Covid-19 And The Globalists Not-So-Stealthy Attempt To Overthrow America Have Led Our Nation Into Completely Unknown Territory And It Reeks Of Tyranny!

May 25, 2020

By Stefan Stanford – All News Pipeline – Live Free Or Die

With leftist rag ‘the Daily Beast’ reporting on Sunday that covid-19 has exploded into at least a dozen different variants in the US alone, putting a major damper on any globalists thoughts of creating a ‘successful vaccine’ any time in the near future, yet governor’s of numerous US states across America saying their states won’t ‘return to normal until a vaccine is developed and distributed’, anybody who is still thinking this pandemic will be ‘out of sight, out of mind’ very soon will surely be disappointed.

In fact as we reported on ANP on Saturday within this linked story, we’re seeing more and more signs that anti-freedom Democrats/globalists will continue to ‘use this crisis as an opportunity’ to push their own anti-freedom agendas upon America.

Perfect exemplified with a majority of Democrats now pushing for mandatory OUTDOOR FACEMASKS for Americans despite the fact that one medical doctor recently explained why wearing a mask is MORE DANGEROUS than not wearing one, as we’d argued on ANP back on May 13th, more and more signs are emerging that Americans and America are being set up for the kill.

With more and more signs also emerging that Democrats/globalists are using this crisis as an opportunity to impose ‘digital tyranny’ upon America and the world with the left pushing for a vast army of contact tracers to be deployed nationwide before America ever ‘returns to normal’ while having a vaccine in place to be rapidly deployed nationwide also is one of the main ‘terms’ for which some states will ever ‘return to normal’, the fact that there are so many different strains of this beast makes developing a successful vaccine extremely difficult if not impossible.

As Steve Quayle had mentioned in an SQnote while linking to the previously mentioned Daily Beast story, “at the beginning of this outbreak I stated there were dozens of mutating variants and you cannot create a ‘cover-all vaccine’ for the differenting mutagenic strains”

So with some putting all of their hopes on a ‘return to normal’ on the ‘almost impossible’, and the left clearly weaponizing this crisis ahead of the election in the hopes of using it and the massive unemployment now being experienced in America to defeat President Trump in November (if there even is an election), anything is possible in the days and weeks ahead.

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With even the NY Times recently putting out this story titled “Will Mandatory Face Masks End the Burqa Bans?” hinting at ‘political aims’ of the mandatory mask requirement in America, and those ‘political aims’ clearly being ‘of a tyrannical nature’, the feminist website ‘She The People’ recently put out a story showing ‘the bigger picture’ of where this is all going.

With their story titled “We are all niqabis now: Coronavirus masks reveal hypocrisy of face covering bans”of interest was their eagerness to push mandatory facemasks for everybody while reporting within their story “Canadians, Americans and Europeans can get used to the new ubiquitous face masks, will they also get used to niqabs?”

Just another sign that this crisis is being used as an opportunity by the left to push another leftist political agenda, many thanks to ANP reader ‘What The Heck’ for posting the image above in this ANP comment section.

So before we continue, lets take an extended look at this story from the Washington Standard that Steve Quayle had also linked to on his website Sunday morning with the following crucial note: “Next stealth move to gradually force American women into Islamic compliance is underway! Next stop…hijab and burqa’s?”

There’s the science of face masks and the culture of face masks. 
The argument for outdoor face masks is terrible when it comes to science, but very much a matter of culture. And that’s where the split between Republicans and Democrats gets interesting. 

Fifty-two percent of Republican voters support mandatory face masks in some type of public spaces, with 27 percent saying both indoor and outdoor, and 25 percent saying indoor only. 
Eighty-one percent of Democrats support mandatory face masks in some public capacity, including 52 percent for both indoor and outdoor spaces and 31 percent for indoors only. 

Republican voters were more than twice as likely as Democrats to say wearing face masks in public should be recommended but not mandatory, at 31 percent and 13 percent, respectively. 
Leaving things up to people? That’s crazy. What is this America or something? 

