The Bolshevik Revolution 2020

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By: Martin Malik

The Bolshevik Revolution 2020

In this article I address the fact of what decades of programming with political correctness and white guilt lead to, and how tragic the results are. On the example of the global unrest after the accidental death of the black criminal George Floyd, I refer to the Bolshevik Revolution in 1917, because in my opinion the strategy is the same. In 2020 however it is easier for the enemies of the Western civilization, because now we have the Internet and fast bank transfers. Information spread faster and it is easier to pay the hooligans. It is also important that we understand, that white people are the ones who have the biggest problem with their racial and cultural identity, not black. Without radical changes I cannot see the future for the White Civilization, especially that Whites are getting dumber, so now it is no longer just a division between “good Whites” and “bad Blacks”! The problem is much more serious !


Some time ago we witnessed the unintentional death of a black criminal and a porn actor George Floyd, who was described in a politically correct way as “Afroamerican”. This time George Floyd was caught by a policeman for paying with a fake banknote, and then he was pushed to the ground, as a result of which he died because he apparently suffered from hypertension. My guess is that the Global Communist building its political strategy on white guilt and alleged “racism” planned to make a coup for a long time to prevent the current US President Donald Trump from winning again.

George Floyd was thus a randomly chosen criminal, who first the American and then the Global Communists needed for their own political purposes. In addition, the Jewish newspaper Haaretz decided to play the “anti-Semitic card,” and for that reason wrote that “the attack on Antifa is an attack on Jews,” even though the leftist hooligans shouted that they even wanted to kill all whites and Jews. I guess that for a greater breakdown of the white countries it was profitable for Jews to turn a blind eye to that little detail.Lenin black lives

Times are changing and technology is changing too, but the system has remained the same. Lenin under a different name tells the wild and mindless hordes programmed by communism that they are “persecuted” and that “they deserve something.” America will not die of foreign bombs, but because of “oppressed minorities” inspired with socialism.

The course of the Bolshevik revolution in the USA

The Global-Communists know that history likes to repeat itself, and that’s why they were desperate for this act of disinformation and global terrorism. Lenin was able to carry out a Bolshevik Revolution because he had at his disposal uneducated hordes filled with destructive Marxist ideology, who honestly believed that they were fighting for a just cause. In the same way, the Communist Left which among others was funded by George Soros and Hillary Clinton were able to push the black and white communist militias to blindly destroy everything in their path, and to erase the history of their own country for the big winnings of their political sponsors. 

The connection of the Communist Left with the criminal mob is undeniable. Lenin knew that very well, and now the main terrorist sponsors of the Antifa, such as Soros, Clinton, the Kellog Foundation and the Ford Foundation know it too. There have even been calls in America to deport Soros, because his destruction of American civilization is obvious and threatens the US security.

We will not take America under the label of communism, we will not take it under the label of socialism. These labels are unpleasant to the American people, and have been speared too much. We will take the United States under labels we have made very lovable, we will take it under liberalism, under progressivism, under democracy. But take it, we will !

Jew Alexander Trachtenberg, National Convention of Communist Parties, 1944

Soon the American streets were invaded by the black militias Black Lives Matter, and the white militias Antifa, which are ideologically identical. They are both Communist militias funded by the enemies of Western civilization, and which under the cover of “combating racism” burned shops, police stations and cars, and stole whatever they could.

This was not about another black man who died on the street of the US, because in the black criminal world he was just “another nigger”. In 2017, only in New York alone there were 292 murders, while in 2018 there were just 3 less, which is 289. In the same year in the US there were 5 murders per 100,000, which gives a total number of 15,498 murders nationwide.

