand to make money and/or gain greater power and controls from these worldwide crimes against humanity?

 1. Vaccine makers with their Kill Ratio vaccines ready to add to the toll of those murdered by intentional “pre-patented virus” releases.

2. All major investors, authorities and owners in Big Pharma and in the health industry who will partner in any vaccine attack any day of the week, all week long, all month long. As long as people will let them abuse their lives like this.

3. The higher-up leadership and ownership of the telecom industry who have authority to direct funds to deploy the EM 5G grids all over the world.

4. Owners of vaccine and virus patents like Dr. Fauci and Bill Gates, and their multiple friends who also own vaccine and virus patents.

5. High-level media representatives who are on the take for spooking the public as much as they possibly can to help enflame panic and fear.

6. Compromised political agents paid millions to represent all causes that violate the constitution and the American people’s freedoms by demonic forces like George Soros.

7. Bad science scientists who will say and do anything for a buck especially if it’s a million-bucks or more.

8. Compromised law enforcement who actually support the demise of the free American family, home and faiths. Who are committed to gaining power in the post semi-apocalyptic world of today’s seemingly near future.

There are more of course. I invite anyone who respects the accuracy of this open, honest and accurate report to investigate and post the names of these people and their connections to one another PUBLICLY. So we see the real people responsible behind the scenes during the 2019 rollout of 5G.

Who approved the multiple rollouts to be fast-tracked all over the world? All of their names. Because this was a coordinated attack on humanity rushed into placement before people could stop it. I’d like to see the primary suspect names and learn more about their interpersonal/inter-business connectedness. Most likely candidate suspects with common financial interests who stand to profit from this while everyone else suffers for it.

Last Minute:

The article COVID-1984 ‘A Global 9-11’ to Inaugurate a Global Security Superstate, published by The Millennium Report and State of the Nation, provides a partial list of probable suspects and calls for them to be arrested and prosecuted:

“As it stands, international career criminals such as Bill Gates, George Soros, Henry Kissinger, Anthony Fauci, Deborah Birx, Robert Redfield, Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, Hillary Clinton, Joe Biden, Barack Obama, Nancy Pelosi, Adam Schiff and many others are no longer safe. 
So many of their multi-decade crime sprees have been exposed on the Internet which puts them all in grave danger. In light of their desperate efforts to avoid prosecution, there is now no limit to their treachery and betrayals as the exceedingly brazen COVID-1984 scamdemic clearly reflects. “Who has not already seen or felt the quickly evolving totalitarian order administered by the tyrannical technocracy? 
“We all know who they are — Bill Gates, Anthony Fauci, Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, Deborah Birx, Mark Zuckerberg, Jeff Bezos, Elon Musk, Tim Cook, Jack Dorsey, Susan Wojcicki, Larry Page, Sergey Brin, Eric Schmidt, Satya Nadella, Sundar Pichai, Ajit Pai and many other superglorified and insane technocrats who exert dictatorial command and control over cyber-space. 

“Each of these bad actors needs to be apprehended and prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.” 
(ANP: In the only video below, Steve Quayle and Mike Adams join the Hagmann Report for a must-watch video: “Mapping The Endgame”.)