Masks are dubious, in indoor or outdoor spaces, but while there’s some argument for them in indoor spaces, there’s really no argument for them in outdoor spaces. They serve no function whatsoever except virus virtue signaling. 
And Democrats are, obviously, the group that is most likely to engage in pointless virtue signaling over the pandemic.

While we are incredibly happy to report that ‘Western Maryland’ where ANP is located and where Susan Duclos and I live is definitely ‘returning to somewhat normal’ with whitewater rafting on the  Upper Yough 10 minutes from our house/office as busy as can be with thrill seekers on Saturday, anyone who expects that the democrats/globalists will allow America to ‘return to normal’ and a sure President Trump victory in November is likely largely mistaken.

As the blog Pharos reported in this new story, Democrats/globalists are rushing to use this crisis to push ‘digital identities for all’ and a digital identification and control system quite similar to what we’ve been witnessing over the past several years in Communist China.

With ‘big tech’ and the democrats/globalists already using it to censor alternative points of view as Mike Adams reported in this new story over at Natural News, just imagine America in 2021 should Joe Biden, Hillary or another Democrat win the election in November and the globalists rush their devious plans through without any opposition. From this story over at Pharos.

A digital identity for every citizen on the globe has been identified by the World Bank and World Economic Forum as an important part in the realisation of the Sustainable Development Goals. The right to a legal identity is a part of Global Goal 16 (Peace, Justice and Strong Institutions).

An effort to achieve this is the ID2020 Alliance. A Public-Private Partnership between United Nations agencies, World Economic Forum, Foundations and Big Tech-corporations. Their grand goal do however raise some concerns about loss of privacy, mass surveillance and population control.

It comes with a price that might have severe implications for the freedom of man.

ID2020 got a more solid ground at the United Nations annual summit in May 20, 2016, gathering industry leaders, NGOs, governments, emerging technology pioneers, and cross-industry experts to “foster a global conversation and build a working coalition to identify and build the enabling conditions for the creation of a legal digital identity for all individuals at risk.”

Speakers came from The World Bank Group, The European Association for e-Identity & Security, Commonwealth Secretariat, Center for Information Assurance and Cybersecurity, MIT, PSG Solutions, LLC., Verizon. Several of them were also contributors to the World Economic Forum that has since been a significant player in the development of a Digital ID.

The following year, at the annual summit 2017 in the United Nations ECOSOC Chamber, ID2020 adopted “the platform of change” and started the ID2020 Alliance, with funding from major donor Rockefeller Foundation and the digital technology consultant firm Accenture.

Other founding partners were GAVI – The Vaccine Alliance, Microsoft and (a design and consultant firm with partners like The Rockefeller Foundation, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, and The Bezos Family Foundation).

Participants included Intel, IBM, Verizon, Samsung, NEC, and SAP. The Alliance featured a very tight connection between big tech companies, foundations, and vaccine and health interests.

With the globalists happily pushing digital and medical tyranny in America having names like George Soros, Bill Gates, Bill and Hillary Clinton, Dr. Anthony Fauci and the ‘big pharma mafia’, and the ‘Clinton Foundation and partners’ pushing politicians across America and the world into totally unknown territory that is very unsympathetic to freedom, simply knowing ‘the players’ behind ‘the scheme’ should be enough to send off alarm bells nationwide of impending tyranny via ‘whatever means necessary’ for the globalists/democrats who were unable to take down President Trump and America via his impeachment or the fake Russian collusion scandal that has rocked America for the past 4 years.

And while we’re happy to report that face masks are back in stock at Amazon and can be found in a US flag variety here and here and more ‘traditional’ facemasks hereherehere, and here, as we hear in the very important 1st video below from ‘Ice Age Farmer’, President Donald Trump recently hinting at food shortages ahead in America during a press conference, claiming that the 2nd Amendment was incredibly important because people might need guns to guard their food, gives Americans another reason to prepare.

As Susan Duclos had warned in this May 24th ANP story titled“Meat Shortage, Limits On Purchases Are Here To Stay While The Establishment Media Ignores It Or Pushes Climate Control ‘Eat Less Meat’ Propaganda”, should that ‘worst case scenario’ come to pass, we’d much rather be prepared than not, especially with an unknown future ahead of us. 

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