Democrat’s Continuing War on America, Christianity, and Liberty.

Democrats now working toward communist slavery in America.

Posted on June 24, 2020 by dustyk103

Democrats never solve problems. They create them to use as political bludgeons with which to bash Republicans with their smears. As expected, stupid people cheer for them. Democratic socialism rewards Democrat communists, leftist liars, illegal alien voters, Antifa rioters, Black Lies Murderers assassinating cops, those who glorify criminals calling for an end to police, and Islamist-style cop-free, law-free, no-go zones. The left has been waging war on America for the last twelve years. It has become a shooting war, and still, Republicans are asleep at the wheel.

Democrat Party (definition) – see lying socialist, leftwing, anti-Christian pigs

President Trump keeps saying he would declare Antifa a domestic terror group but does not. American patriots are getting disgusted with the lack of action by Republicans to do what is right. Instead, we get deep state generals condemning their Commander-in-Chief for declaring he will defend the church nearby the White House and Christian America. The Deep State goes extremely deep and is going to result in the fall of America. Civil War II will be won by Democrats through sabotage, subterfuge, and the stupidity by miseducated liberal fools. Many Republicans would rather bow to evil rather than be smeared 24/7/365 for fighting it. Donald Trump stands virtually alone in Washington fighting against the ultimate corruption of the left.

Democrats, the party of communists, Nazis, fascists, Islamists, perverts, and racist bigots of all colors, is indeed a big tent party – for America haters. That’s why Rush calls them “America’s largest hate group.” How do they unite all people who are anti-America, anti-Constitution, and anti-freedom? You call for all the anti-Christians to destroy the righteous. There are Christians in the Democrat Party you say? What kind of Christian endorses killing babies in the womb, all manner of sexual perversion including child molesting, God hating atheists and Satanists, anti-liberty socialism, and the fascist bigotry of leftism?

The left says Christianity is the Inquisition. The Inquisition was created by leftists that infiltrated the Catholic Church till they obtained the highest positions of power, and then following the Spanish in imposing Christianity on the people the way Islam is imposed by Moslem Imams committed to the fundamentalism of Muhammad’s Jihad. They didn’t just target non-believers.

They targeted even Christians who refused to bow to the Papacy. When the Gutenberg Bible was printed, so that all people could read it to find the true teachings of Christ, there was a great rebellion that resulted in the Protestant Wars of Reformation. Then, as now, people had to fight their way out of socialist dictatorship.

America was founded by protestants. That the South was corrupted by Democrats committed to slavery is lost on uneducated liberals. They haven’t the first clue that they are endorsing the Democrat Plantation. After Republicans took their slaves away, Democrats worked out a plan under FDR to use subterfuge to bring them back as welfare voter slaves. America has been suffering the reversal and oppression of this mistake for almost a century. Now Democrats feel empowered to openly declare their communist dictator ideals and launch an open war in the streets.

They claim they are fighting racism when they are fighting against law and order. They demand massive mail-in voter fraud to return them to ultimate power.

Christians crushed the Inquisition; Moslems endorse the Jihad

How the left lies

They created this latest crisis of chaos over the murder of George Floyd by a Democrat cop in a Democrat city of a Democrat state by blaming Republicans. They start out by demanding justice, and then morphed into demanding America be unmade. This is how the left corrupts the hearts, minds, and souls of ignorant people. The only difference between Democrats of today and the socialists of the 20th century is that they are not wearing the swastikas, red stars, or the hammer and sickle of the past.

Instead, they are wearing the globe of Obamunism. They are working through uneducated fools deluding themselves to believe that Democrats are for the people rather than for the elites, and that Republicans and Democrats are the opposite of what they actually are. The only way to achieve this is through a lying, complicit media that disseminates their propaganda.

Freeing blacks from the Democrat Plantation requires freeing them from the prison of their minds. How do you free blacks from the Democrat Plantation of today? Educating blacks to undo the mis-education and hate into which Democrats have indoctrinated them is a monumental task. Some have suggested that using something akin to evangelism might be beneficial.

A part of this comes from the fact that blacks have abandoned Christianity, and many have adopted Islam. They say Christianity is used to make slaves passive. They think Islam, being forced to submit to Allah, is not slavery. Getting past these misconceptions by people who are happy to delude themselves may be impossible.

