Gaslighting The Sovereigns Of The United States: Without Justice There Is No Liberty

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Anyone is susceptible to gaslighting, and it is a common technique of abusers, dictators, narcissists, and cult leaders. It is done slowly, so the victim doesn’t realize how much they’ve been brainwashed. Gaslighting is a tactic in which a person or entity “DS”, in order to gain more power, makes a victim “US Population” question their “Constitutional” reality.

Gaslighting January 6, 2021



Gaslighting The Sovereigns Of The United States: Without Justice There Is No Liberty

“The Vice President has the power to reject fraudulently chosen electors,” President Trump January 5, 2021.

VP Thomas Jefferson, author of the Declaration of Independence, the man whose face adorns Mt Rushmore, among the most revered founding fathers of our country, only became President because he used his unilateral power as President of the Senate to open and count the presidential ballots.

As president of the Senate, every objection comes directly to him, and he can rule any objection “out of order” or “denied.”  His task will be to fulfill his oath of office to protect and defend the Constitution of the United States and to ensure that the laws be faithfully executed.  This is a high standard of performance, and V.P. Pence will have two choices.  He can roll over on “certified” electors, or he can uphold the law.

Speaking exclusively with National File on January 7, Constitutional Attorney Ivan Raiklin explained that President Donald Trump’s “only option” to defend the Constitution is to “activate the Emergency Alert System.” This comes as Big Tech companies have banned President Trump and many of his supporters from using their platforms just days after Congress certified the fraudulent Electoral College results on January 6.

He also pointed out multiple Constitutional violations by states, Congress, and Vice President Mike Pence.

“Everyone consummated the violations to the Constitution across the board,” said Raiklin.

According to Raiklin’s legal analysis, the states violated the Constitution on December 14 when they sent their slates of electors to Congress.

You had the fraud going on at the precinct level. The states violated Article 1, Section 4, which is time, manner and place of running federal elections. They went outside those bounds.

Then Article 2, Section 1, Clause 2, the states violated that component of the Constitution, which is the Electors Clause, because they didn’t select their electors in the manner that the state legislatures mandated under their election laws.

Then you have Article 4, Section 2, which is the Supremacy Clause of Constitution, meaning that the Constitution and federal laws supercede any state laws in contravention to that federal law, by running their elections in the manner that they did and it goes alongside of Article 1, Section 4.

Also, they violated the 14th amendment, the individual folks that legally and legitimately voted, because their votes were diluted by the fraud. It could’ve only just been one dead person, at the end of the day it occurred and they need to have pristine elections, and that’s not what happened.

He also said that Vice President Pence violated the Constitution on December 23, by not sending a letter to those states, demanding that they correct the fraud. As National File reported, US Code actually prohibited Pence from accepting electoral votes from fraudulently certified states. Additionally, Raiklin said that Pence violated the Constitution a second time on January 6 by “not setting up an environment to correct the fraudulently certified electoral slates from these six contested states.”

“The United States Congress yesterday, facilitated the violation of all those parts of Constitution and in addition to that, they violated the 5th amendment, the Due Process clause, because the 5th amendment applies to the federal government. I’d argue that they also violated the 12th amendment, the manor that they voted in the House on the objections,” said Raiklin.

“His only option in order to be able to defend the Constitution is to activate the Emergency Alert System, to be able to convey his message to the American people across television, radio, internet, and phones, since he’s being banned on everything. In that message he needs to lay out the case to America that we are being attacked by foreign adversaries, particularly China, in terms of cyber. There’s also a Russian and Iranian component. I’m saying this with a high degree of confidence, based on all the reporting that I’ve seen, and it’s all unclassified,” said Raiklin.

“He needs to lay out the case of a foreign attack based on national security grounds, which is what you’d usually use the EAS system for, and articulate that under the framework of Executive Order 13848.”

National File

President Donald Trump said Wednesday afternoon Vice President Mike Pence “didn’t have the courage” in his decision to not overturn the election results.  President Trump January 6, 2021

Gaslighting January 18, 2021



Gaslighting The Sovereigns Of The United States: Without Justice There Is No Liberty

Director of National Intelligence John Ratcliffe wrote a letter to Congress on January 7, 2021

confirming China’s interference in the 2020 US election.

