Posted on December 3, 2023 by State of the Nation

SOTN Editor’s Note: As expected, it was only a matter of time before whistleblowers around the world would bravely start downloading Covid ‘vaccine’ data and information that would clearly prove the existence of a global depopulation scheme, WHICH IS STILL AT WORK!

The following video explains the latest data download and how it conclusively incriminates the Covid vax genocide perpetrators.  The whistleblower is “a computer systems programmer at the Ministry of Health in New Zealand who designed the computer payment system for vaccine providers”, so the hard data is accurate and apparently has not been altered in any way.

What’s most distressing about this latest analysis is the stunning
degree of premeditation and calculation to murder and/or
injure millions of Covid ‘vaccine’ recipients
throughout New Zealand.

There’s another extremely concerning development which is coming from each successive Covid ‘vaccine’ investigation conducted within various countries around the world: That there’s a discernible pattern of highly targeted genocide emerging, and that it is the genomes of the most injured populations which predominate in the historically white Christian nations with European ancestry as the targets.

In point of fact, it’s now evident that there is now a highly purposeful design behind the Covid Super Vaccination Agenda, especially in the manner by which it has been implemented in those same countries.  The primary goals are as follows:

I. EXTERMINATION of the White Race

II. DEPOPULATION of the Christian Nations

III. GENOCIDE of the Patriots in all countries,
especially those with European bloodlines 

(Source: OPERATION COVID-19 Has 3 Exceedingly Evil Goals)


The following irrefutable analysis fleshes out the skeleton of this vital Covid ‘vaccine’-driven genocide narrative.  Every person on the planet ought to be aware of this devastating criminal conspiracy to stealthily commit the mass murder of white people and Christians worldwide, particularly those of European descent.

Now ask yourself why.  Really, why US!!!

Who’s really behind the long planned and highly organized genocide of the White Race?

State of the Nation
December 3,2023

N.B. Now listen to the good attorney plead her case below as her witness provides the hard evidence of a highly calculated Covid vax-induced genocide.

M.O.A.R (Mother Of All Revelations)


New Zealand Police Are Raiding Home Of Whistleblower Who Leaked Covid-19 Vaccine Mortality Data!


New Zealand ARRESTS Government Database Admin for Revealing 24% DEATH RATE for certain COVID Vaccine Batches

Source: https://stateofthenation.co/?p=198078