What Lunatic Is Running This Floyd Hoax Madhouse? My Bet: The DNC

These Domestic enemies are communist; not true Americans.

Nicholas Stix 06/16/2020

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My June 1 phone call with a Leftist relative revealed just how powerful is what Steve Sailer calls the Megaphone—the Main Stream Media when it acts in unison. My relative, whom I will call MR, really believes that Antifa is a fiction, that “Trump made it up,” and that the riots are not the work of Antifa and its Black Lives Matter allies, but instead are a “white-supremacist” false-flag operation. That’s the exactly the narrative the Mainstream Media has been blaring. But who came up with the script?

MR described a recent march from Barclays Center basketball arena, where the Nets play, down Eastern Parkway to MR’s neighborhood. MR said that a white man was in the lead, exhorting the marchers to riot.

MR also recalled marching with blacks after the 2014 death of Gentle Giant Eric Garner, who had, like Gentle Giant George Floyd, resisted arrest. There, too, MR averred, a white man sought to get the crowd to smash the windows at a bank. But the black marchers restrained him.

Of course, MR has no proof these men were anything other than white Leftists.

But his belief in the white-supremacist fairy tale comports with a dispatch at Just Security, a publication based at the Reiss Center on Law and Security at New York University School of Law. On May 30, guest writer Mia Bloom [Tweet her] claimed video from the riots “challenge our beliefs about who is really protesting and for what reason.” The attack on CNN on May 29, for instance, was likely the work of “right wing extremists and accelerationists”:

The demographics of a largely white, young, and destructive group fit more with a movement known as accelerationists than Black Lives Matter. The accelerationists, if you have never heard the term, are an extreme subset of white nationalism whose goal is to bring about chaos and destruction.

[Far-Right Infiltrators and Agitators in George Floyd Protests: Indicators of White Supremacists.]

Two days later, The Nation offered a similar assessment with purported documents from the FBI, which supposedly had zero intelligence that Antifa was behind the Floyd-Hoax riots on May 31 [The FBI Finds ‘No Intel Indicating Antifa Involvement’ in Sunday’s Violence, by Ken Klippenstein, June 2, 2020]. Instead, Klippenstein reported, the FBI was fretting about a “far-right social group [that]called for far-right provocateurs to attack federal agents, use automatic weapons against protesters.”

Of course, that was May 31. What about the riots, arson, looting, and vandalism since then? Are “far-right provocateurs” responsible for those, too. For toppled statues? Murdered cops? Blocking highways and trying to murder motorists?

One video after another has clearly shown blacks’ operating freely and independently as they invaded, wrecked, and torched stores.

Forget all that, Buzzfeed tells us, because Antifa’s just a figment of our imagination: How The Antifa Fantasy Spread In Small Towns Across The US, by Anne Helen Peterson, June 9, 2020].

But, despite MR’s credulity and what the Ruling-Class elitists at Just Security would have us believe, Antifa is real. It is not a group of earnest, if misguided and sometimes overzealous youngsters, who simply want peace and justice and occasionally go a little too far. It’s a communist goon squad modeled on Antifaschistische Aktion, itself a communist front that supposedly opposed the Nazi takeover of Germany in the early 1930s. Antifa’s flag is nearly identical to that of its predecessor, a look that signals the group’s intent and guiding ideology.

When I lived in West Germany (1980-1985), Communist terrorists sought to rationalize their campaign of slaughter by asserting that if only more people had been like them, the Nazis would never have taken over. Thus, instead of a totalitarian, genocidal, Nazi dictatorship, Germany would have been under the thumb of a totalitarian, genocidal, Communist dictatorship!

James O’Keefe’s Project Veritas recently released multiple videos, shot by undercover reporters, of Antifa’s hand-to-hand combat training sessions at which “instructors” tell the “trainees” to gouge eyes, break ribs, and punch vital organs.

Even more alarming is Antifa’s affiliated, heavily-armed militia, Redneck Revolt, which breaks down into John Brown Gun Clubs and practices with semi-automatic rifles.

“[The attack on the 2017 Unite The Right Rally at] Charlottesville was comprised of your typical Antifa black-bloc measures,” a Project Veritas reporter said. “There were multiple chapters of Redneck Revolt that went to Charlottesville and acted as the militia wing of the anti-fascist movement.”