Director of National Intelligence (DNI) John Ratcliffe issued a report stating China interfered in the 2020 election while CIA management pressured lower level analysts to discount this assessment. DNI Ratcliffe Releases Report

President Trump now has more justification to uphold his Constitutional duty to protect the integrity of US elections from foreign interference, under the framework of his Executive Order on Imposing Certain Sanctions in the Event of Foreign Interference in a United States Election.

“He needs to lay out the case of a foreign attack based on national security grounds, which is what you’d usually use the EAS system for, and articulate that under the framework of Executive Order 13848

The Washington Examiner published DNI Ratcliffe’s letter to Congress on January 17, ten days after Vice President Mike Pence and Congress unconstitutionally certified the fraudulent results of the electoral college.

Constitutional attorney Raiklin recommended that the President take his time and “articulate everything,” and to “use the entire executive department, declassify things that you need to declassify, to let folks know.”

Gaslighting The Sovereigns Of The United States: Without Justice There Is No Liberty

“Because there is an insurrection going on inside of the entire government, funded, supported and fomented by foreign actors, he needs to lay out that case as well, of any evidence of that,” said Raiklin. “Why would Nancy Pelosi call for an impeachment of the President when he specifically said there was going to be a peaceful transition, with less than two weeks remaining, saying they will impeach him unless the cabinet throws him out of office using the 25th amendment?”

“There must be something that will implicate her, that is already in the hands of the President, and she needs him out of office to not be able to activate the Emergency Alert System, to communicate to America what she is also potentially complicit in. There is something there,” said Raiklin. “That something may be somehow associated with Eric Swalwell being on the intel committee, and his relationships that have been exposed recently of potential ties with China.”

Raiklin noted that it would be strategically advantageous and possible for China to co-opt US politicians, such as California Representative Eric Swalwell, Georgia Governor Brian Kemp, New York Governor Andrew Cuomo, and California Governor Gavin Newsom, in order to “influence their decision making in a manner that is most favorable to Chinese interests.”

“It is my assessment that there is a potential nexus there, from what I’ve seen, that’s worth looking into further, in auditing these individuals on their ties to foreign connections, potentially, foreign intelligence services and foreign governments. Unfortunately we don’t have a FBI that does that.

One of the reasons that they don’t do that, I would suspect, is that the committee that has oversight over the FBI has an agent, potentially, of its own, that would apply pressure to those same agents that would be investigating them, ie: Swalwell on HPSCI, the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence.”

Raiklin said that the President’s main focus should be restoring election integrity in the United States, regardless of the politics. He recommended that President Trump use the EAS and “activate federal forces under the Insurrection Act, send them to the swing states that violated the Constitution, and tell the state governors that those federal forces will remain in place until the state legislatures actually vote on an electoral slate of their choosing.”

Such a move would force states to conduct their elections in the manner that is consistent with Article 2, Section 1, Clause 2 of the Constitution, “which they have yet to do,” according to Raiklin.

“In terms of the US Constitution, I’ve sworn an oath several times in my career, and that thing doesn’t expire. It is my obligation to advise the President that he has also taken an oath to defend the Constitution. Right now, under these circumstances, that is the only mechanism that he has legally,” said Raiklin. “It would be Martial Law in those states until the those legislatures actually voted and complied with the Constitution.”

“It wouldn’t be against the people. Let me frame it this way, it would be solely deployed to those state Capitols, like the actual Capitol building, to make sure that the legislators voted how they wanted to. It’s not coercion.”

If the states certified Biden as the winner after this, Raiklin said that he would be willing to “accept the results of the election as being Constitutionally valid,” even though he would still have his doubts as to whether or not the underlying ballot numbers were legitimate. This would “require further litigation and audits of ballots and machines, which the President must seize and have the Military” conduct a forensic audit for “foreign ties” in order to address these doubts, according to Raiklin.

