The Tavistock Method of Brainwashing and Social Psychiatry

July 21, 2019 Russ Winter Articles by Russ Winter, Culture, Hidden History, International News, Media, US News, Winter Watch Articles 10 ‘The proper study of political mankind is the study of power elites.’ — A.K. Chesterton (1899-1973) From 1930 to 1933, Kurt Lewin (1890-1947) studied psychology […]


A Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing (Fabian Socialism)

Wikipedia states quite categorically that the Fabian Society is a political organization whose purpose is to advance the principles of internationalist socialism via gradualist and reformist effort in democracies, rather than by revolutionary overthrow”. This concept is broadly synonymous with […]


More Evidence Chaos Caused by Agent Provocateurs

BY THE DAILY COIN · PUBLISHED MAY 31, 2020 · UPDATED JUNE 1, 2020 More Evidence Chaos Caused by Agent Provocateurs by Rory for The Daily Coin When we wrote Marauders Versus Protesters we fully understood these marauders were not “organic”. Over the […]

Political Insights


June 6, 2020 Jon Rappoport, GuestWaking Times The COVID-19 operation was fraying badly: Protests against the lockdowns were expanding. The public-health measures (distancing, isolation, masks) were being attacked from all sides, as unnecessary, useless, overbearing, and […]

Political Insights

Americans Must Demand Justice In Obamagate

May 27, 2020, 4:19 am by Cliff Kincaid By: Cliff Kincaid As we remember those who served our country, fighting for the great American experiment in self-government and individual liberty, the fate of America’s constitutional republic hangs […]