Seattle is Dying: Drug-Addled Street People Occupy Cities of the Left Coast

March 30, 2023 Russ Winter Articles by Russ Winter

Seattle, Portland, Los Angeles and San Francisco are being inundated with drug-addled, mentally ill street people. The Red Vanguard discordians and cultural Marxists who run these cities try to define the narrative by calling them “homeless people” and infer that working poor live in these conditions. No working person facing housing affordability issues would live like this.

Seattle’s KOMO TV released a must-view documentary called “Seattle is Dying” that drops the truth bomb on the issue.

Seattle and other left coast cities are influenced and controlled by subvert-and-destroy Vanguard Alinskyites. A key theorem of Saul Alinsky, Cloward and Piven involves “overwhelming the system” until it snaps.

The documentary shows the salami attack (szalámitaktika) of preaching hyper “tolerance and compassion.” Comply or be called a Nazi. This is the tactic used by the Red Vanguard anarcho-tyrants responsible for Seattle’s decent into hell.

Anarcho-tyranny combines oppressive government power against the innocent and the law-abiding while simultaneously exhibiting a grotesque paralysis of will to carry out basic public duties, such as public safety and protection. Anarcho-tyranny breaks down society by failing to punish criminals and refusing to enforce legitimate order or even the most minimal standard of public conduct. It also criminalizes the innocent.

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But this is finally falling on deaf ears as the city turns into a public toilet/cesspool and reaches its breaking point. The plebs (aka “reactionaries”) are losing their tempers. The kakistocracy responsible for this needs to be identified and removed from power by the citizens of Seattle. The Alinskyite political collective supporting this invasion of drugged street people needs to be fiercely opposed.

Unfortunately Denver is set to follow Seattle’s path into a cesspool. Initiative 300 would overturn Denver’s camping ban and allow the homeless to camp on sidewalks, in parks and any public spaces. It would also allow living in cars.

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Seattle’s fall is the price of hyper “tolerance and compassion.” Vanguard Marxists have permitted deranged and depraved mentally ill addicts to take over public space. Incredibly, Seattle has decriminalized possession of under three grams of hard drugs — even though 3 grams of heroin is 20 doses. Dealers who handle more have also arrived on the scene. In addition, so-called drug-related felons have been early released from prisons, adding to the mix and flooding the city with dealers. There they can publicly “celebrate their open air drugged lifestyle” without any interference or consequences. The ultimate goal is leveling of society to the lowest common denominator.

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The Seattle police are trying to do their job, but the courts and their supervisors are infiltrated and infested with social justice anarcho- tyrants who sanction lowlife criminal behavior. This in turn leads to law enforcement demoralization, which we suggest is malice by design, not incompetence. In Seattle, the clique of incompetents are promoted again and again — with no coincidence.

Of course, many of the offending street people are mentally ill, often criminally so. The documentary estimated that almost all engage in addictive substance abuse. Most have illicit drug dependence co-occurring with mental illness. Severe alcoholism is also present in this population. Therefore, the first step to control mental illness is sobriety. But there is no attempt to force sobriety on these wretched souls. Instead hard drugs are defacto legalized and fortified alcohol is readily available.

Toward the end of “Seattle is Dying,” the filmmakers looked at Rhode Island’s program. That state incarcerates offenders who commit crimes, and then conducts a drug treatment using medications that stabilizes opiate users. Unfortunately, not all street people are heroin users that can respond to simply taking a pill. Recovery from meth — as we discussed in, “Methamphetamine: A Growing Demonic Plague” — is much more challenging.

Additionally, those who respond to the R.I. treatment are likely not to have severe co-occurring mental illness, and thus are better recovery candidates. Although it’s a step in the right direction for some drugged street people, the documentry left the impression that the fix was easy. In reality, severely criminally mental ill people need to be institutionalized.

Liberals? Or something much worse – Red Vanguard anarcho-tyrants.

And as much as I support the idea of liberty, once one lives on the streets, uses hard drugs there and starts an arrest rap sheet, you should be totally ID’ed and under the jurisdiction and direction of police and tough courts.

If not immediately incarcerated, they should be on strict probation as soon as the first conviction – including public civility and intoxication violations. And many of these street people already have criminal records or are violating parole. A warrant check sweep would remove the more dangerous predators of the lot, which benefits safety for the public as well as other street people. The worst 5% should be taken off the streets immediately. Hard drugs use and possession should be re-criminalized. There should be a crack down and imprisonment for the dealers. The nearby McNeil Island penitentiary now sits empty.