In George Floyd’s case it was about conducting a global Bolshevik Revolution. ( In addition to the US, loaded with leftist ideologies hooligans in all colors organized bloody riots in European capitals, in Australia, and of course in England where the guilty of being white grow like mushrooms after rain. )

Meanwhile, George Floyd’s 6-year-old daughter said that “her daddy changed the world,” even though it is unlikely that her daddy spent any time with her, because he was in prison. The enemies of the West played the whole matter as they wanted, because on one hand they knew that Blacks would go out for more benefits and for free goods from the stores, and as the additional help they had the White Communist. Who burned the shops and cars, who stole and destroyed cities for many days?

It looks that Blacks are always innocent, but to make it even more ridiculous, to Blacks from Black Lives Matter and to White commies from Antifa also joined Satanist groups and little thieves who just took advantage of the chaos. Besides, George Floyd had five other children and two grandchildren. Did he ever see them? I don’t know, but they certainly found out about his existence when he became a “hero.”

“White people are a recessive genetic defect. Being white is subhuman. Whites are a genetic defect of black people. This is based on facts. Let Allah give me strength to not to kill Whites.” (Racial hatred and supremacy against Whites. We are waiting for those “facts”.)

“Black people with their dominant genes could wipe out the white race if we had such power .” (Dreaming of white genocide.)

Yusra Khogalione of the founders of Black Lives Matter in her pseudo-scientific farts. (In her case, this is more than racism. She wants to exterminate white people. Unfortunately, I agree with her that through excessive immigration and race mixing, black people could erase white people.)

White Antifa is much worse because Blacks have been brainwashed for centuries that they suffered very much from white people, but because they don’t want to work, they went out to steal and destroy under the guise of “fighting racism”. Well actually, without the benefits paid by white people, blacks would starve to death, but I understand that “racism” is the main branch of the black economy in the West.The Bolshevik Revolution 2020

So what are the achievements of Black Lives Matter? Arson, vandalism, human casualties, overall chaos. In addition, black lives are least important to Blacks, what is confirmed by black on black crimes in the West, and genocides in Africa. It is also sad how white women weaken the white civilization.

The whites from Antifa helped Blacks to destroy the country founded and built by white people, which is why in my opinion it is an interesting case when blacks are nevertheless a little bit smarter than those whites and certainly much more canning; because they used whites for their own purposes. In the US, white people also knelt before black people and apologized for their “white privilege”, whilst other whites licked black people’s shoes, and some white women also provided free sexual services as a way of apology for slavery.

Really, do blacks still need  to rape or go to brothels ??? They don’t have to. They just need years of programming white nations with liberalism and white guilt, and that’s enough. How lucky I was that I wasn’t raised in the US or England. I was really lucky!

I also want to add that slavery in the US was officially abolished in 1865, and that’s why I don’t think any of those Negroes in the riot was ever a slave.

“The fascists of the future will call themselves anti-fascists.”

Fortunately, those Blacks who graduated from any schools and who are smarter than Blacks from the criminal ghettos, are very critical of the Black Lives Matter movement. On the other hand however, Whites who are in Antifa are at the extreme rock bottom, and to such an extent that former members of Antifa who at certain point found their brains warn to not to join that organization. Another thing that connects Black Lives Matter and Antifa is the fact that none of them did their homework at history, but I doubt that they care about it, because their actions are not about the truth.

President Donald Trump explicitly pointed Antifa, declaring on Twitter that it would be declared a terrorist organization.

Devastation of monument to Tadeusz Kościuszko

The devastation of the monument to Tadeusz Kościuszko standing in the Lafayette Park in front of the White House proved the unbelievable stupidity of both the Whites and Blacks. Tadeusz Kościuszko was a Pole and an American hero fighting for the independence of the United States, who also fought for the abolition of slavery. Kościuszko fought for freedom for all black people in America, he fought for access to education for black people, and for equality for racial minorities. Antifa and the Black Lives Matter completely destroyed the monument to him, they spat on it, they spread paint and they also urinated on it. Let’s have a moment of wonder if it is worth fighting for Negroes?

