More Evidence Chaos Caused by Agent Provocateurs


More Evidence Chaos Caused by Agent Provocateurs by Rory for The Daily Coin

When we wrote Marauders Versus Protesters we fully understood these marauders were not “organic”. Over the past several years we have seen many, many of these events be completely overrun with paid infiltrators there for the specific purpose of creating chaos. The past few days are no different.

Why are people rising up and destroying retail outlets, public buildings and private property of all types? Are these people being paid? We have seen in the past people being paid to create chaos, destroy property. The difference is, now, we see public officials, I wouldn’t dare call them “leaders”, actually invite the chaos in a public decreeMayor John Cooper@JohnCooper4Nash

I urge all of my colleagues in the Metro Council to join me at today’s “I Will Breathe” rally. This is an especially critical time for all of us, as Metro’s leaders, to show up and listen to Black voices speaking out from across Davidson County.

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Of course, once the stage is set, the invitation mailed there is only one outcome that could possibly manifest.

#Nashville Police deploying tear gas at rioters, cops escorting in fire department in effort to save historic courthouse

— Breaking911 (@Breaking911) May 31, 2020

 SILVER SWAN 2020 #Mining #Stocks Truth.@MiningDealReplying to @MiningDeal @Breaking911

#FALSEFLAG PROOF. …BlueSky@QBlueSkyQAdam Swart, founder/CEO of Crowds on Demand. Both COD and BLM are paid to riot. Recruiting rioters who pays them anywhere from $15.00-$75.00 per hour. Funded by Soros #AtlantaRiots
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Is there video showing who placed these bricks here? … …BlackAzizaNANsi@FreeyourmindkidReplying to @FreeyourmindkidListen, even these dudes see there is something off, dude said usually they would never just have bricks lying around in that area.9Twitter Ads info and privacySee Irene’s other TweetsIrene@YoSoyUSA · Replying to @YoSoyUSA … …BlackAzizaNANsi@FreeyourmindkidReplying to @FreeyourmindkidA group of white people showed up in Oakland armed with hammers and started destroying shit as people of color looked on confused and asked why they’re tearing shit up.Irene@YoSoyUSA … …???????? ???????@SadisticWhiskeyKnow the difference between protesters, anarchists, and infiltrators…

Protesters have a purpose

Anarchists just want to fuck shit up

Infiltrators want to cause problems for the movement.

Not all the damage you see is protester related.
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Needless to say, the marauders far outnumber the police and the police are not going to put themselves in harms way to begin with. Their job is to protect and serve the banking and ruling class, not you and me.

Another man, who was working to open a sports bar in the area later this year, saw his bar destroyed. Needless to say, with only a few exceptions, the police weren’t around to “protect and serve.”

Admittedly, in cases like this week’s riots, the police are heavily outnumbered and unable to provide any sort of general protection from rioters. Even if individual officers were engaging in heroic behavior to turn rioters away from potential victims, there would be little they could do to confront all offenders.


It is now a well-established legal principle in the United States that police officers and police departments are not legally responsible to refusing to intervene in cases where private citizens are in imminent danger or even in the process of being victimized. The US Supreme Court has made it clear that law enforcement agencies are not required to provide protection to the citizens who are forced to pay for police services, year in and year out. Source

To summarize: lack of leadership, agent provocateurs combined with a misguided police force allows liberal run cities to burn-baby-burn. We are seeing the fruits of the enemies labor all across the country, including the city where I grew up, a city that is rapidly becoming the latest democrat cesspool – read all about it >>> The Fall Of Nashville

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