What kind of people are Moslems? There are the ruling Imams, the oppressor jihadis, and the brainwashed sheep. These people hate dogs. Dogs are a mirror reflection of God’s Love. They are loyal and loving to their family and will defend them to the death against those who would harm them. The Chinese eat dogs. What does that say about Moslem and socialist cultures? Islamists do not venerate Christ.

They tolerate those who do by oppressing them with taxes and violence. Islam never spread by education and peace as Christianity did. It was spread only through violent conquest and overthrows of cultures that they then destroyed. This is why they force all people to pray five times a day, act the same, dress the same, eat the same, and think the same. It is the ultimate socialist control. Christians only fought to defend themselves against oppression.

Deep State Corruption

The Supreme Court upholding Obama’s dictates as law, making the Trump administration jump through hoops to undo it, is just wrong. Instead of Democrats in Congress, who refuse to make DACA legal, the Court refused to do what is right for these fools who believe Democrats are on their side. They say the president cannot eliminate DACA for “procedural” reasons. Obama followed no procedure at all in giving illegal aliens citizen’s rights.

Democrats in Congress have made it clear that they will not obey the law or follow the Constitution. President Trump made it clear that Obama’s DACA order was illegal, that Congress makes laws, and attempted to force Democrats in Congress to openly declare their positions in support of illegal aliens over citizens. But, of course, they won’t. They want to rule by dictatorship that steals rights from citizens, not govern by laws.

I don’t care anymore. Send them all packing! President Trump should immediately increase ICE to round up and deport ALL illegals, including those DACA recipients who have participated in anti-America rallies. “Dreamers” that have NOT participated in anti-American rallies are welcome to stay and apply for citizenship.

Seal the border against these invaders and Democrat’s criminal friends among the drug smugglers and human slave traffickers. All immigrant programs instituted by Democrats should be abolished. Please, President Trump, if you don’t stop Democrats, they will turn this nation over to communist invaders and domestic Democrat enemies will rule.

Biden says to elect him to unify the country. Biden wouldn’t make DACA permanent. Democrats in Congress have no wish to solve any problems just as they have left their cities in squalor for decades. Polls saying Biden will win in a massive landslide are the same polls they created in 2016.

This time they are counting on massive mail-in ballot fraud to win the election after Election Day. The Supreme Court turning on Trump from the Deep State upholding Obama’s dictates against Trump’s attempt to undo them is a prime example of how deeply this country has been corrupted.

Leftist media freely censors conservatives, while their liberal minions can be counted on to attack anyone wearing a MAGA cap or displaying a Republican sticker on their car. The Boy Scouts, founded as a Christian organization, is now being sued for boys who were sexually molested by scout masters – thirty years after Democrats forced them to allow gay men to become scout masters. Why are they suing the Scouts instead of Democrats?

Because this is how the left tears down what is righteous. Just like the left infiltrated the church to misguide Christians in the Middle Ages, they do it all the time to destroy all that is good in the world.

Saving America

The left in America are trying to tear down our culture, our history, our nation. Democrats are not only encouraging them to tear down the Confederate statues that they say represent slavery, but which actually represent the Democrat Party, they are tearing down all American history. They tore down the statues of Washington and Jefferson because they were “slave owners.”

Now they want to tear down statues of Theodore Roosevelt and Abraham Lincoln. Abraham Lincoln! Lincoln who freed the slaves. Lincoln who formed the Republican Party from the remnants of Jefferson’s Democratic-Republicans. They want all righteous Americans destroyed. Reagan and Trump should be added to Mt. Rushmore for their greatness.

Democrats want to blow the whole thing up and put up statues of their heroes like Lenin, Stalin, Mao, and eventually Hitler.

These people are not fighting against slavery or injustice. They are fighting to destroy American liberty. The blacks who are partaking in this are not fighting to be free. They are fighting to remain slaves under a socialist dictatorship.

How can people be so deluded? Apparently, they believe that living in the gilded slums of socialist ghettos as welfare voter slaves is superior to living free in America and working for their own prosperity. They are mollified by having their House Negroes standing in Congress doing the bidding of their rich, white, elitist masters.

Those who actually are “token blacks” are well paid, and all the white people have to do is say the right words while doing nothing more than occasionally bending the knee wearing African scarves to make them happy.

