Trump Announces That Churches Are ‘Essential,’ Calls On Governors To Open Them Up

Communist always fight against freedom of religion.

By Fox News -May 22, 2020

President Trump on Friday announced that new Centers for Disease Control guidance will classify houses of worship as “essential,” as he called on governors to allow them to open “right now” after being closed during the coronavirus lockdowns.

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Trump announced the policy for churches, synagogues and mosques, during a short briefing at the White House.

“The governors need to do the right thing and allow these very important essential places of faith to open right now–for this weekend,” Trump said. “If they don’t do it, I will override the governors.”

“In America, we need more prayer not less,” Trump added.

It’s unclear under what authority Trump has to override governors. But Trump took issue with certain businesses being open in certain states, while churches are not.

“Some governors have deemed the liquor stores and abortion clinics as essential,” Trump said. “But have left out churches and other houses of worship. It’s not right. So I’m correcting this injustice and calling houses of worship essential.”

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention released interim guidelines Friday for communities of faith that acknowledge “millions of Americans embrace worship as an essential part of life” but also warn that “gatherings present a risk for increasing the spread of COVID-19.”

The guidelines encourage the use of cloth face coverings during services, limiting the size of gatherings, social distancing during services and suspending or decreasing choirs and singing in church since “singing may contribute to transmission of COVID-19, possibly through emission of aerosols,” the CDC says.

The announcement comes after Trump has been hearing from faith leaders who are unable to hold Sunday services due to coronavirus restrictions at a time when their parishioners are grappling with the crisis. Families may be grieving the loss of loved ones from the virus or struggling with job losses but unable to seek respite in their places of worship.

On Thursday, Trump had a conference call with 1,600 pastors and faith leaders from around the country, including Tony Perkins, president of the Family Research Council. He reassured them he wants to get churches reopened. The evangelical Christian community was instrumental in supporting Trump during his 2016 White House bid and he’s maintained strong ties with Christian leaders throughout his presidency.

Trump telegraphed the decision Thursday when he announced he spoke to the CDC on finding ways to reopen houses of worship during the pandemic.

“We’ve got to get our churches open,” Trump said Thursday.

Churches across the country had to close down due to stay-home orders necessary to stop the spread of the contagious virus. Faith leaders set up online services and families tuned in Sunday mornings from their computers at home.

Earlier in the pandemic, Trump expressed optimism that churches would be opened by Easter Sunday, April 12. But April turned out to be an extremely deadly month for the pandemic, and parishioners had to celebrate Easter from home.

Some faith leaders have argued that social distancing rules have violated First Amendment religious freedoms. Others have defied state and local rules and tried to reopen.

Attorney General William Barr warned that coronavirus restrictions by state and local government should be applied evenly and not single out religious organizations.

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Harbingers Daily Addition:

Franklin Graham took to Facebook following the Presidents announcement thanking him for defending America’s faith communities:

Today President Trump officially designated houses of worship as “essential” and called on governors to allow them to open. He said, “If they don’t do it, I will override the governors. In America, we need more prayer, not less.” There’s never been a more truthful statement.

Thank you President Donald J. Trump for defending America’s faith communities. No question, churches are essential to our individual lives and to the future of our country. I believe pastors can take necessary precautions, following guidelines provided by the CDC, to open up safely, and I look forward to seeing that happen. Continue to pray for the President to have protection and wisdom from God as he leads our nation through this time of pandemic–and let him know what this decision means to you.