Republicans Struggle to Enact Rescue Bill as Democrats Poison the Well

Posted on March 30, 2020 by dustyk103

This viral pandemic response has been so destructive to America’s economy that it must be surmised there is far more to it than we know.  There are reports from China that there are over twenty million cellphone users not operating anymore.  Was this virus that fatal and being concealed by the Red Chinese government?  Is that why America is going through this extreme response?  The war between Democrats and America is going to be decided this upcoming election whether President Trump will be America’s savior, or if his actions only lead to Democrats taking absolute power thus making him America’s greatest failure.

Steve Hilton puts rabid Democrat smears of Trump during crisis on display 3-29-20

Tucker Carlson lays out Trump’s plan and Democrat’s sabotage 3-27-20

[Author’s Note: I now have to put a date of the video to which I am linking because YouTube is allowing leftists to corrupt links that they create to right thinking videos in order to censor them.  Leftwingers are flooding the zone of YouTube with two second videos that say they are full shows in order to stifle free speech and keep their lemmings ignorant.  As America becomes dumber, Democrats advance their American hatred.]

Even as this crisis deepens making NYC the epicenter of the worst outbreak, Democrats show their true nature.  Hillary made the nastiest quip when America exceeded China’s claimed infected total saying, “He wanted to make America first.”  Bill Maher is thrilled with the recession, and pigs like Michael Moore and Ilhan Omar are hoping the virus takes many older conservative Republicans out. 

Ironically, Democrats promote their leftist ideological bigotry that says all white people are racist bigots.  So, what does that make white people who vote Democrat?  Two-faced dupes.  This all proves that leftist liberal Democrats are the most hateful, vile people in the nation.  This all proves that leftist liberal Democrats are the most hateful, vile people in the nation.

Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s “jiujitsu” manipulation in negotiating Trump’s rescue bills has been nothing less than evil.  As usual, Democrats are taking credit for what Republicans put in this bill to help people, while claiming Republicans only help corporations and not people as if people don’t work at corporations.  What was one of her most important additions that Republicans are fighting:

  • Benefits for illegal aliens
  • Fund sanctuary cities
  • Give illegals citizenship
  • Eliminating voter ID laws
  • Impose the Green New Deal
  • Pay Democrats carbon credits
  • Funded abortions
  • Give Congress a raise

Pelosi said her “Jiujitsu made the bill go from corporate first to worker first.”  Horse crap!  Republicans wrote all the parts benefiting the people.  Democrats say they don’t want Republicans to benefit their cronies the way Democrats did their own in 2009 after they nuked the economy that time. 

Democrats think their political briefing of Trump are more important than the president’s briefings when all they are is their way of concealing the truth of Trump’s words so they can put words in his mouth by which to damn him.

Covid Spread Active Chart

They are already slandering Trump for having greater deficits and “bailout” than Obama.  But all the money Obama took from future taxpayers only went to his cronies on Wall Street and unions while the rest of the nation suffered.  This rescue was necessary to prevent the left from crushing America’s economy worse than they did in 2008.  Obama claimed he “saved millions of jobs.”  Trump is not only saving tens of millions of jobs but tens of thousands of lives as well.

President Trump says he will begin reopening parts of the country that have low incidence of the virus.  People already know to stay home if they are sick and not socially gather until this is past.  Liberals say Trump should listen to doctors and scientists – as if he’s not!  Republicans expanded unemployment for those not able to work during this quarantine, while Democrats fought for those unwilling to work!  Their lies and corruption are on display to the world while oblivious liberals still follow them like lemmings.  While Republicans helped every American, Democrats sought to only help themselves to a big slice of power.

Pelosi speaks of Republicans feeding the people a poison pill even as she works to sabotage their efforts to pass a rescue bill by poisoning the wellspring of the country’s entire economy.  The left tried to impose their Green New Deal and election corruption on the nation.  Leftist thugs will only allow the people to be saved if they volunteer to be their slaves.  President Trump has been standing powerfully and magnificently against Democrats to such a great extent that CNN and MSNBC want his briefings to be censored.  As in all things, Democrats are working to deny Americans the rights guaranteed by the Constitution.  They want the Moral Majority to be silent once again.  Then they will blackmail every business to bow and scrape to them paying eternal fines over their “global warming emissions.”

This is the difference between Trump’s Aid vs. Democrat’s Control.  These congressional rescue bills are a case study in the difference between Republicans providing assistance to people versus Democrat thuggery to establish control over them.  If you want to benefit by Democrat’s hand, then you’d better be ready to pay the piper.  Benefits from Republicans don’t come with strings attached.  They are not doled out to cronies like Obama did from 2009-2016.  You don’t have to give blood, your first born, or become a slave to prosper from Republican assistance.