And Project Veritas has also released video of operatives for RefuseFa, an Antifa affiliate, bragging about contacts with high-tech tycoon Steve Wozniak’s Electronic Frontier Foundation, billionaire leftist and failed presidential candidate Tom Steyer, and Hillary Clinton’s campaign operatives.

Hearing MR’s talking points reminded me of Robert Reich, [Email him], economics professor at University California, Berkeley and Bill Clinton’s Labor Secretary. In 2017, recall, Reich suggested that the rioters who tried to stop a speech at Berkeley by Milo Yiannopoulos weren’t Antifa thugs, but instead Trump supporters in cahoots with Yiannopoulos and Breitbart.com.

Our Ruling Class has effortlessly adapted that crackpot idea to the Floyd-Hoax riots. MR even provided links to MSM articles that say Twitter chieftain Jack Dorsey is the source for the claims.

This notion, whereby white rioters were all “white supremacists,” rather than Antifa, came seemingly from nowhere, to become ubiquitous from elected Democrat politicians’ mouths, fake news articles, comments by Leftists on comment threads—just as suddenly and ubiquitously as the propaganda, beginning on April 5, whereby black suffering from the China Virus was somehow due to “White Supremacism” [Amid coronavirus pandemic, black mistrust of medicine looms, by Aaron Morrison and Jay Reeves, The Associated Press, April 5]. This was itself an extension of the demand for white racial reparations payable to blacks and Hispanics made two days earlier by Cong. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and which was immediately echoed in countless virtually identical op-eds and fake news stories [AOC wants coronavirus reparations for minorities: ‘Inequality is a comorbidity,’ by Jessica Chasmar, The Washington Times, April 3, 2020].

Twitter’s Dorsey has a history going back to the Brown-Hoax Riots in Ferguson of supporting anti-white, anti-cop rioters:

And don’t forget what Dorsey did after BLM, MSM, Antifa, and the Democrats—call them BMAD?—engineered the Big Riot in Charlottesville, Va., when a rifle-toting professor from the University of North Carolina, a black supremacist police chief, and their flame-throwing shock troops caused the death of Heather Heyer: He suppressed so-called “Alt-Right” groups who disputed the Narrative [Twitter’s new rules could result in a major purge of alt-right accounts, by Tony Tomm, Vox, December 18, 2017].

Fact is, not a single white rioter thus far arrested has been a “white supremacist,” “white instigator,” or “white accelerationist.”

You might call that a “debunked conspiracy theory,” a favorite MSM psywar label for stories it doesn’t like.

When one recalls Reich’s false flag hoax from January 2017, one realizes that the new hoax is a recycled version of it.

But where did the hoax come from in January 2017, and again in late May 2020?

It is clear to me that there is now a much broader conspiracy involved than in the notorious case of Journolist, the secret listserv group of elite journalists that in 2008 electronically bodyguarded Barack Obama all the way to the White House. For while Journolist was just an MSM operatives’ conspiracy, the source of the current hoax joins media operatives, non-media activists, academics, even corporate executives.

My hunch: the Democratic National Committee is Hoax Central.

Recall that its former deputy chairman, leftist Muslim Keith Ellison, now attorney general of Minnesota, tweeted his support for Antifa in 2018 [DNC deputy chair Keith Ellison signals support for Antifa, by Samuel Chamberlain, Fox News, January 3, 2018]. As well, a top Antifa thug in Washington, D.C., Joseph Alcoff, worked for a liberal think tank and had access to top Democrats. Tim Kaine’s son was arrested for a violent attack on a Trump rally—it took three cops and pepper spray to get him in handcuffs.

There is every reason to believe that Antifa operatives and sympathizers have penetrated the highest reaches of the Democratic Party as thoroughly as the Reds penetrated the United States Government decades ago.

Author and blogger James Kunstler recently wrote:

[H]ow much of the response to the public killing of one George Floyd has been an engineered operation by the Democratic Party and its allies in the propaganda industry? I’d say, an awful lot…

From the Democrat-orchestrated Russia Hoax to the Democrat-orchestrated Floyd Hoax is but a single step.

Nicholas Stix [email him] is a New York City-based journalist and researcher, much of whose work focuses on the nexus of race, crime, and education. He spent much of the 1990s teaching college in New York and New Jersey. His work has appeared in Chronicles, The New York Post, Weekly Standard, Daily News, New York Newsday, American Renaissance, Academic Questions, Ideas on Liberty and many other publications. Stix was the project director and principal author of the NPI report, The State of White America-2007. He blogs at Nicholas Stix, Uncensored.

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