The Entire Ohio River May be Poisoned for Generations and the Media Is Talking About Balloons


It’s totally wacky, but it looks like this train explosion in East Palestine, Ohio is going to poison the entire Ohio River. The media is covering it up by refusing to make it a story, instead focusing on objects.

This bitch was burning for days. The government didn’t seem interested in putting it out.

The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration released a map this week showing the dispersion of the chemicals from the explosion, showing it going all the way down into the Virginias.

The EPA is telling people the water is safe to drink.

Chinese media pointed out that the media is not talking about it at all, and is instead focusing on moronic spooks – the alleged Chinese weather balloon and these objects.

A Chinese boy was, hilariously, one of the people who went viral on the – hilariously, Chinese-owned – social media app TikTok talking about the facts of this situation that CNN is not interested in.

Chinaman goes viral on Chinese-owned TikTok app talking about the East Palestine crisis.

The Chinese lie about everything and TikTok is pure evil.

Everyone talking about this chemical spill is a Chinese shill trying to distract from the real crisis in this country: balloons.

— Andrew Anglin (@WorldWarWang) February 14, 2023

With the Chinese media and Chinese boys on TikTok talking about it, the logical conclusion is that it is indeed a distraction from the Chinese threat. We all need to stop talking about the fact that many of our families and possibly ourselves are going to die of cancer because the government can’t handle toxic chemicals properly.

That isn’t a joke: it’s the exact logic that was employed for years against anyone who brought up any real issue: we were called Russian bots, and told that nothing we say matters because we are just trying to distract from the Russian threat. The fact that the Chinese are saying our country is a joke for covering up this spill while promoting this stupid ballon hoax means we have to stop talking about Palestine and maybe even start using the FBI to intimidate people asking questions about it.

Maybe send CNN to confront grannies on their front lawns for posting about the chemical explosion on Facebook.

Tucker Carlson, who used to be my hero but who I now believe is a total shill, mentioned that the media was doing this – and then opened Monday’s show with yet another stupid attack on the Chinese.

He is pretending to be too stupid to know that the Chinese have satellites. He does know this and he is just lying.

Colonel MacGregor, who is regularly on Tucker Carlson, explained in a recent interview that the balloon story is nonsensical because the Chinese have satellites.

The story is so dumb it makes me sick, but there have been many stories like this – the difference is, Tucker used to call it out, and in this case, he’s decided to lie to his audience.

I’ve been critical of him since he claimed that “anal marriage” is real and that he supports it because ripping another man’s anus open with your fist is “love.”

The truth is, anyone who supports gay marriage is satanic, and we shouldn’t make deals with these kinds of people. We should be Christians and stand with Jesus and trust Jesus to take care of us, instead of thinking we’re going to get a Christian country by making friends with pro-fisters.

Meanwhile, another train carrying chemicals crashed in Texas over the weekend.

The last thing America has is the last thing it thought it needed: an extremely powerful military. There is no longer any possibility of competing with China economically or for that matter culturally. The only place America can win, and maintain its global hegemony, is in war.

You see this clearly in the East Palestine disaster and the government and media’s response. This chemical explosion is something that simply does not happen in a developed country. If it somehow did happen, it would be the absolute focus of everyone in power, of everyone in the whole society, as they would say “something must have gone seriously wrong, we need to spend all of our energy figuring out what and fixing it.”

Instead, the media and government are not even mentioning it. They’re talking about an errant weather balloon, and pumping up mystifying gobbledygook about space aliens. I don’t think that’s necessarily on purpose even. It’s purposeful to not talk about the disaster, because that is going to lead people to question how exactly we are operating. But they had already started the balloon tripe when the crash happened. They said “yeah, well – just focus on the balloon stuff.”

The crash was almost certainly caused by diversity and vaginaism. If you look up Norfolk Southern, the rail company that crashed, it’s all about how many colored people and women they have working for them.

They’ve blamed a problem with one of the cars’ axles, which means there were probably a dozen people who didn’t do their job correctly, including the mechanics and the crew operating the train. This sort of thing does not simply happen randomly.

This crash is a symptom of civilizational breakdown, and it’s exactly what Sam Francis was saying in the 1990s: if you replace white men with diversity, civilization will just simply stop working.

Obviously, the issue is bigger than that, and there is a helluva lot of corruption that contributed to the destruction of this country. But this society has pushed white men onto fentanyl, porn, video games, and crypto gambling to make room for a brave new future of brown people and women, and this transformation is now unsustainable.

White men designed these systems. You bring in people to replace white men who had nothing to do with building the things they run and things are going to stagnate, degrade, and then collapse.

China isn’t doing this. China is not doing many of the things America is doing. There is no gay marriage in China (except in Taiwan, which is occupied by the United States). They’re not doing any of these weird social agendas, nor is the government drinking people’s blood with crushing taxes. The Chinese government functions as if it is intent on doing what is best for the country.

The explanations for this widening gap in the governmental philosophies of America and China might be complicated. Certainly, a lot went into creating a situation wherein America is purposefully destroying itself with bizarre targeted attacks on the basic order of nature. But the results speak for themselves. You cannot run a country on these absurd Jewish ideologies that are promoted in America.

Correction: you can’t run a country like this if you have competition.

As long as countries like China and Russia exist, refusing to go along with these social agendas, countries that do these social agendas are going to be left behind. If instead the US fought a war with Russia and China and replaced their governments with governments that follow these ideologies, the whole world would go down together.

That is the entire plan. It’s actually very simple. Whatever Joe Biden or Tucker Carlson tell you about the need for war, this is the only reason: the ruling elite of the Western world have a very strange agenda that simply cannot be implemented while competition exists on the world stage.