How the Khazarian Cabal has insidiously taken over the USA since 1913

PONERIZATION: How the American 800-pound gorilla was painstakingly trained to tyrannize the US citizenry and terrorize the world community of nations

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Here we are: the United States of America lies in total wreck and ruin and yet so few even know how we got here.

Only by understanding the well-kept secret process of ponerization can anyone begin to comprehend how we have reached this extremely sad state of affairs across the USA.

Exactly what is ponerization?

The following exposé clearly delineates the answer to this crucial question.

PONERIZATION: How the American Republic was taken over
by political cliques of criminally insane psychopaths

For those who did not open the preceding link, what follows is the short story.  But first, here’s some vital background information on the concept of ponerization: Ponerization is a ponerological term coined by Dr. Andrzej M. Łobaczewsk

Now let’s take a close look at the unceasingly and incorrigibly corrupt FBI as a glaring example of a totally ponerized American institution.

Even though it was originally formed as the Bureau of Investigation (BOI) in 1908, the modern version of the FBI was established under the leadership of the notoriously corrupt J. Edgar Hoover in 1924.

The Khazarian Cabal selected Hoover over many other highly compromised law men because of how vulnerable he was to being further corrupted and willing to follow the criminal orders of his hidden Khazarian masters.

Even Hoover’s Wikipedia page gives away how just much blind loyalty he had to the rapidly emerging BEAST System, the creation of which the Federal Reserve Act of 1913 greatly facilitated.

Head of the Radical Division

In August 1919, the 24-year-old J. Edgar Hoover became head of the Bureau of Investigation’s new General Intelligence Division, also known as the Radical Division because its goal was to monitor and disrupt the work of domestic radicals.[20] America’s First Red Scare was beginning, and one of Hoover’s first assignments was to carry out the Palmer Raids.[21]

Hoover and his chosen assistant, George Ruch,[22] monitored a variety of U.S. radicals with the intent to punish, arrest, or deport those whose politics they decided were dangerous. Targets during this period included Marcus Garvey;[23] Rose Pastor Stokes and Cyril Briggs;[24] Emma Goldman and Alexander Berkman;[25] and future Supreme Court justice Felix Frankfurter, who, Hoover maintained, was “the most dangerous man in the United States.”[26]

In 1920 the 25 year-old Edgar Hoover was initiated as a Freemason[27][28][29] at D.C.’s Federal Lodge No. 1 in Washington D.C. He went on to join the Scottish Rite in which he was made a 33rd Degree Inspector General Honorary in 1955.[30]

That nascent professional profile alone ought to scare the bejesus out of any American Patriot, yes?!

So the Khazarians basically put a professional hardened criminal in charge of the nation’s premier law enforcement agency.

What happened next is what really matters as far as the stealthy process ponerization is concerned.

A corrupt and crooked leader of any law enforcement organization will alway surround himself with equally corrupt and crooked staff.  He or she will especially only hire unscrupulous direct reports who can be counted on to carry out so many nefarious plots and criminal conspiracies. (Just look at all the crooked lawmen FBI Director James Comey conscripted to carry out some of the worst crimes in the agency’s history.)

Then, all of those corrupt and treacherous division directors and branch managers will hire corruptocrats in the same way.  Which is precisely what Hoover and his top lieutenants did while building the FBI from scratch.

Inevitably, a whole cadre of FBI employees and contractors of the same unethical ilk were similarly employed to implement the corrupt policies of their psychopathic bosses.  In this very same way, every agency within the U.S. Intelligence Community was systematically ponerized since their respective inceptions.

In light of this stark reality at the FBI, it did not take much time for the entire agency to be thoroughly corrupted.  And so it was.  And to a degree that would absolutely shock the average U.S. citizen.

Which also means that C.I.A., NSA, DIA, DEA and ATF were all completely taken over by the Khazarian Cabal in the very same manner that the FBI was.  It also means that the less well known Office of Naval Intelligence, Office of Intelligence and Counterintelligence, Office of National Security Intelligence, Bureau of Intelligence and Research and National Reconnaissance Office were likewise morphed into Khazarian spook agencies that conducted specific spying and surveillance missions for that genocidal cabal.

Bad leaders know better never to surround themselves with people of conscience.  They may hire a few good and upright employees, but they’re always kept far away from the action.  Their primary purpose is to confer a veneer of legitimacy and honesty upon the whole organization.

The grim reality after ponerization sets in, however, is always the same.  Virtually every employee of these powerful organization eventually transforms into an exceedingly proficient liar.  For it is the main MO of lying and prevarication, mendacity and misrepresentation, perjury and equivocation, falsehood and fabrication, duplicity and distortion, deceit and deception, etc, which make up the primary currency of a comprehensively ponerized institution.

Now, take this essential “ponerization” knowledge and apply it to every organ within the U.S. Federal Government, to all state governments, as well as to many county and most municipal governments.  Then, apply it to every single publicly held corporation in America.  Next, apply it to every major non-governmental organization established in the USA.  Then, apply it to every college and university, particularly every state university system.  Most significantly, apply this correct understanding to all influential think tanks and brain trusts as well as to every major scientific research organization.

KEY POINT: It ought to be self-evident that the only way the Khazarian Cabal could have successfully pulled off the biowar against humanity known as OPERATION COVID-19, as well as the weaponized Covid Super Vaccination Agenda, was to first irreversibly ponerize every participating person and party.  Really, how else could the Khazarians possibly keep such a massive global depopulation scheme, as well as the selective national genocides, effectively covered up?!

