The Irony of Democrat’s Ultimate Two-Faced Ideology

Posted on July 11, 2020 by dustyk103

Isn’t it the pinnacle of irony how Democrats seem to have morphed in American history? In America’s first Civil War, they fought for the rights of their states to be independent of what they considered to be an authoritarian centralized government tyranny. In this second Civil War, they fight to impose that authoritarian centralized government tyranny.

Like all criminals they reject lawful rule and subvert what is good to rule themselves. Likewise, liberals are easily confused and duped by Democrats who were the party of slavery, the KKK, and fascist tyranny, now saying it is Republicans who are the party of slavery, the KKK, and fascist tyranny.

Somehow, in their minds full of mush educated by Democrats, Millennials have been corrupted into believing Nazism is the ideology of republicanism and communism is the ideology of the righteous.

Black Lives Matter has never been about police brutality or racism. It’s a communist movement to sow chaos and disrupt American society by destroying her culture. Black Americans have a reason to believe they are held in low esteem by others, but that’s not because others are racists.

Democrats started out by holding blacks in slavery. Then they spent a century terrorizing and oppressing them. Now they teach them to be criminals so they can imprison and shoot them.

Then they miseducate everyone to believe it is somehow the fault of Republican’s who have always fought for equal rights for everyone. Teaching blacks to escape from the Democrat Plantation that has entrapped them in communist ideology is the greatest challenge to the future of saving America.

People like Sen. Tim Scott, Candace Owens, and David Webb are rare people whose eyes have been opened trying to open the eyes of their brethren, fighting against a myriad of others who strive to keep the wool pulled over their eyes.

President Donald J. Trump has proven himself to be one of America’s greatest leaders. He governs in the spirit of Theodore Roosevelt and Ronald Reagan. He has proven himself a dauntless crusader willing to walk through the fires of Hell to confront and defeat the evils of leftism.

He stands as courageously indomitable and unrelenting as America’s greatest commanders the likes of Captain John Paul Jones, Admiral David Farragut, Generals Ulysses S. Grant, William T. Sherman, and George S. Patton. All of these men were among America’s greatest leaders in war and battle, and all were despised and considered reprobates by the Democrats.

That should tell you all you need to know about Trump’s character and quality. He is human, and a leader of whom patriotic Americans who love this country can be proud. As Goya Foods’ CEO pointed out, Trump is a builder, Democrats are extortionists. It is a badge of honor to be hated by leftists who want to see the greatest Christian nation in the history of the world be destroyed.

Democrats praise Lenin, Mao, and Muhammad as if they are somehow different from Stalin, Hitler, and Tamerlane. All of these men were mass murdering tyrants who can account for tens of millions of people killed by their dictates. They were all leftists. They were all totalitarian socialist dictators.

They all wanted to destroy Christianity and liberty for all. They all made people slaves and kept slaves. They all stole wealth and prosperity from the people. They all ruled as absolute monarchs. They all created an elite cadre of followers to terrorize the masses. This is how the left has always operated and always will.

They make empty promises to dupe their lemmings and then stand on their necks to take all for themselves. When they are kept in check by the righteous, they are criminals and thugs. When they take power from the righteous, they are tyrants and thugs.

Donald Trump has proven to be a man of the people for the people. When Obama tried to take credit for Trump’s economy, on what did he base his assertion? During Trump’s tenure, half a million American manufacturing jobs have come back to the USA. Trade deals with Canada, Mexico, and China that have sucked away trillions in trade deficits have been undone.

Obama said Trump built on his job creation. What jobs did Obama create? Welfare and food stamps increased by more than 50% under Obama. They dropped radically under Trump. What did Obama/Biden do about manufacturing and trade?

During their tenure that last two hundred thousand manufacturing jobs were exported to Mexico and China. In their version of trade, they went to foreign countries to either extort or accept bribes.

While campaigning for Hillary, Obama declared that it was impossible for manufacturing jobs to come back to the USA unless Trump had a magic wand. Now Biden is out trying to sell the usual Democrat lies of spending billions of dollars on infrastructure when all he intends on doing is redistributing wealth from the working middle class of the suburbs to the dependent welfare class of Democrat cities.

