New Files Show Biden Admin Forced Facebook To Censor “True Information” On Vaccine Side Effects

Steve Watson, 31 July, 2023

Facebook employees were pissed off about it

Chairman of the House Judiciary Committee Jim Jordan released a second batch of files Friday showing that the Biden administration was forcing Facebook to censor content relating to COVID vaccines, including what employees there described as “true information”.

Jordan noted that Facebook knew it was removing “humorous or satirical content that suggests the vaccine isn’t safe,” as well as “true information about the side effects.” 

Jordan also noted that Facebook employees were annoyed at being made to take down content they knew was accurate, describing the administration’s definition of misinformation as “completely unclear” and noting that the White House was using “untested assumptions” to demand censorship.

“It also just seems like when the vaccination campaign isn’t going as hoped, it’s convenient for them to blame us,” one employee noted.

Another agreed, responding “This seems like a political battle that’s not fully grounded in facts, and it’s frustrating.”

Facebook also admitted that it removed content pertaining to the lab leak theory, not because it was inaccurate or deeming harmful, but “Because we were under pressure from the administration.” 

“We shouldn’t have done it,” Facebook’s head of Global affairs admitted.

The company also admitted to changing its misinformation policy because the Biden administration was constantly haranguing them.

“This is stemming from the continued criticism of our approach from the US administration,” the communications note.