National File has learned that Raiklin banned Twitter from all of his devices, and is also in the process of deplatforming Apple, YouTube, Amazon, and Google in the coming hours. Additionally, Raiklin has demanded that Parler move off of Amazon Web Services by midnight on Sunday. Raiklin continues to allow Gab and Telegram to broadcast his content, and will return to Parler when they fully move off of AWS.

National File reported:

Gaslighting The Sovereigns Of The United States: Without Justice There Is No Liberty

Was The American Republic Gaslighted When President Donald J. Trump “didn’t have the courage” in his decision to not overturn the election results?

The Gaslighting of America:

You’ve heard it before: you’re the victim of political gaslighting. Depending on the news source, the villain might be President Trump, or Governor Cuomo, or Senator Sanders, or Gambian President Barrow. But gaslighted you are.

How are you “gaslighted?” A narcissistic leader and his supporters have persuaded you to believe what you know to be false. This is not just politricks as usual: it’s an assault on your sense of reality. And you know that because journalists have told you so.

You hear it so often that you might even suspect you are being gaslighted into believing you are gaslighted. After all, many of these articles are hit pieces on politicians, not defenses of your right to transparency from government servants.

But the danger is real, and if we are truly concerned that Americans are being gaslighted, then we need to move beyond partisan bickering to face the most tragic, widespread instance in recent memory: the federal government’s mishandling of the pandemic.

Nothing illuminates our peril more clearly than the inspiration for this trending concept: George Cukor’s film Gaslight (1944). Its heroine, Paula, is gaslighted by the husband sworn to love her into believing she is insane and must be locked up. And now we, the American people, have been gaslighted by the government elected to protect us into believing that we would all die unless we were locked down.

The dangers Paula faces in her own home dramatize those we face in our national house: the loss of current freedom and future wealth. And to understand how we got here, we have only to trace her winding path from confusion to resistance to passivity.


Gaslight opens by presenting Paula (Ingrid Bergman) as particularly vulnerable because it was she who discovered her aunt, the prima donna Alice Alquist, murdered in their London home. Traumatized, Paula departs for Italy, where a decade later she is persuaded to marry a man she has known for just two weeks: the suave Gregory Anton (Charles Boyer).

Gregory manipulates Paula into settling in the London house, where she shows him a painting of her aunt in the role of Empress Theodora, which was the favorite of her admirer, the Russian tsar. To avoid distressing Paula with reminders of her aunt’s murder, Gregory moves all of Alice’s things into the attic, which he has boarded up.

And then the torment begins. Gregory tells Paula that she is inclined to lose things, that she has become forgetful. Initially she demurs: she doesn’t lose things! But he makes sure that she does, stealing away the pendant he has just given her, creating doubt.

Then Gregory says she is too ill to leave the house or receive visitors. He will care for her. Paula tries to go for a walk, but the saucy maid (Nancy) that Gregory hired intimidates her, slyly inquiring, “S’pose the master asks where?” Paula stutters and retreats. And every night Gregory sends her to her lonely room while he goes out to “work.”

In a last burst of rebellion, Paula declares that she will go to a musical party: “I must get out of this house, meet people, and see all that’s going on in the world.” So he acquiesces. And during the concert, he “discovers” that she has placed his pocket watch in her reticule. Paula breaks it.

Tormented by isolation and lies, it is no wonder that Paula doubts her own sanity. And so she is ready when Gregory declares his intention to have her locked up for good.

It is chilling to trace her journey—confusion, fear, resistance, defeat—especially because we’ve just been through it. Like Paula, we’ve been isolated and subjected to arbitrary rules at the behest of those supposedly looking after our interests. And the results are devastating.

Gaslighting The Sovereigns Of The United States: Without Justice There Is No Liberty


Consider: our government said that COVID-19 was dangerous, and we must be cautious. Millions could die. But masks were unnecessary. Put those down, the CDC said. Just practice social distancing. Wash your hands. A lot, they reminded us. And then put on your mask. What do you mean, what mask? How could you forget your mask? The CDC recommends them. Many states require them. Shame on you.

Is it any wonder that we, like Paula, felt confused and afraid?