When the sick out of hatred Antifa and Black Lives Matter went to sleep, a journalist from the Polish radio asked Negroes if they knew who Kościuszko was, but of course they had no idea and they didn’t look worried about what they did. The Kosciuszko Monument is in Warsaw too, and over there someone also wrote “Black Lives Matter” on it. Well … what a terrible provocation, because without Kościuszko it is possible that slavery would last to this day or at least it would have lasted much longer.

The highest peak of Australia is also called – Mt. Kosciuszko.  Antifa and Black Lives Matter have not arrived there yet to destroy and insult their Polish saviour.Kosciuszko monument

Tadeusz Kościuszko was a Polish-American hero who also fought for abolition of slavery and equal rights for Blacks. The monument in honor to him was devastated by Blacks.

It’s a shame that next to it there wasn’t a monument to Abraham Lincoln, who fought for the abolition of slavery. I can bet over any money that in a fit of fanatical hatred blacks with the help of white leftists would destroy it too.


From time to time the politically correct traitors, as well as the mindless morons create new words to suit their imaginary reality. One of such word is “Afroamerican”, which has been around for a long time, and I actually wonder why we still don’t have the European versions of the same word. Negroes never created their own civilization, and this was the reason behind the political desperation to accommodate them in the Western culture in such a way, so they could feel like ones of us. What a lie!

So if there are Afroamericans, then why not Afro-English, Afro-Parisans, Afro-Italians, Afro-Spaniards, Afro-Poles etc.? I think that these versions will also come someday, unless native Europeans get smart and elect governments which would send all the Afropests, Afrovandals, Afro-thieves, Afro-stabbers, and of course Afrocrackers back to Africa?

I wrote this short chapter to remind everyone that political correctness takes away reason and blurs reality. As we can easily guess the career criminal George Floyd was not a black man, but of course an Afroamerican. How else?

“When the words lose their meaning, people lose their freedom.”


I’m also sure that when Blacks robbed shops during the riots, in exactly those moments when they were leaving with 60 inch flat TVs and the latest smartphones, it was much easier for them to forget that “it was a peaceful march to honour the death of the black brother George Floyd.”

George Floyd – thecriminal career

Georg Floyd’s criminal career can be read like a crime novel with an unhappy ending. George Floyd wasn’t just a petty thief who was once caught by the police for cannabis and then once  more because he paid with a fake banknote. Oh no! George Floyd’s criminal career lasted about 10 years and he was well known by the police and in prisons.

This “persecuted representative of the African ethnic minority” was in for burglary, possession and dealing crack cocaine, armed robbery, theft, battery, forgery, and once he was even a gang leader which organized an armed burglary. His criminal career is well known in the web, and I think it’s a shame that he died because someone like him could go to Poland to culturally enrich the left-wing organizations.

I’m serious. We all remember a black man called Simon Moll who stayed in Poland, and who infected several leftist Polish women with AIDS. When he finally died, one extreme left-wing organization spoke about him in a very warm way, then they also marched in his honor, and at the end they called him “the anti-fascist of the year.”

And we are surprised that crowds came out to the street in the name of a career criminal. Let’s not be surprised. He was black so “he deserved it”. Also, as I mentioned, George Floyd was interested in acting, although he didn’t get to Hollywood.George Floyd criminal carrer

George Floyd and his criminal biography. In addition to drugs and burglaries, during one of his raids George Floyd pointed a pistol to a belly of a pregnant white woman, threatening to give her money and jewelry. This is how the global anti-white propaganda made a hero and martyr out of an ordinary criminal.

According to the autopsy results, even his death was not entirely the policeman’s fault, despite the fact that by pressing him he limited blood flow to Floyd’s brain, and by pressing his back he limited his breathing. The toxicologist found several psychoactive substances or metabolites in Floyd’s body, and the medical doctor noticed fentanyl poisoning and recent use of methamphetamine as a significant contributor to his death. Translating it into a simple English, I think that Floyd would have had a better chance of survival if he had not been stoned. Police use pressure to the ground every day, and as far as I know no one ever died of it.

