“I Couldn’t Resist The Children”: What The Hell Is Biden Talking About Here?

Steve Watson on 20 July, 2023

A Biden gaffe is a Biden gaffe, but what on Earth is this?

He rubs his lips while talking about not being able to “resist” two children in the 70s and taking them to see his office, before apologising and changing the subject.


The event on Wednesday was supposed to be about discussing lowering prices for consumers, so why he’s babbling on about this is anyone’s guess.

Another clip to add to the creepshow:

Meanwhile, in the House, there was nothing much to see other than naked images of Hunter Biden engaged in sex acts with hookers he potentially trafficked being officially entered into the record.

Source: https://summit.news/2023/07/20/i-couldnt-resist-the-children-what-the-hell-is-biden-talking-about-here/