And so we followed orders. Our government said to stay home, to stop working, to avoid people while they leveled the curve. And we did, although with some hesitation amidst the pressure. After all, our federal government had our best interests at heart.

And if we resisted, there were governors to protect us from the dangers of buying seeds, and mandates to place infected patients back in nursing homes.

You’ll object, of course, that our government’s motives differ: Gregory is narcissistic, while our government has good intentions. That’s true to an extent. But those intentions are powered by elitism and hubris, which render the government far more dangerous. Because they believe they know best, they will never stop “fixing” things. And so they lie to themselves as well as us.

The results are evident. The CDC’s initial testing kits were flawed. Deaths in nursing homes exploded. Domestic violence surged. Mental health issues from the lockdown skyrocketed, including increased suicides.

Like Paula, we wanted to get out. We began to feel not so much locked down as locked up.

And we began to wonder if we’d been gaslighted into ceding our rights to a power as arbitrary as it was fallible.


What should now be clear to us as well as Paula is that we’ve lost control of our own house.

Worse, those we’ve chosen (married or elected) along with those we have not (the household servants, the career bureaucrats) not only limit our freedom of movement: they assume increasing powers over our present and future wealth.

Gregory’s financial motive surfaces only in the last third of the film, when we see him sneaking into the attic to search Alice Alquist’s things. His goal was always to acquire Paula’s house so that he could find the crown jewels the Russian tsar gave Alice—jewels for which Gregory murdered her a decade ago.

This is when the physical gaslighting occurs: every night he turns up the gaslight to search the attic, so the gas is diverted from Paula’s bedroom. She sees her lights dim, but the treacherous maid who is loyal to Gregory denies it. And so Paula is psychologically gaslighted, betrayed into doubting what she sees.

The redirection of the gas from Paula’s room to the attic also symbolizes Gregory’s goal of diverting her inheritance to himself. Once she is in an asylum, he obtains all. The original gaslighter’s motive was always the oldest of all: greed.

Fortunately, the film’s hero, Scotland Yard Detective Brian Cameron, suspected something was wrong. He visits Paula on the very night that Gregory realizes the jewels were sewn into Alice’s famous Empress Theodora gown, which was right in front of him all along. And now they are restored by Detective Cameron to Paula as her rightful property.


If we are outraged by Gregory’s theft, we should be more so by our government’s handling of the pandemic. We may not see a literal gaslight dimming, but we can spot evidence of resources being diverted or dissipated by poorly designed programs, such as the CARES Act.

Using that act, our government said it would take care of the financial distress. And so our experts mailed relief checks to Americans, often boosting incomes above what they had been before the lockdown and creating disincentives for some to return to work. For other recipients, chiefly the million dead people, the checks provided no benefits at all, except perhaps the exercise of spinning in their graves.

To be fair, in some cases, the jobs that citizens were forced to leave either no longer exist or are on the verge of being eliminated, as more businesses file for bankruptcy due to the lockdown.

Gaslighting The Sovereigns Of The United States: Without Justice There Is No Liberty

Meanwhile, government spending is driving up the national debt, which could “crater” the economy, Nick Gillespie warns. And the Federal Reserve is expanding its focus to include fiscal policy. As Alexander Salter argues, “Its new interventions threaten to undermine the integrity of financial markets for years to come.”

Do you see your financial future dimming yet? Even now, our government is planning additional programs that will waste money, encourage corruption, and endanger our future prosperity. Our well-intentioned experts refuse to see the limits of their own knowledge.

How is this all to end? In Gaslight, Paula obtains the jewels and confronts Gregory. Posing as the insane woman he tried to create, she pretends she could kill him with impunity. But she doesn’t. She turns him over to Scotland Yard. Detective Cameron muses, “In the morning when the sun rises, sometimes it’s hard to believe there ever was a night.”

Like Paula, we can reject gaslighting and insist on regaining our rights, though whether we will forget this nightmare is debatable. Punishing our persecutors is certainly beyond us.

A pity.

American Institute Of Economic Research

Gaslighting The Sovereigns Of The United States: Without Justice There Is No Liberty
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