Leftist Demonrat Propaganda is the Cause of All Terrorism

August 7, 2019 by dustyk103

Climate terrorism, Jihadi terrorism, Antifa terrorism, Obama terrorism.  These are the causes of the mental instability in America that incites lunatics and hateful liberals to extreme violence. 

Liberals are not interested in resolving these crimes.  They only seek to use them as a vehicle by which to demonize Republicans.

Rush Limbaugh: The prediction has come true because the headline from Breitbart: “Cory Booker Campaign Demands Trump Cancel All Campaign Rallies [Because They] ‘Inspire White Nationalist Attacks.’”  So you might think that I’m clairvoyant. I’m not. I just know the left. I know who these people are and I know how they think. I know their strategies and their mechanisms and so forth, and they’re very, very easy to predict.

I’ll tell you, I wish Trump had not even mentioned it yesterday in his speech because this was predicted too. It was an excellent speech denouncing white supremacy. Now the Democrats are blasting him! The very same Democrats who demanded that Trump denouncing white supremacy are the ones now denouncing Trump for denouncing white supremacy.

They’re now practically saying that Trump’s denunciation of white supremacy proves that he is a white supremacist! Any time they are asking for something, my instinct is deny them. Do not give them what they’re demanding, because their intentions are not honorable.

You think the Democrats care about solving this? They don’t care a whit! They’re fundraising off of this!

Left’s Attacks Are Always the Same

Obama’s funding of Antifa and the Islamic Jihad has led to violence, rapes, and murders around the world.  The communist climate change scam promotes exterminating mankind to save the planet.  That is Thanos’ philosophy.  Leftist Democrats cheer for infant sacrifice in the womb, have fostered the breakdown of the family, and advocate for people to turn away from God. 

What more do you need to know in order to understand the source of evils in the world before you realize that leftists are deceiving people by misdirecting their ire?  Liberals leaning leftist are already mentally unstable.  This is the kind of crap that pushes them over the edge.

American patriots are completely disgusted with the left’s constant demonizing of us for the crimes they commit.  You reap what you sow, and it is Demonrats that are sowing hate and violence through deception and distraction.  The deterioration of American culture lies at the feet of Democrat’s Culture War to destroy Constitutional Christian America to transform the nation into a socialist toilet.

The pillars of leftism are:

  • Deception – Spread misinformation through lies
  • Concealment – Silence reports exposing the truth
  • Distraction – Accuse the righteous of crimes
  • Confusion – Muddy the waters by gaslighting the ignorant

Callers Weigh in on the Causes of Mass Shootings

Deception is CNN saying the El Paso shooter was a white supremacist Trump supporter, then posting a “manifesto” of the El Paso shooter saying he is anti-immigrant using words like “invasion” that Trump has used.  Concealment is leaving out vitally important details like his rabid climate change fear indicating he is a liberal wacko. 

Distraction is the Democrat presidential candidates all bellowing in unison that this shooting is because of Trump’s racism and “hate speech.”  Confusion is how they have warped the information about this shooting in order to convince their own rabid followers that they speak the truth rather than spread lies.

The most damning revelation of all is that this shooter denounced Trump!  This guy is a goddamned DEMOCRAT!  Just as I said.  Wait two or three days and the truth comes out.  This is no white supremacist Nazi Republican.  This is a white supremacist Nazi Democrat!  Let the Demonrats be damned for their lies, their smears, and their outright evil deceptions.  Americans deserve a reckoning for the Demonrat candidates screeching their lies before tv cameras. 

Democrat scum in Congress passed laws holding themselves above the law for the lies and slanders they speak.  If President Trump truly wants to make America great and keep it that way, then he needs to do two things; one, sign executive orders to stop all voter fraud dead in its tracks, and two, make Democrat slanders prosecutable in court.

He needs to go further and open the books on the social media giants like Google, Facebook, and Twitter that are censoring conservatives and misdirecting liberals.  Google is working with the ChiComs and using their censorship, misdirecting, and spying algorithms in the USA for the Democrats in the same way.  Facebook shadow bans conservative posts.  Twitter is a sewer of leftist bots and liberal rants. 

Social media in the hands of Democrats is a thousand times more damaging and destructive to democracy that Russia interference ever could be.  America is still hanging by a thread and is teetering on the brink.  Until Democrats are brought to justice they will continue to subvert this nation to their own evil ends.

The Social Media Giants (Google, Facebook, Twitter) Threaten Our Elections

Rabid Democrats Insanely Blame Trump for Mass Shooting

Leftist Media Gaslights America

Media Gaslights Spying on Trump

Of Democrats, Moslems, and Cultural Corruption

[Author’s Note: A friend told me he always carries concealed even when he sees signs saying it is illegal.  His reasoning is that “Gun Free Zones” are known free fire zones for these mass murdering terrorists and he is not going to be a victim because of liberal stupidity laws.  His dilemma is a moral one.  Should he only use his weapon to stop the shooter if he and his are directly threatened?  Or should he run to the sound of gunfire to stop the shooter from killing others?  “I’d rather go to court than the cemetery.  But you know what will happen,” he tells me. 

“These Democrat scum will go after me for carrying a gun in a gun free zone.  They won’t hail me as a hero for killing a mass murdering terrorist.  They’ll damn me as a criminal.”  He’s absolutely.  When she was governor of Texas and we passed carry laws, Democrat Anne Richards went after the first man to defend his life with his concealed weapon and destroyed him.  There are no lower people in America than Democrats who persecute the righteous as they protect criminals.]

Source: https://liberalsbackwardsthink.com/2019/08/07/leftist-demonrat-propaganda-is-the-cause-of-all-terrorism/