In light of this ever-furtive and perfidious ponerization process, it should be quite easy to see why the world community of nations now looks at the good ole USA as an exceedingly malevolent and dangerous EMPIRE OF LIES.


The latest incarnation of the “perpetual” EMPIRE OF LIES literally attained its world supremacy by lying … about everything … everywhere … all the time.

And all anyone has to do is look at the current state of the American Republic to verify this very unfortunate fact of life across the country.

It’s very significant to understand that the folks who originally settled the United States were a godly people.  A vast majority were religious and ethical, moral and upright.  The country really was “the land of the free and the home of the brave”.   But that was a long time ago.

Today, all we see is a nation whose leaders in every field and endeavor are pathological liars and delusional psychopaths who spend much of their time lying about their lies.  Of course, we’re primarily talking about the most highly paid, institutionally powerful and societally glorified professions.

So, when we write about the EMPIRE OF LIES this is what we’re really talking about:

The doctors and physicians have totally destroyed the field of medicine … through their injurious and often lethal lies.

The lawyers and judges have utterly destroyed the rule of law and system of justice, respectively, … with their endless lying and truly terrible lies.

The Uniparty politicians and elected representatives and government officials have completely destroyed the United States of America … by way of nonstop lying and propagandizing and misrepresentation and prevarication.

The economists have forever destroyed the economy while the financiers have irreversibly destroyed the currency … by telling so many highly consequential lies.

Whereas the bankers have wrecked the banking industry, accountants have quietly destroyed the field of auditing … by telling lie after lie after lie.

Likewise, the developers have irreparably destroyed the land just as the builders have relentlessly destroyed the construction industry … with one lie after another.

Of course, there are all of those captains of industry and business magnates, investment tycoons and predatory capitalists, movie moguls and media titans across Corporate America who have all destroyed society as they lied their way to the top and then lied to the US citizenry—ABOUT EVERYTHING.

Let’s not forget the U.S. Armed Forces that destroys everything in sight, and then outright lies about the awesome destruction and ‘collateral damage’ to the American people and the world community of nations.

Did you know that even the historians, archaeologists and anthropologists lie about virtually everything all the time?  So do the astronomers and astrophysicists, cosmologists and cosmogonists. 

Who doesn’t know that every weatherman and meteorologist in all 50 states lies through their teeth when they issue the daily forecast … as though chemtrails don’t exist and geoengineering isn’t taking place 24/7.

Then there are all the school teachers and college instructors and university professors who perpetuate centuries of lies to their trusting students about stuff they don’t even know about. 

Let’s not forget about the biggest LIARS of them all—the legions of presstitutes who populate the entire mainstream media.  For the CIA’s Mockingbird Media was established to fabricate the lies, disseminate the lies, and repeat myriad bald-faced lies over and over and over again just like a mockingbird constantly sings the exact sang repertoire of songs.

But perhaps some of the very worst liars of them all are the various organs and agencies of the U.S. Federal Government. For example, has NASA ever told the truth about anything?!?!?!  As for NOAA and NWS, their weather forecasts are designed to deceive instead of assist those communities in the path of superstorms.  Same goes for the USGS as far as earthquakes are concerned.    

Everyone knows the CDC, FDA, NIH and HHS are the most dangerous institutional liars on the planet after their well-coordinated Covid Plandemic.  Likewise, the AMA, ADA and APA are as deceptive and perfidious as they come.  Of course, Big Pharma is the granddaddy liar of that whole gang.

As for the IRS, the FED and the Treasury, it doesn’t get more treacherous than those enemies of the American people.

Then there is Big TechBig Social Media and Big Brother masquerading as the ubiquitous National Security State.  But let’s face it, the BIGGEST liars of them all are the many alphabet soup agencies that make up the U.S. Intelligence Community.  Most notable for their cold and calculating lying and deceit are the CIA, FBI, ATF, DEA, DIA and DHS.    

Truly, this list of highly compensated and very influential liars across the USA could go on and on and on and on and on……………………………………

Verily, the Father of Lies would be extremely proud of so many dutiful and devoted children domiciled across these once United States of America.


A nation of habitual liars may be able to get away with lying to each other for many decades; however, once that same pattern of unabashed lying shows up in the conduct of foreign affairs, everything changes in a day and a night.

Especially when the lying has to do with extremely consequential matters such as the deliberately provoked Ukraine War and blowing up the Nord Stream pipeline, the 9/11 false flag terrorist attacks and War on Terror, the assassinations of JFK, MLK & RFK, the geoweapons used to trigger the 2023 Turkey earthquake and 2010 Haiti earthquake, the engineered Chernobyl nuclear catastrophe and Fukushima nuclear disaster, etc. the international implications start to get very tortuous and serious indeed.

But why?

Because the number of very serious stakeholders who are
not beholden to empire just went way up—THAT’S WHY!

In light of this stark reality, the US-UK Empire has now hit the proverbial wall particularly given centuries of lying like no other empire has ever lied in world history.

But why now?

Because the serial lying about everything all the time,
and the implementation of their necessary cover-ups,
has reached a critical mass of revelation as well a point
of no return—THAT’S WHY!!!

In other words, it now takes an inconceivable amount of time and energy, personnel and resources, spying and surveillance, investigation and enforcement, etc. to keep the countless cover-ups effectively covered up into perpetuity.

In other words, there is now mathematical certainty that the EMPIRE OF LIES will collapse under the weight of its own corruption and criminality, incompetence and ineptitude, inefficiency and negligence.

In point of fact:

The EMPIRE OF LIES Is Now Undergoing
a Slow-Motion, Free-Fall and Final Collapse

~~~ END OF STORY ~~~