America’s 21st Century Civil War – Democrats Fiddle as America Burns

Posted on March 23, 2020 by dustyk103

As in every natural disaster, the people come together while the politicians work to tear us apart.  This crisis is not just Democrat’s dream but may well have been orchestrated and manufactured by them with the aid of the Red Chinese. 

Why not?  The people who nuked the economy in 2008 to get Obama elected would do anything to get Trump out.  Gone is Russia, Ukraine, and impeachment.  Now there is “Trump’s virus” that crashed the economy.

Democrats have already launched their primary 2020 campaign meme by declaring that Trump eliminated Obama’s protections against viral outbreaks for the CDC’s pandemic response.  All he did was eliminate Obama’s social engineering within government agencies. 

They have been undermining and sabotaging his efforts to wrest control from the leftists trying to impose socialism.  Even as they say that this should not be politicized, they are already cheering and planning on using this crisis to declare that President Trump:

  • ruined America’s national security defenses against viruses
  • has created a false and vulnerable economy that only benefits 1%
  • ran up greater deficits than Obama (after screaming for money)
  • is incompetent and unfit for leadership and should be replaced

Crisis unites us as politicians divide us.  As President Trump deals with this crisis, Democrats go in front of cameras to spew platitudes like, “We need to take care of the people being hurt the most,” then go behind closed doors and keep Republicans from doing so by demanding they give Democrats money and power over businesses. 

Biden says he’s holding “Shadow Briefings so he can ‘counter the lies’ of Trump.  Democrats are demanding Trump stop calling this the Wuhan Virus, or the WuFlu, or Kung Flu, or attributing it to China.

Trump should cancel America’s $2 trillion debt to China to pay for this debacle.  No doubt this may lead to war that China has been preparing for by building a navy with which to challenge America, but that’s their purpose anyway. 

He needs to expose Democrats trying to rig rescue funding to benefit themselves by advancing their causes like unemployment free to anyone.  Install a hidden camera in negotiations and playback what is truly said.

BREAKING: Democrats Block Coronavirus Bill That Provides Lifeline To Economy, Families

Jesse Watters’ supreme assessment of this crisis

Obama installed Obamabots (leftist agents) in every government agency to use against Republicans to tear apart America.  He ran up multiple trillion-dollar deficits giving future taxpayer money to his Wall Street donors and Democrat unions with no great crisis at hand except the mortgage banks that the Democrat Congress deliberately crashed to nuke the economy and get Obama elected. 

They are doing the same now for Biden who is in the throes of onset dementia by using this viral outbreak and insane quarantine that is destroying America’s economic engine. 

Their blame game and fearmongering to panic people are going to do far greater damage to this nation than any flu virus ever could.  The evil that the party of the Democratic Nazi Communists are perpetrating on the American people is all designed to coerce ignorant dupes to don the yoke of socialism around their own necks.

The definition of disgusting is Democrats saying Trump is “politicizing” this viral crisis when they are spending every effort to demonize him.  A pack of demons holding halos over their heads does not make them angels. 

House Democrats are fighting with President Trump over the humongous deficit spending proposal needed to save Americans and businesses that have been shut down.  They want either a huge slice as profits or to put a noose around the necks of businesses and Trump is having none of it. 

The only way to stop these scum is to make negotiations public.  Let the people see and hear them make their excuses as they demand to have the right to extort the people.  When Democrats say they want to “bring the country together,” they mean they want to bring everyone under their bondage.

That the government is going to such extremes says there may be more to this virus than we know.  This shutdown of our economy doesn’t seem necessary, just telling people to practice better hygiene and stay home when they’re sick should have been enough. 

Much is being made of Dean Koontz’s book, “Eyes of Darkness,” first published in 1981, as being prophetic predicting the Wuhan virus in 2020.  His original story was a virus coming from the Gorki district in Russia that was 100% fatal. 

He changed this in a later printing in 1989 because the Soviet Union had fallen apart, and Red China was becoming America’s number one communist competitor.  That he used these districts is no mystery as everyone knows where Russia, China, and the USA develop their biological weapons. 

(The USA’s is at the CDC in Atlanta, Georgia for those who didn’t know.)  That he used 2020 is also not unusual as it’s a fun number for a year.

Great plagues have always come from other countries.  The Bubonic Plague that wiped out 3/4ths of Europe in the 14th century came from China.  Smallpox that wiped out 90% of native Americans came from Europe. 

Syphilis was returned to Europe from the Americas just as Herpes came back to America from Vietnam.  Liberal idiots have been mis-educated to think Columbus brought Syphilis from Europe.  This is what an education in leftism gets you – a pack of backwards educated ignorant fools. 

Democrat’s October campaign will be nothing more than increasing the volume of hate for Trump, Republicans, and America that backwards thinking liberals will swallow hook, line, and sinker. 

SFB leftist pundits are telling their cattle that Trump disbanded the CDC’s pandemic response team when all he did was eliminate their galactically stupid social justice programs that Democrats have used to infect the bureaucracy and move one division under another.

