Pro-BLM Demonstrations Sweep Across Europe

Lenin used Bolshevism to make Russia communist, Now Bolshevism is used worldwide.

In the great capitals of Western Europe, thousands of people have been protesting against the death of George Floyd and in support of the Black Lives Matter movement.

In the Netherlands:

In Copenhagen:

And in front of the U.S. Embassy in Berlin:

There is a long history of Europeans shaming Americans for mistreating Negroes. For example, following the bombing of German cities by black American pilots during World War II, the Nazi SS newspaper Das Schwarze Korps published the following cartoon:

“It is a good thing for us Negroes that no Americans live here!”

“It is a good thing for us Negroes that no Americans live here!”

The downed-and-captured black pilots are made to say that they’d surely be lynched for such behavior against American cities.

We have to appreciate the depths of the psycho-drama that has seized a huge proportion of white people across the world, particularly among women, the “educated” class, and homosexuals.

Their emotional reaction is as though they had personally seen Floyd George murdered in front of their eyes in their own neighborhood. For them, this act is one of conscious sadism by a white racist police officer. This is furthermore not an isolated incident but representative of the systematic persecution against blacks and against people of color generally.

Hundreds of thousands across the West are signaling, either virtually on their social media accounts or physically at protests, their solidarity with black people against a racist system. Some openly quote Martin Luther King condoning violent riots too.

We dissenters would recognize that blacks disproportionately experience police brutality relative to their share of population. However, we would add that this is not necessarily due to systemic racism, but because American blacks commit a massively disproportionate amount of violent crime (about 7 times more than whites) and thus have more run-ins with the police.

No matter the facts. We live in different realities. We all choose what isolated incidents to become indignant about. For xenophilic whites, the mass Pakistani-on-white sexual abuse of Rotherham or indeed the massive daily violence of blacks in the West are of no moral significance, if they are acknowledged at all. However, any violence against blacks at the hands of whites is by contrast intolerable and vicious bullying of “half-devils, half-children,” as Kipling inimitably put it.

These whites are sincere in their indignation. The same cannot be said for assorted Third-Worlders who cite Floyd’s death as a reason to pile on against America.

The former president of Iran., Mahmoud Ahmadinejad quoted the rapper Tupac Shakur:

The Islamist President of Turkey Recep Erdogan tweeted:

Chinese media have also been putting out similar content. All this is pretty rich, cringe, and amusing, given how racist all these countries are.

For people across the world, and in particular Western Europeans, experiencing American psycho-drama is much more interesting than anything their homegrown socio-politics could provide. It’s also more interesting to them than, say, the greater police brutality of Brazil or the shocking criminality of South Africa. America provides the greatest opportunity for signaling one’s moral worth.

For companies like Amazon – which thrive from driving out brick and mortar small businesses, which will no doubt greatly profit from the rioters’ destruction of small businesses, which treat unskilled workers notoriously badly, and which prefer hiring high-IQ whites and Asians for their IT departments – signaling in favor of BLM is a cheap way of distracting people from your questionable business practices. However, the demonstrations of whites across the Western world show there is also a spontaneous and sincere motivation for many.

In the past, Europeans’ lecturing Americans about race was particularly lacking in credibility given that they had virtually no experience of blacks in Europe. Today this is no longer the case: every Western European country now has a significant black population. Wherever we have statistics, we see that the blacks commit a disproportionate number of violent crimes, just like their American cousins. In London instance, blacks made up 12% of the population in 2010 but committed a majority of gun crimes, robberies, and street crimes. These figures almost exactly mirror American ones.

The white European protesters have focused on American police brutality. Black protesters in Europe, by contrast, are both protesting against American brutality and the violence they suffer at the hands of European police forces.

Such is the case in France, with huge crowds of black and white protesters gathered in Paris, cheered on by the black French Hollywood actor Omar Sy:

“The France which loves, the France that we love.”

The blacks were gathered in the memory of Adama Traoré, a black repeat offender who died in police custody in 2016. The protest was sparked by a ruling by a court-ordered medical expert that Traoré had died due to a cardiac arrest, not asphyxiation, thus exonerating the French police officers.

Incidentally, this protest was illegal as the local prefect had forbidden it, leading the police to disperse the crowd with tear gas (actions which, in America, had led to Trump being branded a fascist). A slice of Paris’ périphérique (the road circling the city) was blocked off and there were some fires, but no significant violence by American standards. There were similar protests in Marseilles and other significantly Afro-Islamized French cities.

Incidentally, one of Adama Traoré’s cousins died last year, stabbed to death at the hands of his peers. But, as in America, few people in Europe, whether black or white, attribute any moral significance to black-on-black violence. They seem to consider this a mere force of nature, and perhaps they have a point.

Even French police are officially siding with BLM. When identitarian activist Damien Rieu pointed out that George Floyd was no “gentle giant” but had a considerable criminal record including the threatening of a woman with a gun to her belly, not one but two police trade unions took the time to rebut him. (You can use Twitter’s translate function if you are curious about these exchanges.)

Shortly thereafter, Africans attacked the local police station in Clicht and various colored celebrities (with significant media access, not just e-celebs) declared that “A black cop in France is a traitor to his community” and that “The revolution has come! It is time to take up arms!”

Démocratie Participative, the premier French-language racial nationalist news site, wrote extensively on the Americanization of French life:

France is like Puerto Rico: an American state which has not been officially annexed. We only have the right to have a president and the semblance of an army. For the rest, we are only a U.S. colony, minus the first and second amendments. For that alone, I’d much prefer that the United States annex us officially. Otherwise, we have the same Negroid settlement as America, with Islam on top. We have Netflix and Beyoncé. We have Afro-Maghrebi gangs and drug trafficking. We have Negro sportsmen pushing for racial war and delusional Negresses who think that Wakanda really existed.

DP also analyzed the differences between the United States and France:

The difference between the United States and France is that there are in America tens of millions of armed or even super-armed Whites who not only are ready to defend their families and their neighborhoods but also perfectly understand the racial question.

The French by contrast are disarmed and welfare-assisted bovines who are convinced that the races do not exist and admire a national team made up of Bantus. What will happen is beyond what these small-brains, drowned in rap and pathological Negrophilia, can understand.

Within a few years, when there will be 20 or 25 million of these wild beasts on French soil, the time will come when, with out warning, the insurrection will explode everywhere. The French, dolts as they are, will fall like flies, having not understood that as Whites they are eligible for genocide….

You get the idea.

Personally, I don’t think an apocalyptic race war is on the cards in Europe for some time. Whites still form a supermajority and I am reasonably confident of the West-European welfare state’s ability to keep people largely docile. That said, the demographics will change over the years and DP is right to emphasize the basically naïve and defenseless character of the average European.

DP is by the way a quite self-conscious imitation of Andrew Anglin’s The Daily Stormer, thus being a marker of the Americanization of French nationalism itself.