Bernie Sanders is pushing for corporations to be cut out of rescue funds as if they don’t employ millions of people – dumbass!  Over a third of people work for corporations.  Democrat’s dysfunctional idea that corporations are not people is just proof of their limited ability to think past their ideology.  Democrats are looters trying to steal from the people who are in desperate need.  President Trump stuffed Pelosi’s and Schumer’s attempt to impose the Green New Deal on America to shackle businesses with Democrat chains.  But that hasn’t stopped Pelosi from believing she can impose her green laws on the president and the country by blaming him for what Democrats made that is bad in the bill and taking credit for what Republicans are doing that is good.

Modern day slavers are no different than slavers of old – they just operate by subterfuge, deception, and stealth.  Democrats scream to deny Americans their rights starting with attempting to shut down President Trump’s free speech.  CNN and MSNBC are cutting out of Trump’s briefings to hold their own news briefs to warp people’s minds. 

Their concept of free speech is to tell people what to think based on their editing of what Trump says.  Democrats arguing against Trump lifting the quarantine or doing so because they want the economy to collapse so they can blame him.  Their media propaganda machine that created this panic is now reaping Trump’s response to walk away with their faces bloodied again.

Selfish greed is the primary quality of the evil of leftism.  It was not good people who went into stores to greedily horde toilet paper in a nation that has greater abundance of all things than any in the world. 

They think they’re in crisis?  Wait till you see what happens when the water is turned off.  Or the electricity.  Then you will see panic in the streets as liberal Democrats go completely insane.  The truth is that the Zombie Apocalypse will occur in cities where Democrats breed greed, crime, and corruption. 

They are already lemmings voting for Democrats to take their rights on the empty promises of stealing on their behalf to give them luxuries.  Most of the rest of the country can go back to work and just keep more attentive to illness and virus sharing.  Cities like NYC with people packed on top of each other are the places that are going to suffer the most in any national emergency.

The good news for America is that President Trump is fighting Democrats to stop them from taking control of the nation during this crisis.  Pelosi and Schumer believe Congress has the right to command the president.  If they take the Senate in November, then nothing good will happen for America. 

Republicans must retake the House and can only do so by crushing Democrat voter fraud.  The bad news is that this might not happen, thus keeping the government divided allowing Democrats to further divide the nation. 

But the best news is that, regardless of all things, your local police and fire departments, whose members risk their lives every day on the streets, in burning buildings that may collapse or explode, against violent criminals, and in rescue operations, along with every doctor and nurse, will remain open and always be ready to help people in need despite the dangers to themselves and their own families in entering the homes of strangers.

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[Author’s Note: Liberal idiots are saying that Trump should give up his hotels as makeshift hospitals.  Why is it that liberals always want Republicans to sacrifice their income to support Democrats but never ask Democrats to sacrifice?  Hotels that don’t have central heat and air, but self-contained rooms like most motels, are sufficient and they would be reimbursed by the government. 

No doubt Democrats would want no reimbursement if the owners are Republicans.  If Trump’s hotels made modifications and were used, they would demand he do so at his own expense as if that were possible.

This is the sickness of liberal hate that permeates the Democrat Party.  Liberals are not the ones who volunteer to help people but always demand that the righteous do so. 

That’s why you don’t find many liberals in military professions like the armed forces, law enforcement, or fire rescue services.  The percentage of fools in these professions that vote Democrat are small.  These are the good who die young and Jesus knows them. 

Wicked leftists are praying Trump and Pence get sick and die so Pelosi can be president.  Let’s pray that God hears their prayerful wickedness and delivers justice to them as an Avenger.

Reports are saying this is not a weaponized virus.  One must wonder if this is true when it is a virus that remains quiescent yet highly contagious for two weeks before becoming volatile in attacking people’s lungs. 

This is the kind of virus that could kill millions and may well have done so in China.  That is the only reasonable explanation why President Trump felt it necessary to shut down our economy to quarantine until treatments and containment are enacted.  America now has officially more cases than any country in the world, yet the lowest death rate.

No thanks to Democrats to make this event a cause by which they can smear Trump or making this a cause by which they could enslave the nation desperate for help.  Help from Democrats always comes at a price.  That’s how people stupidly vote for socialism then must fight a war to free themselves from it. 

It would be glorious if President Trump had a public signing ceremony where he took Pelosi’s thousand pages of extortions, tore them up, and shoved them in her face telling her to GTFO!  Let her shut down the government and hold the working people hostage and see how that flies in the people’s faces.]