Blacks in the USA whose lives mattered 

Unfortunately life is very unfair, because during the riot organized by terrorists from Antifa and Black Lives Matter, was killed a retired 77-year-old black policeman. His name was David Dorn, who spent almost 40 years protecting the streets of St. Louis. On the day of the riot he went to protect the lombard because he was informed that someone was breaking in. Unfortunately, at that time David Dorn didn’t yet know what fanatics and savages he would have to deal with, and unfortunately he was shot by another black man on the spot.

Even the president Donald Trump expressed his condolences. I’m sure that his black life mattered to him, but ironically this good black man was killed by the members of Black Lives Matter. This murder caused many embarrassing questions to the communist militias, which they were unable to answer. David Dorn was a friend of the lombard owner, and he also served many times as the contact between the lombard and the police station.

The Communist militias such as Antifa and Black Lives Matter hunted other blacks too. One of them was a 53-year-old federal law enforcement agent Dave Patrick Underwood, who was shot dead by an angry crowd. To this day, the American police doesn’t have any suspect and doesn’t even know the motive of the crime. He was killed on the 29th of May 2020, while taking part in policing during a riot in California.

Another black man who died during the demonstration in relation to the death of George Floyd was Chris Beaty, a 38-year-old former footballer of Indiana University. He took part in the demonstration when someone opened fire, and as a result of which Beaty was shot many times. Beaty was a known businessman in the Indianapolis community and he ran several nightclubs in the city.

In addition, in Buffalo New York two policemen were intentionally run over by a van, and in the Bronx district (which is famous for the African cultural enrichment) another policeman was run over by a car when he tried to prevent a burglary.

In St. Louis, four other policemen were shot “during African American peace marches,” and another police officer was killed in Las Vegas – also “during African American peace marches against racism.” Ironically, the American and then also the English police knelt in solidarity with black criminals, which in my opinion will only lead to the criminal immunity of Blacks around the world and to handing over white countries to Blacks.

(I would like to add that I sincerely doubt that this article would be understood by Polish policemen, because they are white cops in white cities who have no idea what blacks are capable of and how it is to live with them on daily basis. If their perception of Negroes is shaped by the leftist media, then the fate of Poles would be terrible if millions of invaders were allowed into Poland !)

The course of the Bolshevik revolution in Britain

I’ll try to do what I can to avoid in this chapter the subject of average political intelligence of English people, whose kinship to the real English people is rather distant.

Soon after we also saw aggressive leftist hordes in other countries on the other side of the ocean. In London took place the so-called “peaceful riots against racism”, during which 27 policemen were injured after black hooligans attacked them on one side, and English communists on the other. I wonder if Soros has crowds to rent in London, and whether Orwell and Huxley turn in their graves.

Unfortunately this is not all, because the English turned out to be so stupid that in the city of Bristol (again in the name of “combating racism”) they decided to throw a part of their history into the river. This time it was about the statue of Edward Colston born in 1636, who was a merchant, philanthropist, and who was also involved in the African slave trade.

In my opinion, the Colston monument should have remained intact in Bristol as part of the British history, but the English don’t think that way. I saw the recording of that event, and I saw that the Colston monument was thrown into the river mainly by English people, whilst next to them other English people stood still and held slogans of Black Lives Matter. The only people that were missing over there were Blacks with their pants down, so the English leftist could have someone to kiss in the ass.

I admit that sometimes I feel sorry for the English, but I start to think that perhaps unnecessarily, because they are to blame for their own history and political choices ! Let’s imagine how the English press would describe a truly peaceful march of English patriots who would fight for the white race and the British culture, and if they were dressed in Crusaders’ costumes?

I’m sure they would be called: “Nazis”, “racists” and maybe even “Poles”. In general, nothing has changed in England. As I understand Blacks have immunity just for being black. This is one of the reasons I’m not going to get involved in the British politics. The English have already lost their cities, while the biggest “racists” in the eyes of the English are Poles, because they tell them the truth.

