Why would any American oppose America First?

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July 17, 2021

By Andrew W. Coy

Why would any American hate America First policies?  Why would American politicians despise America First?  Why would someone born, raised, and rearing children in America not want America First?

What is wrong with putting the needs, wants, security, and future of your own country first, ahead of others?  Why would any Americans want to diminish the potential of their own country and thus its citizens and thus their family for the sake of elite globalists who ignore the average American at every turn?  Why put the globalists’ ambitions ahead of hardworking families who only want better for their own kids than they had for themselves?

The America First agenda gives our grandchildren as great an opportunity for success as we had.  Who would be against that?  Democrat globalist elite John Kerry said at a college commencement address that this year’s college graduates will be alive to see a world without borders.  God help us all if that is true.  A world without borders ruins America’s future and potential.

Here is what putting America First looks like.

– Having border security and border integrity that protect the sovereignty of America.  There is nothing wrong at all with knowing clearly who is being allowed into our country.  Open borders mean no national sovereignty and are national suicide.

– Having the Keystone XL pipeline opened back up for the easy flow of energy into America.  Joe Biden’s shutting down of the pipeline has raised the cost of energy and created thousands of unemployed hard-nosed workers who once had great-paying jobs. 

– Calling out and blaming China for the China COVID virus.  Calling out the country that caused millions to die worldwide.  A refusal to call out the country that started the epidemic leads the world to believe that Biden and, now, America are too weak to fight against the obvious adversary.  This sends a message of weakness to friend and foe alike.

– Reducing the money sent to the World Health Organization.  Since the WHO is no longer supporting America and is taking its orders from Beijing, let China foot the bill for the WHO.

– Demand election security, because allowing foreign countries to manipulate the votes and thus determine the winner via computers and internet hacking means that Americans are not in charge of America.

– Demand election security, because when 80 million Americans believe that the guy in the White House today got there by fraud, that is a dangerous recipe for a democratic republic.  America First demands free and fair elections.

– Demand professional, unbiased forensic audits of the votes in the four to five key contested purple states.  If the Progressives have nothing to hide, then quit hiding.  Seems pretty simple if you are innocent.

– America must refuse to pay a global tax to a one-world government establishment.  Once that global tax starts, it will never go away.  And the interests of America will never be represented nor fought for.  A global tax only helps America’s adversaries, not the American people.  Our global elites know this, yet they keep pushing for it.  Why?

– Demand that the Biden administration support our national borders because a country without borders will not be a country for long.  America loses enormous prestige when we open up our borders to anyone, anytime, any cause.  Eventually, our friends don’t trust us, and our enemies don’t fear us — a bad combination that leads to war or surrender.

– Demand that all of the Chinese spies working in our colleges, universities, and labs leave our country immediately.  We know they are here, and China knows they are here, and if America allows them to stay and spy in our institutions of higher education, this sends China the exact wrong message.

– Demand accountability and responsibility from the FBI, CIA, and NSA for spying on American citizens because of political differences.  The NSA has gone rogue and is not being held accountable.  Using federal authorities with guns and jails to spy on political opponents is what Cuba, China, and Iran do, not America.

– Demand that the NSA, FBI, and CIA immediately stop the spying, harassment, and future blackmailing of American journalists.  This is what is happening to Tucker Carlson and others.  Using these federal law enforcement agencies that have the power to lock someone up in solitary confinement, simply because of political differences, is something that China does, Russia does, Iran does…but Americans cannot if we are to remain loyal to our birthright. 

– Require the Biden administration to back off on the requirement of a China COVID vaccine.  Sending federals workers door to door to harass Americans to “take the jab” is what the Gestapo did in Germany in the 1930s and what China did with the “one child policy” in the 1970s.  Looking like Germany in 1930 and looking like China in 1970…is a bad look.

– Refuse to allow America to enter into the global warming canard agreement, which simply allows China and other competitors to do business as usual while it requires onerous regulations on American companies so that we cannot compete on a worldwide scale.  The ruse of the global warming agreement is meant to destroy American industry while it allows our competition, mainly China, to become the leader of the world economically, politically, and eventually militarily. 

– Require accountability, responsibility, and limits on Dr. Fauci, because Germany showed us in the 1930s what happens when there are doctors without limits, without accountability,  and with no guidelines.

– Require the Biden administration’s dictatorial authoritative rule to end so that America does not make Animal Farm or 1984 look like current events.  Biden is bringing those totalitarian novels to life in real-time.  Watching Biden’s authoritarian rule (forced vaccines, political prisoners, closing of schools and churches, book-banning, denial of First and Second Amendments, monitoring personal text messages critical about COVID or vaccines, spying on domestic political opponents and journalists) makes those novels read like the front page of the morning paper.   

– Petition the Deep State police and the Biden administration to release the over 400 political prisoners from the January 6 MAGA rally.  The 400-plus political prisoners are mostly in jail for the simple crime of trespassing.  These modern-day Solzhenitsyns are kept in solitary confinement 23 of 24 hours a day.  This message from the Progressive regime is not directed to the inmates, but to MAGA nation, warning them never to do this again.  Never allow an outsider to be president again.  China and Russia nod with approval to Biden.

– Refuse to go along with Biden’s college debt cancelation scheme.  This does not really cancel the students’ debt, but the federal government assumes the debt, which will be paid for by the common taxpayers.  So this would mean the average mom and dad who could not afford to send their own kids to college end up assuming the debt (through taxes), of someone else’s child who did go to college.  Seems very, very elitist and wrong-minded.

– Refuse to go along with AOC’s proposal of the Green New Deal.  This Green New Deal increases unemployment, raises inflation and makes American citizens and companies less competitive on the world stage.  This is putting America last, not first.  

This is what putting America First looks like.  These are the values, ideas, and morals that drive the America First movement.  President Trump is the unashamed leader of this movement.  But the ideas have always been here since our birth as a nation.  It just took President Trump to step up, remind us,  and lead.  And he did, without fear.

The Progressives, especially the globalists within the Progressives, hate America First.  Some Progressives will argue that it is not a big deal for America no longer to be the leader on the world stage.  That it is not a problem that America will no longer lead on worldwide efforts.  Progressives might want to ask Egypt, Italy, Turkey, and Great Britain how they feel about no longer dominating the world as the world’s leader.  Ask those countries how they now feel about playing “second fiddle.”  This America First movement destroys Progressives’ plans of a New World Order that forces America to become a minor contributor and no longer the world leader. 

I can maybe see why the wealthy elites in California, New York, New Jersey, Chicago, and D.C. want this globalization.  But I just cannot see why the voters of Arizona, Georgia, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin went along with this globalist agenda, against the America First movement.  Why would these states go against their own interest?  Oh, wait a minute — I don’t think the voters of Arizona, Georgia, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin actually did go against the America First movement.  Possibly the legal votes of these states did continue to believe in America First.

Probably most of the voters in America still do believe in America First.  I think we will know this for sure by the end of the summer.  Maybe by Labor Day weekend.  Hopefully.

Image: Jeff Turner via FlickrCC BY 2.0.

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