The Moment you realized your History Teacher LIED TO YOU!

Published by Auto on 19 November 2022

✠ Germania Kanal ✠ – November 17th, 2022

German Racialism & the Truth about the Third Reich in its foreign volunteers and supporters.
Contrary to what the crazy bias Jewish Media & Hollywood says… There were many foreign volunteers in the German Struggle against Global Finance & Global Communism. The Waffen-SS for instance started out as a purely Germanic organization, but by the end of the War, it constituted of MANY foreign volunteers, and some of the last fighters in 1945 in the battle of Berlin were not Germans, but Frenchmen. German racial policy was about preserving and building up the Germanic Peoples of Europe, physically and spiritually, and never about exterminating others as the silly liars like to point out. To preserve ones Ethnic-identity….. this is a duty for any nation to keep, to care for ones own people, anything outside of this is downfall as you are seeing with the modern gay liberal-materialist decaying West.