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JULY 31, 2017 By Julian Rose

When one feels and witnesses the crushing affect of the status quo on all sentient elemental life forms, as well as on the great majority of human beings, one eventually reaches the point of saying “No, enough!”

Saying No comes before saying Yes, in the context of putting a brake on the slide into slavery currently besetting a great proportion of mankind. There comes a moment, in nearly everybody’s life, when one makes a stand against some intolerable treatment which is being meted-out by the forces of control and subversion.

Almost any incident could spark-off the resistance: stifling and stultifying bureaucracy, the crazy behavior of a neighbor, criminal bank charges, the dictatorial behavior of the boss at work – any and all ways where the law is treated as a blunt instrument of repression. They all have a common source which centers around the deliberately oppressive, competitive structure built-in to our post-industrial Westernized societies. One that crushes the humanity out of people. Although external in nature, the pressure builds and builds internally – until something gives – and one finally says “No! No more!”

That is a key moment and can turn the tide of one’s life. However, the sense of liberation can be short-lived as further repressive elements are quick to occupy the void, unless one quickly fills it oneself with something that goes beyond the purely personal; something that reaches out compassionately into the greater world.

Here is where the power of No is especially needed today. We have to recognize our innate connection with all mankind as well as to the natural environment; and we have to take a stand which reflects full-on resistance to that which is continuously undermining the quality of life of this planet. Indeed, its very survival.

Because without such determination, we will all sink into the cesspit of absolute submission to the deep state and its centralized control system which unceasingly seeks to dominate every artery of life on this planet.

For those who have gained enough awareness to recognize the deception, lies and villainy playing-out their course right in our midst, there can be no excuse for not adopting a position of defiance and determination to play one’s part in stopping the rot.

I know how easy it is to read hundreds of articles like this and to get a temporary jolt each time, but still never actually take a stand; never really stand up to be counted. Never light that fire which pulls one out of one’s set routine and plunges one into the battle.

It starts by saying No to the slippery slide into slavery. A slide which has been so well prepared to capture all who allow themselves the seeming luxury of ineptitude at a time of deep crisis.

But to take this stand, and to deliver, based on one’s own sense of urgency to speak and act ‘the truth’ is an imperative which enriches our lives beyond recognition!

Declare Your Independence!

Profit outside the rigged system! Protect yourself from tyranny and economic collapse. Learn to live free and spread peace!

To know one has been caught in the tentacles of the super state’s ubiquitous web and to act on that knowledge, truly does lead on to individual emancipation. And, more importantly, it puts us in touch with fellow conscious beings who are already on the road which leads out of slavery and into taking full responsibility for their actions. It demonstrates a real determination to fully support that which nourishes, rather than continues to starve, our beleaguered Earth.

Here can be found the foundation of a new society. A steadily coalescing ‘people’s movement’ which will collectively enable us to control our destinies and free this planet from its demonic overlords.

Overlords who we have allowed to suck on our spontaneous creativity, passion and love, until it runs virtually dry.

That first big No leads directly to an even bigger Yes! To living-out our true nature as conscious beings; defenders and guardians of this richly endowed place of beauty in which we find ourselves.

You see, there is nowhere else to go with our lives. Those of us who ‘understand’ are in the last line of defense to bring an end to the top-down despotic rape of all that which has value. Of everything sacred. We are here for this purpose. It is our prime mission. Everything else is diversion or denial.

We are living in an apocalyptic and epoch changing moment of evolution. But beware, for there are many voices telling us ‘to just sit-back and watch it happen’. And these are the pseudo spiritual messengers of destruction; not the longed for guides of higher emancipation that they claim to be.

They are deceivers who play on a narcissistic tendency in the human race to only look out for one’s own interests and try to ignore the plight of the greater life sphere. They are key accomplices of the vampiric, heartless overlords that hold this world to ransom.

No, we are by now, wise enough to see through their devious ways and to reject the poisoned call for self-satisfied and self-centered passivity.

We are called upon to go forward with courage, cutting through the stupor of a sedated society; answering the call of our divine origins. A call to action. A call which starts with “No”, yet transforms instantly into “Yes”. Yes to joining in unity with all others who share a common commitment to truth, expressed in thought, word and deed.