Trump’s Campaign Slogan Should Be – SAVE AMERICA!

President Trump can free America from communist slavery, the liberals are closet communist.

Posted on July 9, 2020 by dustyk103

If you’ve been asleep under a rock and haven’t figured it out yet, America is under assault from a communist uprising by the DNC – Democratic National-socialist Communist Party. BLM is not about justice and harmony – it’s about racial division. Antifa is not about fighting fascism – it’s about fascists fighting liberty.

They are not fighting the “systemic racism of white privilege” – they are fighting to destroy the republic. Democrats are not proposing solutions to America’s problems – they are creating them to use as weapons against righteous Republicans. Every lie they tell is amplified by a lying media propaganda machine. Democrats don’t unite – they divide.

They only bring together every hate group with a grievance to hate the other half of the country that acts righteously with the promise of taking from others to give them what they want just so they can get their votes, take power, and live the lives of elites, all while stomping on the rights of good citizens.

Winning Strategy: Trump Must Stand Against America’s Overthrow


President Trump loves America so much that he was willing to crash the great economy he built to save two million lives. Democrats hate America so much that they wanted to take credit for Trump’s economy even though they couldn’t do what he did in eight years or eight million years.

They hate America so much that they created a fake pandemic to trash his economy despite how many tens of millions of Americans they have harmed. They hate America so much that they were willing to kill people with this virus to make it seem worse than it was.


When the truth started coming out, they proved that they hate America so much that they had a white Democrat cop in a Democrat city of a Democrat state murder a black man in public to spark riots. Rest assured that he will get off with the crime and spark more riots.

They hate America so much that they are willing to burn it down in order to frighten people into giving them power. They hate America so much that they are trying to unmake the electoral system so that they can corrupt it absolutely.


Do you think Republicans are the haters? If you say yes, you’re a dumbass! When have you seen a Republican spew the kind of hate that comes out of leftwing radical’s mouths? Do you think leftists are the righteous people of this nation who were wronged? If you say yes, you’re a dumbass! When have you not seen a Democrat spitting hate, vomiting bile, and spewing sh*t from their mouths?

Do you think America is systemically born of racism promoting white privilege? If you say yes, you’re a dumbass! Americans are human beings who make mistakes, but as righteous Christians correct them and make amends. The eternal damnation by leftists be damned! Do you think America became great because of socialism or Islam? If you say yes, you’re a dumbass! Take your head out of your rectum!


President Trump doesn’t need MAGA or KAG anymore. America is in a full-fledged Civil War for the heart and soul of this great nation. Democrats have been indoctrinating our youths in their miseducation camps called universities to believe that capitalism is greed and socialism is sharing. They have been striving to turn the nation away from God and either embrace atheism or adopt Islamism, both of which are anti-God socialist ideologies.

Obamunism was not about healing America but about dividing the nation to impose communist Islamism on the people. Obama is neither Christian nor American in his ideological soul but a deceiving Moslem communist. Liberals open your eyes and ears to the truth, dumbasses!


Democrats want to turn America into their Utopia of totalitarian socialist dictatorship with themselves as the ruling elites. The masses will submit to their lordship or suffer the consequences. They will pay to live under their boot or be violently ostracized. They will remake America, land of the free and home of the brave, into Amerika, land of the freeloader and home of the depraved. Communism, fascism, and Islamism all operate in the exact same way. Destroy what is righteous and brainwash their people to obey.


President Trump stands alone in Washington as the one man who will confront and combat the left without apology. He has some allies among Republicans, Ted Cruz, Jim Jordan, Devin Nunes, Tim Scott, Liz Cheney, Greg Abbott, and a double handful of others. But there are some Republicans who will work with Democrats. Republicans working with Democrats to “make America better” is like Christians working with Satanists to promote spiritual happiness. Having faith in Donald Trump is paramount to seeing past the Democrat smears.


Democrats seek to subvert the voting process that has kept America free. They want to change the Electoral College to a democratic vote rather than keep America as a republic. A democracy is easier to corrupt so completely that the people will elect a dictator to be tyrant for life. The Supreme Court was unanimous in declaring that Electors must vote as their state votes.

That’s because Democrats plan on changing their state laws to say they must vote with the national majority rather than the state’s majority. If they succeed, and their massive voter fraud gives them the national majority all the time with illegals and mail-in ballot fraud, then they will seize power over America.


These riots and violent Democrat protests promise that they will destroy citizens with their hate unless they submit to their demands. NEVER SUBMIT TO CRIMINALS! Give a criminal the shirt off your back and he’ll take your shoes and pants and, eventually, your life. Jesus did not say to be charitable to thieves!

Donald Trump is the strongest Christian leader to ever hold the presidency. He fights fire with fire which is the only way to win a war. Scorning him for being crude in retaliating against Democrat’s smears is just self-righteous naïveté. That’s not much better than leftist self-righteous hypocrisy.


Leftists are so blind to their own evils that they cannot pass their own purity tests. The sins of the left are not for them to turn from or make amends for but to wallow in like pigs in sh*t. Even black Democrats are coming to recognize that Democrats are not fighting for them but using them as welfare voter slaves.

That’s why Democrats want illegals to vote as their replacements and mail-in voter fraud. This election will be for the soul of America to either be the black soul of Democrat leftism or turn back to the light that has been abandoned by giving up God and Christ for democratism.

President Trump, please SAVE AMERICA!

Tucker Carlson 7/8/2020 1st five minutes how leftists are stealing freedom of speech

Democrat Cities are the Third World Sh*tholes of America

White women BLM protesters yell at black cops saying they are the problem

[Author’s Note: Honorable black men and women have been recruited by law enforcement to work in black neighborhoods to overcome the slander of racism by cops. They elected to serve because they want to stop the plague of black crime in their homes. Now they are the targets of liberal fascists as “traitors to their race.” The truth of Covid is now revealed in the death rates of blue states that is ten times more than red states.

They continue to demand businesses and schools remain closed in their states while demanding that red states that have opened pay more taxes to support them. There is no appeasing leftists. There is only submitting to their ever-increasing demands. The correct response to them is “go f*** yourselves,” block the punch they throw, and lay them out!

Liberals believing Trump’s sister’s book of smears will take him out is as laughable as Stormy Daniels. Everyone has that dysfunctional sibling who has gone rabid Democrat in their blithering idiocy of Trump derangement. Biden’s team demanding Trump release his tax returns because they published some BS of Biden’s that doesn’t include his Ukraine extortion or China bribery payments is equally a joke. As if any leftist could understand business or the finances of a billionaire.

Leftists only know how to steal through theft, extortion, and shakedowns, not create wealth through business and trade. All they would do is use liberal’s ignorance to smear him as they have already done with what they can find. Biden won’t debate Trump without a shield to keep his stupidity concealed unless they can smear Trump with phony fact checking.

Democrats won’t give Trump credit for anything he has done right, but they will happily crow in unison to blame him for everything they do wrong. Following the multitude of shootings in Democrat sh*thole cities it has become obvious that black lives matter only to Republicans. What matters to Democrats is having bodies to use as martyrs on which to erect their banners.

President Trump has been doing what is morally right and their response has been to violently attack the innocent. This is why leftists must be beaten down and their insurgent representatives in government be hanged. This election is not a choice of the lesser of two evils or between racism and fairness. It’s a choice between Americanism and communism. And when they say we are racists just reply in childlike kind, “I know you are, but what am I?”]

Godless Party: Biden Omits ‘God’ From the Declaration of Independence

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