Schlichter: This Election Is Republicans Versus China

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by Tyler DurdenSun, 05/31/2020 –

Authored by Kurt Schlichter, op-ed via,

It’s pretty clear who the commie bastards known for their shoddy lab practices and their weird fetish for gnawing on pangolins badly want to win in November, and it’s not Trump and the Republicans. The Chinese communists want their money’s worth, and they will go all-in for the Democrats who find the chance to hurt Trump at the same time they hurt America too delicious to pass up. Plus, the Dems heartily approve of what Mao’s Pals are doing to freedom-loving Hong Kongers, seeing it as a template for what they would love to do to freedom-loving us. 

We need to understand and accept that a vote for anyone with a “D” is a vote for Xi.

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Now, some people who are stupid and/or liars will whine that this is mean and unfair and totally unlike the last four years of accusations about Trump and his folks being the pet of Vladimir Putin whose treason has perpetually had the walls closing in whilst the Grand Marshal of the Supreme Court was poised to frog-march them all to a C-130, next stop Gitmo. And it is totally unlike the Obamagate/Russiagate thing, in that with the Obamagate/Russiagate thing was a manifest lie and the accusation that the CCP is holding the pink slip of the Donkey Party in its bat soup-moistened hands is true.

Let’s look at Joe Biden for a moment, though it will have to be on video since the Geppettos holding his strings are not letting him out of his Delaware dungeon unless a miracle happens and he becomes a real boy.

This is the guy that went publicly incontinent when the Great Wall Gang was shipping Typhoid Mulans over here and Trump cut off that insanity. Travel bans were racist, you know, until they weren’t. And this guy wants to be president, when he remembers he is running for president, though his priority was not saving American lives but not vexing Beijing. This guy is so far in the Red Menace’s pocket that he’s risking lint poisoning.

They channel the digital Dem, asking, “Come on man, is it too much to want a president who takes America’s side?

Well, to the Democrats, the answer is a responding, “Yes, and don’t assume my gender.”

Now, Biden always sides with the PRC because, like the elite whose Guccis he slurps, he’s totally comfortable with the Chinese supplanting the USA as the world’s preeminent nation – that’ll show those flag-waving flyover rubes who’s not boss! The totally-not-senile politician opposed Trump’s tariffs and his attempts to level the playing field, and Hi-Bidder Biden would sign agreements to lock in the former Deliverance trade model. His response to the People’s Liberation Army arms build-up that threatens our Pacific Fleet would be, “Hey man, I believe in building-up arms! I work out and I am strong and I can do more push-ups than you, fat!

Here’s the other thing. Remember all that idiotic babble about the Russki kompromat of Trump? That somewhere, Putin had this video library of Trump water-sporting with Muscovite rent girls? Well, we all know Joe’s pride n’ joy Hoover went to China and did a big-bucks deal, probably because he’s such a super-achiever who got where he is on his own talents and not at all drafting after his daddy. So, what else do you think he did when he was there? Explored the Great Wall? Marveled at the Forbidden City? Cavorted with every skeeze the ChiCom intel guys could throuple him up with on video?

Did it happen? You want to bet it didn’t? We know the guy got booted from the Navy for dope. We know he got zillions from some Ukrainian oligarch. We know he was accused of forgetting his crack pipe in a rental car. We know he impregnated a stripper. We know he was voted “Least Likely to be the Centerfold of Good Judgment Monthly.”

What are the chances the Chinese Gestapo didn’t try to honey-trap the guy who’s the Winnie the Pooh of hookers n’ blow? What do you think they probably caught him doing on Candid Commie Camera? It’d be like a home movie from Memorial Day weekend in Lake Havasu on Bob Crane’s houseboat.

But Biden’s not the only guy in hock to the reds. There’s Diane Feinstein, whose Chinese mole chauffer for the better part of two decades was starring in “Driving Senator Oblivious.” And you got the always accommodating Kamala Harris carrying enough water for the reds to top the Three Gorges Dam. Her latest ploy to please her powerful political patrons is to echo the commie agitprop designed to distract from the country’s criminally negligent (or worse) behavior in connection with the bat biter disease by offering a bill to declare calling it the “Wuhan Flu” to be RACISM!

And there’s Martha McSally’s opponent in the Arizona Senate race who’s a Chinese Communist Party dream come true. Even the media, and you know how it sucks, is reporting that Mark ChiCom Kelly has investments in Chinese tech. He supports Joe Biden and Joe’s policies, which we have seen are Xi’s policies. When Nancy Pelosi tried to pass a $3 trillion “pandemic relief” bill that gave dough to illegals and pot purveyors, did you see him complain that it ignored American defense and contained no spending to put American workers back to work building the equipment we need to oppose his party’s pals? Nah. His focus is on disarming Americans. Not surprisingly, ChiCom Kelly shares the Chinese Communist Party’s position on the Second Amendment – he’s against it.



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“But but but but he was in the Navy and he was an astronaut!” 

Okay, that does not make it better. It makes it much, much worse.

The fact is that the Democratic Party has a recent hatred of Trump but a long tradition of hating the United States. Its goal for the last half-century has been to supervise the decline of America as a world power, and the fact that the Chinese communists take good care of their friends makes it easier. There is zero doubt that the Chinese government is already all-in on a Biden puppet presidency and that it backs Senate candidates like ChiCom Kelly because it knows it can rely on them to place Xi’s interests ahead of America’s.

They’ll deny it, of course. But here’s the hard and indisputable truth: This November, you can vote for the Republican Party, or you can vote Chinese Communist Party under another name.

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