A righteous black woman schools a liberal white woman

Susan “Benghazi” Rice, whose lies of Benghazi made her one of Obama’s most infamous deceivers, says Biden can defeat Trump. She says America needs him as someone who can “heal and unify the nation” by consigning Trump and those who support him to the trash heap of history, i.e. patriotic, Christian Americans who love this great nation.

Democrats have never done anything but divide the nation. Blithering Biden is no unifying healer, nor was Obama a healing unifier. He divided this nation as it hasn’t been divided since the Antebellum South rebelled. Ever since losing the first Civil War when Republicans took their slaves away, Democrats have dreamed of rising up to overthrow the righteous. Rice stopped just short of declaring that they would bury our children.

The left will never stop. The war between good and evil never ends. You either fight it or join it or you get out of the way and let them win. All there is for you to decide is which kind of person do you want to be? A positive, righteous person or a negative, selfish person. Do you want to be the person who stands against evil, or bows before evil, or permits evil?

Leftism isn’t about being good or doing what’s right. They are not giving, forgiving, or righteous. They are not against what is wrong, immoral, or corrupt. They are the corrupt. They are about creating what is wrong to smear what is right. They condemn what is good in the world to remake it into that for which they lust for through their greed, envy, fear, hate, and selfishness.

Leftism is slavery to evil and ruling by lies. No righteous person in America should imagine giving the left an inch because they will take a mile and run roughshod over the good people of this nation.

President Trump’s response to leftist rebellion for which the left smears him

[Author’s Note: There is nothing more backwards thinking than believing that eliminating police would eliminate crime. It would only eliminate justice. Liberals are galactically stupid to believe their backwards logic. They would not make black people safe from police. They would make young black men who choose to become criminals ten times more than any other demographic group free to commit ten times more crime than they already do.

Who would keep them safe from the gangsters in their hoods that kill a hundred times more blacks than the police that 99.99% of the time kill the gangsters? The claim that white cops are racist, or that all cops are racist, is the bigoted lie of stupid people. The shooting of Rayshard Brooks, like the shootings of Trayvon Martin and Michael Brown, were all eminently justified self-defense.

Only the deliberate murder of George Floyd was an act of racist hate by a Democrat cop to spark this latest outrage. As usual, after the left ignited this ember, they fanned it into a major conflagration to destroy America.

While endorsing Biden, Obama stupidly opened his big mouth saying that Trump is “militarizing against peaceful protesters,” as if we haven’t seen leftist liberal Democrats rioting, looting, burning, assaulting, and murdering innocent people. Only the very stupidest of Democrats believe in Obama’s “clean, articulate” lies!

Other Democrats are equating Kaepernick with Pat Tillman. These liberals that spew feces from their mouths, because they’ve had their heads stuck up their asses for too long believing that a sh*t sandwich is the new filet mignon, only prove that liberals have sh*t for brains.

They are slime, muck, filth, garbage, putrescence! Bow down to them if you want. Liberals are just the stupidest of lemmings to follow their Democrat leaders over the cliff to their own destruction.

This is the result of conservative Christians allowing communist leftists of the Democrat Nazi Communist Party the liberty to infect our education system to corrupt young minds with their indoctrination techniques.

We need another McCarthy era. They screamed in the 50s until they smeared McCarthy’s name, but what he did stopped them from doing what they are doing now. They whined that their free speech was abridged, but now they use social media to censor righteous speech as hate speech while promoting their own hate speech.

And Obama used America’s government agencies, including the IRS, EPA, FBI, and CIA to undermine and spy on righteous Americans. These Democrats are putting hammer and sickle symbols over American monuments. Who is it that are Putin’s friends in America? Not Trump.

Democrat leftists use government to impose punishment on those that do not submit to their rule. Republicans must stand against their violent tyranny by having the law land on their hands rather than be trod on under their feet.

Remove them from our schools, from our judiciary, and from our government by force if necessary! Righteous, patriotic Republicans cannot allow them to cheat their way to power or to remain in government corrupting our nation with their filthy ideology of leftism.

Communists, Nazis, fascists, and Islamists have no place in a nation of free peoples. The Founders warned us that America was created for a moral people. A republic, if we could keep it. The corrupt left is proving how utterly vile they are as they begin eating their own the way the socialists of WWII did. They are not patriotic in the least.

They are domestic enemies acting in concert with foreign enemies to overthrow America.]

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