Realizing Democrats are Domestic Enemies Makes Them Comprehensible

Why do Democrats always believe that Republicans would use the Intelligence agencies to illegally spy on Americans when they are supposed to be spying on foreign enemies?  Because that is how they use them.  Leftists have the hearts of thieves and the honor that goes with it, projecting their values on the good people they oppose regardless of the honor and virtue of those people. 

When they are caught in the act of violating the law by spying on fellow Americans they behave exactly as criminals do when denying that’s them in the video robbing a 7-11.  Their duplicity and psychopathy would be comical were it not so deadly dangerous.

In how many ways are Democrats stealing from honest, patriotic Americans?

  • They import cheap labor rather than hire Americans.
  • They do not pay taxes for illegal labor.
  • They supplement their cheap labor with federal welfare.
  • They provide healthcare for their lawbreakers with taxpayer dollars.
  • They give them benefits, including driver’s licenses, for which citizens must pay and allow them to live at taxpayer expense.
  • They allow them to vote in elections supplanting citizen votes.
  • They give themselves tax breaks and loopholes.
  • They deduct their high state taxes from federal income tax forcing other states to make up the difference paying more than their fair share.
  • They impose regulations on businesses to extort funds from them.
  • They lie to people’s faces saying they do it all for their benefit.
  • They suck up the nation’s wealth all on the false premise that they are punishing those who steal from the poor by stealing from the rich.

Democrats no longer represent honest, working, patriotic Americans.  They represent every hateful, bigoted minority group that hates Americans be they Christians, Republicans, conservatives, heterosexual, or people of European descent.  They perpetrate their lies by breeding ignorance in people who live in denial of the truth.

How do you negotiate or compromise with such people?  You don’t.  You always have three choices in life; agree, disagree, or abstain.  You either choose to endorse something, reject it, or sit on the fence undecided.  When it comes to choosing right and wrong there is no halfway.  If you are half wrong, you are still wrong.

“When good compromises with evil, evil wins.” – Rush Limbaugh

California Democrats Ready to War Again to Keep Their Slaves

Democrats offer nothing that any American patriot wants.  They offer everything that all America haters and foreign enemies want, and they offer it at the expense of Americans.  Obama said America is not the light of the world, but the thief of the world, and that Americans owe their wealth back to the world. 

His policies were designed to drag America down in decline and empower the Jihad of socialism to be imposed on the world by forcing all others to submit to their rule.  President Trump’s purpose is to make America great again and he is succeeding brilliantly. 

All the Left can do is rabidly slander him and hope they can dupe enough people to vote Democrat again so their masters can profit.  One of their chief means of cheating the American people is through voter fraud and the only means by which this can be ended is to require photo ID and thumb print registry when they vote. 

In this way no one can vote more than once, cast votes for other people who are apathetic or dead, or cast a vote as an illegal alien posing as a citizen.  Democrats will call this Nazism, but the true Nazis are the leftists calling patriotic Americans Nazis to conceal their own true nature.  The snakes are trying to disguise themselves as lizards by sitting on twigs pretending they are legs.  Don’t get bit by the lying snakes in the grass because their poison is what is destroying America.

Obama is trying to recover from his anti-American works being undone by re-entering the political arena openly since his army of BLM criminals and Antifa fascists have failed him.  He says he was “blindsided” by the TEA Party Republicans working with Russians for whom he said he would be “more flexible.”  This obvious hoax only gains ground with ignorant Democrats who forget yesterday and dread tomorrow.  Liberals believe Obama was a super genius and Trump is a blithering idiot. 

Wile E. Coyote thought the same and the Road Runner made a fool of him over and over just as Trump does Obama and his media propagandists.  They thought the reason Obama outmaneuvered Republicans so easily was because he was chess when the GOP was playing checkers.  But Trump is proving that both of them were playing checkers except that Republicans played with their hands tied behind their backs. 

Now Trump is playing Masterclass Chess and the Democrats and their media can do nothing except rant over their checkerboard.  The Left is once again going to war with America like they did back in the 1860s to keep their illegal alien, cheap labor, welfare voter slaves. 

No doubt when the president must meet force with force they will cry Nazis and declare Trump to be the new Hitler.  Their slanders must be met with decisive action, not by yielding to their demands as Republicans of the GOP have always done, but by smashing their propaganda monopoly with truth in media. 

They can call conservative talk shows like Rush Limbaugh frauds, and smear FOX News as lies, but they cannot hide the lies they live by when the light is shined on them.  Democrats are the party of slavery and the KKK and are now the party of socialist dictatorship and Islamo-Nazi Jihad. 

Obama and the Democrats working closely with Farrakhan’s Nation of Islam in the U.S. and the Muslim Brotherhood to enflame the Middle East is proven fact.  That they all hate white, Christian America and are working to overthrow the light of the world is an irrefutable truth. 

The media has attempted to conceal this while trying to wrap the likes of David Duke around Trump’s neck, but the righteous will have none of this.  Democrats can no longer conceal their wicked intent toward the good people of America any longer. 

They will no longer be allowed to smear the police as Nazi pigs to protect criminals at the expense of the citizens and claim that socialism is beneficial vs. capitalism being stealing.  The truth is that it is the leftist ideology of socialism that is the father of Nazi terrorism and no amount of obfuscation will change that. 

Capitalism is what made America great by elevating the peasants to middle class status.  President Trump has taken Democrat’s iron boot off the necks of businesses and they are flourishing once again.  Only Democrat fraud and war waged by their illegals and criminals can change that as they begin America’s 2nd Civil War.  

Democrats are fighting to make America just another lesser country in their quest for a globalist empire.  So long as America stands for freedom their lies and aspirations are exposed.

Liberal Fascist Wolves Cry ‘Wolf’

“If all human ideas, good and bad, are allowed a battleground, so long as Truth is in the field, Truth will prevail.”  – John Milton

God bless Donald Trump for doing godly work, Rush Limbaugh for speaking God’s truth, and the good Christian patriots of America!

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