America, Watch Out! The Hammer Is Already Pounding And The Sickle Is At The Door: The Road To Socialism Is Sneaky & Is Being Jammed Down Americans Throats Right Now!

May 23, 2020

– We’re Beginning To See The ‘Big Covid-19 Picture’ And It Isn’t Pretty

By Stefan Stanford – All News Pipeline – Live Free Or Die
While Covid-19 relief funds have provided a much needed lifeline to tens of millions of Americans out of work due to the ‘shutdowns’ across the United States, we’re beginning now to get a look at the ‘bigger picture’ of what is ahead with the ‘free money’ being doled out now really just a pipe-dream of the wanna-be socialist millennials with someone always having to ‘pay for it’ in the long run

With America’s national debt at over 20 trillion before this shutdown fiasco and now ballooning to an astronomical 25 trillion, a number which many economists have warned will never be able to be paid off, the signs of America being rapidly herded into socialism are all around us and include:

NY Mag recently put out this story titled “Coronavirus Creates an Opening for Progressivism — Also Barbarism”; Lancaster Online published this story titled “‘Slices of socialism’: COVID-19 could be bringing America closer to socialism”; Deseret News published this story titled “Socialism tempts millennials as capitalism struggles with COVID-19”; while Scientific American warned: “Will COVID-19 Make Us More Socialist?Pundits hope the pandemic will lead to more humane government policies but fear darker outcomes”.

And now from Zero Hedge we get another peek at the ‘bigger picture’ in this story titled “The Latest Stage In Our Descent To The Bottom”: Deutsche Bank Asks Top Managers To Skip Month’s Salary In Act Of “Solidarity” which reports that coronavirus wreaking historic damage on the German economy has led to one of the biggest banks in the world asking employees to ‘take one for the team’.

So while ‘free money’ might sound great to tens of millions of Americans, some who might not want to work anyways, it has also put America on the very fast track and very slippery slope towards becoming a socialist nation if not a completely broke nation, some might argue just how the globalists want America to be.

And there are many more new emerging signs that we’ll explore within the rest of this story that suggest ‘into tyranny’ is exactly where Americans are being herded, starting with this story over at the 21st Century Wire which reports that Washington state residents who REFUSE to simply be tested for covid-19 will be placed under house arrest per orders from Washington governor Jay Inslee.

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With Mastercard just giving us a taste of where this is all headed with a top executive recently claiming they won’t be bringing their employees back into their offices until a successful vaccine is developed, what Steve Quayle warned in an SQnote was ‘subtle mind control starting, no business without deadly unproven vaccine with ‘no vaccine’ possibly meaning ‘no credit’, as this story over at the 21st Century Wire warns, reports, those who hate freedom are quickly using this ‘crisis’ to rush in tyranny.

As many US states struggle to roll-back their highly damaging lockdown policies, various complex technocratic ‘gating’ systems are now being devised by public health officials – all of them presumable designed to prevent a theoretical “second wave” of coronavirus infections and deaths.

One such precondition is the call for “mass testing and contact tracing” for COVID-19. This is being proposed as a requirement for the lifting lockdown restrictions, supposedly until a vaccine or effective treatments arrive which are meant to rescue the public from the alleged unprecedented global pandemic. 

Most Americans have yet to question what this system of medical martial law really means in terms of basic rights and civil liberties. This issue may be coming to a head now. 

During a recent press conference on May 12th, Washington State Governor Jay Inslee revealed his radical agenda for rolling out his statewide contact tracing program, saying that his initiative “is robust, it is vigorous and it is comprehensive, and it needs to be all three to be successful,” Inslee said. “If we do not succeed in this second stage of our efforts, this virus could come bright back and bite us.” 

Again, Inslee is predicating his entire state strategy on the theory of a “second wave” of coronavirus ravaging the population if lockdown is lifted. However, this theory has been widely contested by other countries and epidemiological experts. 

The other practical consideration is what good will mass testing do when it’s now well known that the overwhelming majority of COVID-19 victims are above the age of 75 with multiple co-morbidities, and that most carriers in other age groups are asymptomatic and will never require any medical care after being infected with the virus. What is the point of tracking, tracing and quarantining the healthy in large numbers if the virus poses no significant threat to the wider population?

And the entire ‘orwellian, big brother contact tracing program’ being unveiled has deep ties to Bill and Hillary Clinton, George Soros and the globalists as the New American reports in this new story.:

Under the guise of fighting the coronavirus, governments across the United States and beyond are partnering with shady organizations connected to the Clintons and George Soros to deploy Orwellian “contact tracing” schemes involving technology and tens of thousands of new government workers to track everyone. 

Families may be forcibly separated. And military forces and war-like rhetoric are already being used as the effort to shred all vestiges of privacy advances. At least one world leader even suggested putting microchips under children’s skin to track them. 

In Congress, Democrat lawmakers are pushing a massive bill, H.R. 6666, to fund a national surveillance regime of “contact tracing” that would include sending swarms of government agents around visiting peoples’ homes. 