It is also interesting that talking about all the acts of terrorism and vandalism carried out by “black gangs” in “black ghettos” is defined in England as “racism”, and in order to not to offend black hooligans, false names are in use, such as: “British gangs” or “riots in economically deprived areas.” (“Economically deprived” – because they are black districts populated only by blacks on benefits; so how can those districts not be economically deprived ???) The media tries to show only white hooligans to not to offend blacks , after which blacks receive benefits and for some time the British Government pretends that the problem with the black community does not exist.

During the riots in London there were also English patriots, who went out to fight for their country, and who unlike blacks, didn’t steal anything and didn’t destroy anything. As I expected, the English-language newspapers threatened the “extreme right” with a 10-year prison time, and finally the hero of the riot was obviously a black man for taking an Englishman out of trouble. Fine; I believe that that one black man was good, but the rest of the black hooligans were full of hatred for the English, and probably all white people, because they shouted offensive slogans.

Soon after, “the black victims of racism and slavery” and their white hooligans decided to destroy monuments in London, but fortunately Boris was faster because he ordered to protect them with wooden boards. I suspect, that black hooligans and white leftists will become more insolent and that there will be more protests and attacks by knife gangs.

In England however, the problem is with the double standards of the media. If a Pole poured a soup all over black man’s head, the title in the newspaper would be: “a Nazi from Poland committed a racist attack.” However, when a black man or a Muslim attacks a crowd with a knife or if they build a bomb, then the title is: “a serious incident,” without mentioning race or religion.Black lives matter

According to the author of this article (MM), Great Britain is guilty of importing into this country so many lazy, criminal Blacks who destroy the White Civilization. Unfortunate in this photo is the monument to the communist Nelson Mandela. Whites have done a lot of good things in South Africa, but Blacks can’t even say “thank you”. I think that racial separation would be healthy for both sides.

!!! It is worth reminding that the vast majority of the killings in London have nothing to do with the alleged “racism”, that the Left continues to perpetuate. The vast majority of victims are black men, who according to the BBC and MetPolice reports, were in each case killed by other black men. The problem here is with black gangs, their drug trafficking, constant struggle for  criminal influence, and knives as the black gang’s prime weapon.

In 2018, 135 people were murdered in London, what means that it’s getting worse because in 2017 there were 116 killings, and according to The Guardian, in 2019 there were as many as 149 murders. For comparison, according to statistics from the Warsaw Police Headquarters, there were 15 killings in Warsaw in 2018. An English policeman will never say that, but the number of murders is adequate to the black population, and if Blacks are “brothers,” as they like to be called, then these brothers are called Cain and Abel.

Therefore, when I say to send black people to Africa, English and Americans still label these words as “racist” while I call them common sense. Even Abraham Lincoln who fought for the abolition of slavery, also wanted to send all Blacks back to Africa.

In addition, in 2020 we also have “coronavirus” which governments constantly frighten us with. When it comes to this issue, time will show whether it is an introduction to the ethnic bomb, a clever war with China, or just another way for the democratic regimes of Europe to keep their citizens in line, while saving some money on pensions.

Why the British Government cannot send all Blacks for example to South Africa and instead take to England for good 4.5 million white farmers. In South Africa black commies don’t even pretend anymore, and they say openly that they want to take the land from white people without paying them. In my opinion, they will never do it because they know that Blacks do not want to work, and without Whites, the Blacks would starve to death.

During the apartheid times South Africa was the economic tiger of Africa, while for almost 30 years of black rule they only have poverty, crime and rape, because it is the Blacks who have ruined South Africa, not white people. Still, I prefer to not to give lectures on this subject to the British Government, which displays the monument in London to the Communist Nelson Mandela. Who is next? Maybe Ernesto (che) Guevara ….. or maybe Leon Trocky? Uff ! ! !

