The World is Wakening up to the Murderous Butchering Communist Jewish Species



Watch this short video, and then read the article below it and watch that video, as the Ukrainians are screaming at the Jew Communists for starving and butchering their ancestors by the millions.

Are you afraid to read and see true history?

What you see happened in the Ukraine, is what the Jew Communists want for America and all White Countries.
Dr. James P. Wickstrom

Just got this from a friend who is fluent in both Ukrainian and Russian.

Her comments are noted below.

The video appeared on ‘Russia Today’ and is one of the many anti-Communist Jewish demonstrations going on all over the country.

There is definitely something in the wind.

Demonstrations are occurring in France, Greece, Italy, Hungary, Rumania, Iceland, etc.etc.

Is Russia next?

You just can’t murder and butcher ten million Ukrainians and expect their ancestors to just forget about it.

The Law Of Karma has not been repealed.

Never forget that payback is a bitch, and it is rightfully and morally deserved!
Dr. James P. Wickstrom

Massive demonstrations against Russia and the Jews are now taking place in Kiev, the capital of the Ukraine.

The demonstrators are chanting, among other slogans, “Russians and Jews are our enemies, death to our enemies!”

All of this links back to WWII when large numbers of Ukrainians, led by a Ukrainian patriot named Bandera (sp?), volunteered to join the German army and fight against Jewish communism then ensconced in Russia.

There were several German divisions on the Eastern front composed entirely of Ukrainian volunteers.

This was in addition to the Ukrainian Cossacks from the western Ukraine who also fought against communist Russia.

At the end of the war and the collapse of the German army, the surviving Cossacks units and their families were butchered en mass by Jewish NKVD communist units of the Russian army.

This, of course, has never been forgotten in the Ukraine (especially in the western half of the country) and has fostered a bitter and undying hatred of the Jews in particular and Russians in general.

All of this is now boiling to the surface yet again.

In a world where we are constantly bombarded with Holocaust propaganda on virtually on a daily basis and how Hitler was the epitome of evil by the globalist media that are completely run and owned by six Jewish media companies, we rarely ever see or hear about the unimaginable number of atrocities that occurred under the yoke of the Soviet Union.

One of the most notable atrocities of that era was the Holodomor, an artificial famine that was brutally enforced on the Ukrainian people for 18 months, which resulted in the systematic murder of millions and the end of ethnic homogeneity in Ukraine.

This was primarily orchestrated by Stalin and his Jewish brother-in-law Lazar Kaganovich who at the time (Moscow Gorkom and Obkom ?), and in charge of the implementation of the collectivization of agriculture and rapid industrialization, in Ukraine, the Caucasus and central Asia.

This all occurred when the Ukrainian peasants initially put up stiff resistance against the collectivization process of their crops and livestock in early 1932.

Taking no chances Stalin and Kaganovich ordered their men to punish uncooperative Kulaks and quash any resistance to the Soviet regime before it could gain any real kind of momentum, by unleashing such hell on the Ukrainian peasantry that it had never before seen since modern human history.

Due to the policies they implemented 1000’s of villages would end being drastically depopulated in the space of a couple of months all throughout Ukraine.

At the height of the Holodomor, people were dying at the rate 17 per minute, 1,000 per hour, 25,000 every week for months upon end.

When the remaining Ukrainian peasants that also lost most of their assets to the state, they exchanged nonessential clothing items (such as, scarves and jumpers) and other items like wedding rings as a means as survival only for the local authorities to confiscate all of their remaining items; thus eliminating any chance of survival.

Despite all of this in an era where export of crops were at an all time high with more than 5.18 tons exported in 1932, compared to just 0.26m tons produced three years earlier.

Furthermore, to add insult to injury the Soviet regime denied the enforced to the international community; thus refusing to accept any aid by any international relief organizations.

This lead to a drastic change in Ukraine’s population from between 1920 and 1939 the population in Ukraine went from around 80% to 63%; thus destroying any traces of Ukrainian nationalism and homogeneity.

It is said that when Stalin’s successor Nikita Khrushchev accused Lazar Kaganovich of killing 20 million Slavs he didn’t even deny his key role in the atrocity, only to go onto say “That your hands are blood-stained too.” Khrushchev pointed he was merely following orders from who had formulated the policies of mass-murder, and who had personally given out execution orders on Kulaks by the tens of thousands.

To stop further unnecessary sufferings, Khrushchev ended-up removing Kaganovich from all positions of power and eventually removing from the Communist party altogether in 1957.

Despite all of this, virtually everyone in the western world has never heard of the name Holodomor, never mind the untold suffering.

Nor, the key role Kaganovich had in implementing these destructive policies, neither his motives or Jewish ethnicity.

This is simply due to the fact that this has never been taught to young students in a history lesson in any of the cultural-Marxist infiltrated, educational institutions in the Western world, combined with a total blackout in the media who share the same ethnicity as himself — Jews are said to control 96% of the world’s mainstream media.

Next time a slimy jew confronts you with the so-called holocaust tell them about the Real Holocaust . . . the one they perpetrated, and are still perpetrating.

They killed our folk while we cared for theirs. The picture beneath is of fat jewish mothers on the day they were rescued from Dachau . . . not bad for war time, I’d say.

The caption is in Dutch –
Joodse moeders met hun weldoorvoede baby’s na de bevrijding van Dachau. Als er werkelijk een beleid bestond alle Joden uit te roeien en alleen degenen die zwaar werk konden verrichten tijdelijk te sparen, waarom hebben deze moeders en baby’s dan de oorlog overleefd? En waarom krijgen wij deze foto nooit te zien in boeken of documentaires over de Holocaust?

Translated to English:

Jewish mothers with their well-fed babies after the liberation of Dachau. If there really is a policy was to eradicate all Jews and only those who were able to carry out heavy work temporarily to save, why do these mothers and babies than survived the war? And why are we never to see this photo in books or documentaries on the Holocaust?