He is allying with Bernie and the Squad to impose leftist economic destruction and eliminate police protections from the people. Not only do they want to take away that protection, but they want to make it a crime, a hate crime, for citizens to defend themselves against their leftwing terrorist criminals.

How many times will liberals be dupes before they grow up and stop calling Republicans names on the basis of leftist slanders? When will they learn to not be lemmings? America is at the most dangerous crossroads of her history to date.

Civil War I was almost lost. Now Civil War II is on the verge of being lost to leftwing propaganda machine indoctrinating American youth to hate America and Jesus. It is being won by lawless Democrats whose leftist leaders are so far above the law that no one is prosecuting them for their treasons while they empower criminal terrorist thugs against the citizens.

So long as Obama, Biden, Hillary, Pelosi, Schumer, Reid, and all their minions are allowed to run free, America will be in danger of having her Constitution ripped down and burned along with the flag. The left wants to impose communism and rule over the masses as elitist dictators.

They’ve already proven they will use any means including terrorism and murder to get what they want. What will it take before Republicans stand together in the fires of media smears with President Trump and brave the barbs and arrows of leftist hate without fear or apology?

America needs strong, courageous, righteous leadership of the Donald Trump variety to lift her out of the cesspool of leftist democratic socialism and truly restore her to greatness.

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[Author’s Note: Rush made great points of how allowing the left to take over academics to indoctrinate our children into their lies about their ideology is the greatest error that Christian Americans have made. Women are more susceptible to these attacks on rationality and logic because of their tendency to think emotionally.

The reason liberal men are called effeminate is because they, too, think emotionally rather than rationally. That’s what is behind the joke about beer and liberals.

They are misled by Marxist leftists whose purpose is to deceive and subvert them into believing what is wrong is right and what is right is wrong. The left uses the polls they publish to shape public opinion rather than reflect it, such as Cuomo having 66% approval rating after killing thousands of seniors, or that Biden will win by a landslide like they predicted for Hillary when he’s even more demented.

This dysfunctional thinking that results in two-faced logic is the foundation of liberalism. They say that they cannot commit voter fraud, but that Republicans did. They say that mail-in voter fraud cannot occur as they watch their leaders prepare to commit massive mail-in voter fraud while corrupting the electoral system. Why do they approve of criminals?

For those who are liberal thinkers who believe I just said women are idiots and men are smart, read it again and try using your brain. People’s misunderstanding or being misled is a primary method of how leftists warp people’s thinking. Never believe the first thing you hear in the media.

It takes about a week for the truth to come out, and by that time liberals, like the immature children that they are, have had their attention diverted to something shiny and new, or more salacious, to distract them from learning the truth.

By counting votes, it is clear that about 60% of college educated women and 40% of college educated men are dysfunctional thinkers to some degree duped by leftist deceits. What does that say about the minorities of Hispanics and blacks that vote Democrat in even greater percentages?

This is not to say that they are hopeless, though some are so emotionally invested in their phony truths that they are lost. Everyone of us starts out an ignorant liberal in life easily misled by adults that we trust. That’s why Democrats want to give the vote to ever younger and younger people and don’t want old people to vote.

We have learned the truth about Democrats. Pray that our young learn before they vote away their freedom. WE MUST TEACH THEM!]

{P.S. It is a point of great pride that my daughter learned morality from myself and others as I did from my parents and friends when I was young that she was never duped by Democrats.

Likewise, it’s my worst shame that I fell for Democrat propaganda in high school and college and stupidly voted for Carter – twice! But I learned by watching the news when I grew up and realized how they were trying to warp my thinking. Having a background in journalism learning how propaganda works also benefited me greatly.

Everyone should learn about propaganda techniques. Some real education in psychology would also help people to see through the pathological liars and dysfunctional fools of our society to not be twisted by them or fool ourselves.

Fooling themselves is the downfall of all liberals. Like being ignorant believing the first thing we hear, we all do it. Educating ourselves is the most vital achievement in our lives to learn not to project our own good intentions on those who have malice in their hearts.}

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