In my opinion, by 2050 or earlier the post-English cities will look like those in South Africa, or even worse, because in South Africa they at least don’t have Islam. The English however will not be able to deal with this problem by themselves, and they will continue to make good faces to a bad game. I for example would be afraid to help England, because if the British Government didn’t need me anymore, it would probably put me on a board of Liberator II with a hard landing in Gibraltar, and then they would announce that: “the racist from Poland deported all Blacks and Muslims, even though they brought such a great contribution to the United Kingdom”.


Why no one gives a damn about good Blacks who stood in defense of order, and instead they make a hero from the career criminal and porn actor George Floyd? That’s because Global Bolshevism was waiting for the perfect opportunity to cause global chaos, while Antifa and Black Lives Matter are just gangs for hire, just as Lenin had his in 1917.

This is the truth, but will the white Western nations be ever able to reject political correctness and the ideology of white guilt, will they be able to say enough, will they organize mass deportations of black hooligans, and start the right education of their own Whites, simply to not to lose future generations?

I personally doubt it, and I think that for example the British Government would sooner transform Big Ben into a minaret than send Negroes to Africa, no matter what they do. The British government would sooner deport me back to Poland for this “racist and xenophobic article” than send Blacks to Jamaica.

I have nothing to do with America, but I wish them well. I would like Whites in the US to finally get sober and understand that America is a Jewish colony and that US will not belong to the Americans, unless Whites carry out a national revolution and the White Confederates finally win … … what I doubt very much considering the low level of education in the US. Anyway, the people who consider themselves to be chosen by God are so confident and outspoken about their leadership that they confide to us:

“We, the Jewish people control America, and the Americans know it.” – Ariel Sharon, former prime minister of Israel, the 3rd of October 2001.

„But I don’t care if Americans think we’re running the news media, Hollywood, Wall Street or the government. I just care that we get to keep running them” – Żyd Joel Stein, Los Angeles Times 2008.

As for England, I wish them well too, but in my opinion this country is simply not England anymore. As one Englishwoman who I met in the Philippines said to me: “England is just a place which is not her country anymore.” Besides, English people are so programmed with political correctness, with white guilt and leftist propaganda that after reading my articles I wouldn’t even have to worry about Negroes, Muslims or Jews. English dodo birds would struck me first. I believe that the Bolshevik Revolution 2020 is just an introduction. In my opinion the organizers of this revolution wanted to test the level of stupidity in the West to know how it would go the next time.

Good and bad people are everywhere, regardless of race  or culture, but once again it is a fact that multiracial and multicultural countries are easier to divide and make a coup in them. What happened in the USA or England is impossible to do for example in Japan or South Korea, because those countries are racially and culturally homogeneous. In order to split the country, first the external and internal enemies always look for hostile ethnic minorities with a demanding attitude towards the majority, and who they call the “persecutors.”

The so-called “multi-culturalism” is a political system which requires victims on every side, and which puts the government of that country in a position of a hostage; and for that reason I keep my “racist” views. Someone could breathe with relief and say that “fortunately Poland does not have this problem”, but I don’t agree with it. Foreign banks, foreign TV stations and newspapers, foreign organizations acting for the benefit of foreign nations, and foreign lobbies acting next to the functioning government; they also make the government that is supposedly in power to appear like a rubber duck floating on the surface without the real power.

“We are on the verge of a global transformation. All we need is the right major crisis and the nations will accept the New World Order.”

– David Rockefeller (at the UN Business Conference, Sept 1994)

The multicultural regime constantly lies to us that we are all a one big family, no matter what colour or religion we are, but I think that even small children should know that it is a lie. In 1917 they were all white, and even then it wasn’t good because some of them, the more ambitious and more aggressive, turned out to be red.

These are the results of multi-culturalism, when the whole world lives in one place and each of the races and cultures has its reasons and resentments. Diversity should be separated with borders. I support mono-culturalism, and Africa I can visit when I wish so.
Multi-kulti + political correctness + white guilt + excessive tolerance = collapse of civilization