Known as the COVID-19 Testing, Reaching and Contacting Everyone (TRACE) Act, the unconstitutional legislation would pump $100 billion just in 2020 into tracing and quarantining anyone who may have supposedly been exposed to the virus. Prospects for passage remain unclear, but freedom activists are already gearing up for a fight.

As Susan Duclos had warned in this May 22nd ANP story, with Americans being labeled ‘defiant’ for simply praying, working and living free, and Democrats/globalists attempting to used covid-19 to bury the US Constitution, we’re closing in on a point where Americans may have to ‘defy or die, stand up, speak out or end up in a trench or an oven’ as Steve Quayle had warned in a very important SQnote while linking to Susan’s story.

And with millions of Americans out of work, government handing out ‘free money’ leading to the increase of our national debt to a number that can never be repaidand now the very real possibility of banks and credit card companies ‘going under’ while cutting way back on their ‘credit’, as NY Mag had warned, we’re now witnessing an opening for barbarism. 

From their story before we continue but keep in mind, this story has a pro-socialism slant and confirms that the left is happy to use ‘crisis as an opportunity’.

We were in crisis before this crisis. When a novel strain of coronavirus made its presence felt in Wuhan in December, global carbon emissions were hitting record highs. The world’s largest democracy was descending into a kind of fascism, as the world’s most populous nation condemned its Muslim minority to internment camps.

A quarter of humanity faced looming water shortages, while hedge funds sought to corner the market on “the oil of the 21st century.” Throughout the West, the labor movements that had once cultivated egalitarian alternatives to ethno-nationalism were declining, while gross wealth inequalities were annually compounding the capacity of billionaires to dominate putatively democratic societies and governments. 

Progressives are ostensibly defined by their faith in the possibility of social progress. But as of late last year, it was hard for many on the left to look into the future and see a world that wasn’t nasty, brutish, and hot. And then, the “good times” ended. 

Now, the world is besieged by a pandemic that threatens to kill 100,000 Americans if we’re lucky before triggering a global economic depression.

This tragedy has (justifiably) deepened many a progressive’s pessimism. And yet, as an extraordinary, exogenous shock to a badly broken status quo order, the COVID-19 pandemic has also expanded the spectrum of imaginable futures and political possibilities.

And some of those possibilities have been a sight for sore socialists’ eyes. There’s good news for progressives who like politically affirming bad news. 

With those closing words a perfect illustration of the left ‘using this crisis as an opportunity’, their story also warned that should things continue to spiral out of control, our world could soon take a major turn towards outright barbarism with this Scientific American story warning of the unthinkable; the ‘lockdown’ becoming ‘permanent’, or even worseFrom this story over at Lancaster Online

The hammer is already pounding, and the sickle is close by. COVID-19 has been chosen to be the vehicle as the Democrats prepare for November. Sen. Bernie Sanders’ socialist-leaning supporters are becoming even more vocal, and U.S. Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez appears about to declare victory in the socialist battle with presumptive Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden. Biden has no place to go except left. Moderate Democrats are in quicksand. 

America: Watch out! 
The road toward socialism is sneaky. The road does not require citizens to actually vote for socialism or for candidates to be labeled as a socialist on the ballot. The road is paved with presents, like free college, and other incredibly costly promises.

The road is leading to potential debilitating decisions that will make our government incapable of preserving our cherished “life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.” 

History provides the blueprint. Names like Wilbur Cohen and Norman Thomas, more than 75 years ago, served as socialist promoters — just like Sanders today. The mantra then can be described as slow but sure and one slice of undercover socialism at a time. 

But today, the mantra is “do not let a good crisis go to waste.” 
COVID-19 and the upcoming presidential election provide cover for a leftish push to grab multiple “slices of socialism” all at once. The CARES Act is a perfect example. Its passage was unfortunately delayed while Democratic Speaker Nancy Pelosi forced unnecessary and costly additions to the bill unrelated to COVID-19.

The most damaging was the supplemental payment of $600 per week from federal sources to be added to state unemployment benefits. 

The result: a government-paid weekly income in excess of the wages earned by some individuals before COVID-19 shutdowns. Now, our national economic recovery will be delayed because many employees will remain home collecting more money by not working. This is the direct effect of Congressional financial stupidity — a perfect example of sneaky socialism just jammed into a necessary relief bill. Is this the first step toward a national guaranteed income? 

With America rapidly taking those ‘sneaky steps towards socialism’ and millions and millions of Americans completely unaware while happily accepting the ‘free gifts’ being handed their way, as we’re warned in the the first video below, it’s been none other than the US Federal Reserve ‘enabling’ this rush towards socialism and the tyranny that comes with it while in the 2nd video below, Mike Adams warns us that President Trump’s ‘vaccine czar’ is a corrupt, big pharma executive while confirming in the 3rd and final video below that President Trump isn’t as ‘sold’ on vaccines as the msm might want us to believe.