Now the question for these lackwits is, will Bill Maher, who has been openly praying for a massive recession to blame on Trump so Democrats could regain power, come out and crow or shed crocodile tears like all lying leftists do and his liberal idiot followers believe him to be sincere in how much he cares?  Spare us!  Great suffering always comes from the actions of the left whether in war or crime. 

The worst-case scenario for America comes from California and the homeless population they created with their import of millions of illegals and ultra-high taxes but blame on Trump creating “gentrification.” 

If some of them get infected and the rest flee to other states as carriers, they will make this truly epidemic.  Healthcare and rescue workers will then be the most at risk to spread the disease while robotic Obamaton agents in government and media continue to spew their hate and lies that liberal dupes lap up.

In any case, liberals who have been scoffing at Trump’s early travel ban calling him racist, like Canada’s leftist idiot Prime Minister Trudeau, have now closed travel from China and recalled citizens.  Are they all now racists, too?  DUH! 

Democrats love to go out in front of cameras and tell everyone how they are fighting to protect the people while the eeeevil Republicans want people to suffer and die.  Then those of us who hear from those Republicans that Leftwing media will never broadcast tell us how Democrats dirty deal behind closed doors in efforts to steal from us. 

Their continued two-faced insistence that Trump’s border closings are racist exhibits the depths of their Trump Derangement Syndrome.  Their campaign now is no longer Russian collusion, gangsterism, or enriching the rich, but plague, and they will smear Trump as having left America defenseless so that an epidemic could wipe us out.

Every step President Trump has taken has been done with great forethought for the protection and safety of Americans, while Democrats have continuously denounced him as racist, incompetent, and Hitlerian for doing so.  Democrats declaring Trump a moronic dictator and Pence to be anti-science are just continuing to spew their own hateful stupidity. 

This is just proof that everything Democrats say is a lie designed to poison people’s minds against the greatness of Donald Trump saving America from leftism.

But if the nation stupidly listens to Democrat’s narrative for this election, and the Democrats are permitted to commit their massive voter fraud allowing illegal aliens to vote and more, it won’t matter if America defeats this virus. 

The cancer that is the Democratic Nazi Communist party and their fake news propaganda ministry will prove to be terminal to the liberty of this great country.  This war is between those who believe in leftist lies and those who believe in the righteousness of America. Lady Liberty will rise or fall depending on how well President Trump is able to counter the crimes of the left against the Constitution.

[ADDENDUM III: Democrats Fiddle as America Burns

Democrats block worker rescue bill to push Green New Deal

Democrats don’t care about working people, only about reacquiring their power to steal from fools.  President Trump is fighting Democrats who used insider trading to save their stock portfolios from this crash.  He is attempting to restrict corporations from using bailout money to buy back their own stocks at deep discounts. 

Those Democrat corporations that led this rout are the same corporations that helped crash the economy in 2008 and were given trillions of borrowed taxpayer dollars by Obama’s yearly “stimulus” that our grandchildren will have to pay back.

We can be grateful that President Trump and Senate Majority Leader McConnell kept Democrats from putting language in the first two bills to keep their corporate cronies from giving their executives bonuses or using that money to buy back their stock on the cheap.  But that doesn’t stop Schumer from telling lies like a sh*t eating Democrat saying the opposite.  We know that Pelosi tried to give bonuses to Planned Parenthood for abortions to take baby’s lives in exchange for saving people’s lives from this virus.  She’s trying to impose the Green New Deal to give businesses the axe in exchange for saving those who are quarantined from work not getting a paycheck.

Some are complaining that Republicans should pass the bills Democrats give them for expediency’s sake in this crisis.  Yeah, and should firefighters grab any bucket of liquid to throw on a fire even if it’s full of gasoline?  Democrats are loading bombs in these bills! 

How about taking an axe to them and their agenda that is using this crisis in their attempt to give Americans the shaft!  How about exposing their lies by posting the cases of infection and deaths from Influenza and other viruses with which we always deal? 

Democrats believe they have a right to benefit from a crisis such as advancing their socialist giveaways like cancelling student debt or giving anyone unemployment and Social Security checks.

These Democrats who use their positions in Congress to give themselves platinum pensions, Cadillac healthcare, and do insider trading shouldn’t be called on to resign or expect to have them lose their re-election bids because they won’t.  They should be prosecuted and imprisoned! 

Now Democrats in Congress, led by Tlaib, are calling for themselves to be tax exempt.  These criminals are paid by our taxes so why are they paying income taxes right back?  Their salaries should be cut so they don’t pay income tax, but they must still pay all other taxes that these leftist criminals in control of government demand to be exempted for themselves.  That’s how deeply Democrat swamp rat’s corruption runs.

America is going to be faced with a choice in November.  Keep Donald Trump and assure that the nation will recover quickly.  Or elect Biden and insure that Obamaism will once again stagnate the country perhaps for good.]

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